These 7 Farmhouse Double Wides are Fabulous

These 7 farmhouse double wides are fabulous!

One reason the farmhouse style is popular because it’s so affordable, or attainable. Mid-century modern, beachy cottage and even modern traditional decor are expensive, even secondhand items. But you can easily find furniture that’s well-worn and within budget. If you can’t find what you want you can always create it yourself with chalk paint and sandpaper.

Farmhouse decor has taken the country by storm thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Joanna has a knack of creating a unique rustic elegance with a perfect combination of worn, white, and welcoming but it’s the imperfection of the farmhouse style that makes it so appealing.

The modern farmhouse style is characterized by white walls, natural textures like warm wood, and a smidge of hard metal like black iron or cool steel.

Old and New Combine to Create this Farmhouse Beauty

Ashley James has mastered the farmhouse style in her 1997 Clayton double wide. She finds decor and accents at flea markets, yard sales, and second-hand stores and when she can’t find the perfect piece she makes it herself.


Florida Farmhouse Remodel

Shiplap is the perfect backdrop for farmhouse decor. There’s just something about those horizontal lines!

Sally and Glenn Roberts gave their 1985 Skyline double wide a farmhouse makeover in a record time of only 8 months.


The right light fixtures can make or break the farmhouse style. If you go too light or subtle a piece can get lost in all the white. If you go too bold it overpowers the look.


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It’s All About the Details in this Farmhouse Double Wides

Kevin and Steffani Lassila gave their 1984 double wide a gorgeous farmhouse style. They paired modern conveniences with simple but prominent farmhouse elements.


Steffani paired accent pieces together perfectly. You can’t go too white with both surfaces and decor or it all gets lost. Adding just the right amount of neutral texture and color is an art form.


Farmhouse doesn’t mean primitive living.


Even the Builders are Getting Farmhouse Fabulous

If you like clean white walls with warm wood furniture and accents the farmhouse style is perfect for you. One of the first, and most popular farmhouse style double wides to hit the market in 2018, was the Lulamae from Buccaneer. This home has made headlines!

The Lulamae is a gorgeous home. It provides a perfect white canvas and would work well with just about any style: farmhouse, shabby chic, romantic, or beachy cottage.

Choosing a new manufactured home with a neutral style that can work with several different styles is smart. Read our review about the Lulumae here.


The Right Color Scheme Pulls this Farmhouse Beauty Together

Ashley’s Clayton double wide is a farmhouse stunner. It proves you can have comfort and style with farmhouse style. While white is most notorious for the farmhouse style, grey is great. It’s a restful color that is easy on the eyes.

Accents in wood, whether stained or painted, pull the farmhouse look together perfectly.


Vintage Farmhouse

Lisa Grieco-Conforto lives in a 50-year-old mobile home. She may have inherited the home from her parents but she gave it her own style colorful vintage farmhouse style. She is a talented crafter and makes over furniture and tons of other cool stuff and you can see it all on her blog, Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air.


Worn and weathered wood paired with sleek galvanized metal is perfect for Lisa’s vintage farmhouse style kitchen. Lisa used a lot of discarded items. One of her favorite DIY projects was taking an old metal cart apart and using the panels as wall art.

See the rest of Lisa’s affordable vintage farmhouse double wide mobile home here.


Eclectic Farmhouse Double Wide

We just featured this gorgeous farmhouse style double wide. Angela Chandler inherited a double wide on 7 acres in TN and quickly made it her own too. She gutted the bathroom and took the kitchen down to the bare bones to get the look she wanted and it is beautiful.


Angela also gave the fireplace a great affordable makeover.

For her complete bathroom remodel she was able to keep costs down with a second hand dresser that she transformed into a vanity and a used clawfoot tub. You can see the rest of her fab farmhouse double wide here.

vintage eclectic farmhouse bathroom on a budget

As you can see from our 7 double wides with farmhouse decor, there is no set design pattern that needs to be followed. It’s all about combining neutral colors, simple furniture pieces, and imperfect accents together.

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