Common design complaints from mobile home owners are vinyl-coated walls, laminated cabinetry, and low side walls and ceilings. We’ll show you how a professional interior designer conquers these issues with tons of great mobile home decorating ideas for every room.


mobile home decorating ideas - exterior


We’ll go through each room and share all the great mobile home decorating ideas for the most common mobile home design obstacles.


mobile home decorating ideas - kitchen, dining, and living room

Mobile Home Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

This double wide is decorated in a modern cottage style with a white neutral color scheme. The interior has a combination of monochromatic hues, bright white accents, and light colored natural textures to create a welcoming atmosphere. Using light colors makes a room feel bigger.

mobile home remodeling ideas - use lots of different lighting

Lots of Lighting

Lighting is an important feature in any room but especially for mobile homes. The low 7′ sidewalls and smaller windows that most factory-built homes have are difficult design obstacles to overcome, especially if you are on a remodeling budget.

Additional lighting makes any home feel more modern. Mixing different lighting styles, such as recessed and pendant, puts focus on the highest parts of the room and tricks the eye into thinking the room is taller.


mobile home remodeling ideas - install curtain rods as high as possible

High Curtains 

Installing curtains as high as possible on the wall also makes a room seem taller. This trick is a popular move by designers because it works so well and is easy and affordable.

mobile home remodeling ideas -create focal points on the floor


Flooring that is darker than the rest of the room helps ground the area and also makes a ceiling appear taller. The idea is to put as much focus on the highest and lowest areas of the space.


Mobile Home Decorating Ideas for Kitchens

More great mobile home decorating ideas for kitchens include open shelving, subway tile, apron sinks, center islands, and pendant lighting and this kitchen has them all!


mobile home remodeling ideas -update appliances

Updating Appliances

The quickest way to update a kitchen is to upgrade the appliances.

Appliances come in all shapes and styles so try to keep to one style or color. Stainless steel is the most popular appliance choice but it is not the easiest to keep clean and fingerprints can be a burden.


mobile home remodeling ideas -kitchen islands

Kitchen Islands

Installing an island is a great idea for both small and large kitchens but you’ll want to ensure the island is the right size for your space.

One expert suggests that you keep islands around 40″ square and 36″ tall, or as tall as the rest of your kitchen counters. Learn more about designing kitchen islands here.


mobile home remodeling ideas -go as high as possible with the cabinets

Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinetry

Additional storage is important for smaller kitchens and floor to ceiling cabinetry is a perfect way to get it.

Manufactured homes usually have cabinetry that is placed 12-18 inches below the ceiling and that leaves a lot of wasted space. Installing cabinets up to the ceiling adds storage and pulls the eye up.

We previously covered 7 Affordable Ideas to Update Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets. 

Open Kitchen Shelving

Adding open shelving or glass doors to your kitchen cabinets is another big trend in kitchen design. You can use standard cabinets with glass doors or just shelving in places that would otherwise be wasted.

This trend is great for small kitchens because it makes a room appear larger while giving you extra storage space.

Mobile Home Decorating Ideas for Dining Rooms 

mobile home decorating ideas - open floor plans

Open Floor Plan

When you hear the words ‘open floor plan’ it usually means the dining room, kitchen, and living room are one space. Open floor plans are used often in popular modern manufactured home models.

Open floor plans are both an asset and a dilemma for interior designers. By keeping the same color scheme and decor you can maintain cohesion. You still want to still create separate work zones with grouped furniture like the designer did in this home.

Removing walls in mobile homes is difficult and messy but can be done. We always advise against modifying marriage lines but interior walls aren’t as difficult.

mobile home decorating ideas - accent walls

Accent Wall

The darker gray accent wall in this dining room perfectly incorporates the color from the shades in the rest of the home.  Using Accent Walls in Your Mobile Home is a great way of adding a little color and drama to a space without spending a fortune.


mobile home decorating ideas - texture


The designer uses a large ceiling light made of driftwood to pull the eye up. To create cohesion and flow,  wooden shades and dining room chairs made of wicker were added.

Texture is a perfect way to add interest and detail to a room and you don’t need a lot of it to make a big impact.

Mobile Home Decorating Ideas for a Beautiful Master Bedroom 

rmobile home decorating ideas -bedroom decorating ideas

Simple Sleeping

This is definitely a bedroom that makes a statement without saying a word! The best advice for decorating bedrooms is to keep it as simple as possible.

Leave the technology behind and make the bedroom your space to relax and unwind. The designer keeps the ceiling white but adds a light blue to the walls. Blue is considered the best color for bedrooms because it relaxes and calms. Light green is another good color choice.


rmobile home decorating ideas -keep it simple bedroom

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Mobile Home Decorating Ideas for Bathrooms

Sleek and subdued color best describes this beautiful bathroom and is another great mobile home decorating idea.

rmobile home decorating ideas -keep it simple

Keep it Simple Silly

This master bedroom and bathroom suite is gorgeous and inviting. The subdued hues found in the living room, kitchen, and dining room can be found in the bedroom and bathroom, as well. To simplify your home decor try to stay within a small circle of colors and textures so you can move things around between rooms to change things up a bit.


rmobile home decorating ideas - using similar colors and textures throughout the home
rmobile home decorating ideas - using similar colors and textures throughout the home - beach decor 1


The same color combinations are used throughout the home, including the bathroom. This trend is great for smaller homes and those remodeling their homes on a budget. Buying paint, tile, and fabric in bulk is a very cost-effective way to save money.
A more subdued color palette seems to be the preferred choice for interior designers these days with natural texture used to add the unique touches that every space needs.


rmobile home decorating ideas - using similar colors and textures throughout the home - neutral bathroom


This is a beautiful home with lots of great mobile home decorating ideas for every room. I love everything about it!

Today’s featured home is a double wide located in the famous Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park in Malibu. It listed on the market for $1.1 million in 2014. The listing agent, Michael Gardner, of Malibu Real Estate Blog, was kind enough to share this home with us. Thank you, Michael!

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