5 Great Manufactured Home Interior Design Tricks

We have more great manufactured home remodeling ideas for you!

This home is a beautifully remodeled Malibu mobile home that just went on the market for $2,375,000. The triple wide was pulled into Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park only a few years ago and went through a year and a half transformation from standard manufactured home to completely customized – exactly what manufactured homes were made for. You can learn more about this 2300 square foot home and other  Paradise Cove Mobile homes for sale at the Malibu real estate blog.

Interior designers have several tricks they use to help change a home’s appearance. There’s basic tricks for different issues like how to make a ceiling seem taller or the entire room appear larger and they work well for a multitude of spaces including manufactured homes.

This beautiful manufactured home is best described as minimal but that’s most likely because it has been staged properly. Even home staging uses basic tricks to help the home sell quicker and at a higher price. One such trick is ridding the home of personal items. This helps the potential buyer see their own items, and essentially themselves, in the space. By learning the most basic manufactured interior design tricks we can improve our own homes. Here’s 5 manufactured home interior design tricks that this home uses to its advantage – you can do the same in your own home.


Manufactured Home Interior Design Trick #1 – The Rule of 3’s

The first design trick that jumps out is the chair rail. Chair rails are often thought to be installed to protect a wall from the backs of chairs, but that isn’t the case at all. They are installed to do one thing and one thing only – make a room appear taller. Typically, chair rails are installed proportionally using the rule of 3 (or 3rd’s). The wall height is divided by 3 and the chair rail is installed on the lower 1/3 of the wall. Using the rule of 3 on walls, decor, and furniture makes the room seem taller and it works. The trick has been proven to work in small spaces time and time again.  This home still uses the rule of 3 but it takes it to a whole new level by positioning the chair rail on the 2/3 line instead of the 1/3 but it still works perfectly to pull the eye up toward the ceiling.


malibu mobile home for sale - kitchen


Manufactured Home Interior Design Trick #2 – Texture and Tone

The second basic design trick being used in this beautiful mobile home is the use of texture. Notice all the wood on display in the space? The coffee table, end table, chair, flooring, and even picture frames use a similar texture and tone. It creates cohesion and cohesion is always a good thing in home fashion.


kitchen counter top in malibu mobile home





dining room in malibu mobile home

Manufactured Home Interior Design Trick #3 – Light

This home uses light perfectly. The open windows allow ample natural light in so that it can bounce around and do its magic. In addition, an abundance of  recessed display lights (or pendant lights) were installed throughout the living room and kitchen. Light always makes a home seem larger and more welcoming.


beautiful malibu mobile home


bedroom of beautiful malibu mobile home


Manufactured Home Interior Design Trick #4 – Minimal Decor

A home that is not cluttered and overly decorated will seem more inviting. Of course, we all want our home to reflect our style and look great but there’s a fine line in attractive decor and over-decorating. Interior design professionals advise that the decor you chose for your home should be limited to a few pieces that make the most impact and this home certainly takes that advice.


bedroom 2 in malibu mobile home


beautiful bedroom in malibu mobile home for sale


Manufactured Home Interior Design Trick #5 – White is Right

You can’t go wrong with white in a home. Though it’s hard to keep clean and can be hard to find the right hue, but white is a perfect choice for walls because it makes a space seem larger and provides a blank canvas. You’re the artist, the white walls are your canvas, all you have to do it create your masterpiece!



bathroom in malibu mobile home


bathtub in malibu mobile home


PS If you are in the market to buy a mobile or manufactured home in the Malibu area may I recommend Mike Gardner at  maliburealestate@mac.com. He publishes the The Malibu Real Estate Blog and certainly knows more about manufactured homes than any agent I’ve met. It’s refreshing to find a real estate agent that takes mobile homes seriously as both a home and a viable investment opportunity.


As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

  1. sharon says

    Thank you over and over again. Had originally considered building a home but now consider buying a manufactured home and remodeling to my personality. Your website provides great insights to endless possibilities.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Thanks for commenting Sharon! It always makes my day to know someone is finding MHL useful and inspiring!

  2. esther says

    Love, love the decorating. I have a double wide, 2006 and would love to update the kitchen, living room combo. Getting ideas via this site and a few others. My big dilemma is who can do the work and a reasonable price here in Santa Cruz, CA.


    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Esther!

      I would call your local mobile home supply center and/or dealers and ask if they know anyone. That seems to be the safest and most reliable method of finding contractors that will work on mobile homes.

      Thanks for reading MHL! Best of luck!

  3. Carol Palinkas says

    I am so glad I found this site! My husband and I are downsizing and relocating to Arizona, where we can pay cash for a manufactured home — but we have never done anything like this, and it does appear daunting.

    I’m really inspired by what I’ve seen, and have far more confidence that we don’t have to break the bank to put a home together that we can enjoy for years to come.

    1. Tom says

      In designing the structure of a home plays an important role. This particular lot had an old mobile home on it . The clients removed the old home and went to work with me in designing what they wanted . We figured out the dimensions of the lot and what was in line with the state and the parks set backs. We came up with a three section home that maximized the space. Structurally we placed in the 2 by 6 inch exterior walls and heavy roof load and all the windows / recessed lights/ electrical and plumbing at the factory. HUD requires a home that is somewhat finished in order to pass through State inspection. The clients placed in cabinetry at factory and left the appliances out / . This took planning on certain dimensions of appliances to coordinate kitchen correctly. We also opted for a number of skylights to allow as much lighting and openess to the home. I have pictures of how the home came in and the transformation of the unit from the factory to the final pictures you see here. It was great working with the clients on the structural design of their new home and ordering it for them through the factory.

  4. Jackie P says

    WOW! Absolutely stunning! I never even knew there was such a thing as a triple wide!! I do love my single, but would not hesitate to move into that beauty!! TFS!

  5. Mischelle says

    Can’t wait to show this article to my husband. Just remodeled a bathroom in our manufactured home and took the board & batton 2/3 up the walls for height. He said it wouldn’t look right but is now eating his words!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Ha! Glad it could help – I love to make my hubby eat his words too!!

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