Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel

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This eclectic farmhouse mobile home remodel is gorgeous!

When Angela Chandler inherited an older double wide mobile home on 7 acres in Knoxville, TN she had no intention of keeping it.

She had no intention to keep her own home either. Angela’s initial plan was to sell the inherited property along with the small home she currently lived in and purchase a brand new home that was move-in ready. But after a few trips to the newly inherited property (and a lot of thinking), she ended up just selling her home and moving into the double wide.

It was an easy choice after realizing just how much potential the mobile home had. The 7-acres alone was reason enough to keep it. Plus, ‘new’ isn’t exactly her style.

Angela sold her house and moved into the double wide mobile home and began an eclectic farmhouse style remodel within days.

“I sold my little house and moved into the mobile home and took on the transformation full force!”

Beautiful horses, barns, and a double wide manufactured home sitting on 7 acres that are Little House on the Prairie perfect.

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 1
Angela is living the life many of us dream about having!

Kitchens, Baths, and Flooring First

Angela’s ‘new’ mobile home hadn’t been updated much over the years so it was going to take a little effort to make the home truly hers.

Like so many new owners of an older mobile home, our new mobile homeowner wanted to get the kitchen and bathroom remodeled as soon as possible. Those are pretty important things to have, after all.

While Kitchens and baths are the most expensive rooms to remodel and the most frustrating, they can make the entire house feel new and more like your own home.

Before she tackled the bath and kitchen, she needed to take care of one important thing first:

She needed to get rid of the bright red carpet that ran through the whole home!

Angela said the first thing that had to go was the bright red carpet.

It was replaced with an engineered hardwood from the Longhouse Plank collection in European White Oak. Read about your mobile home flooring options here.

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel

After taking care of that red carpet, Angela started on her master bathroom remodel.

The vinyl walls in the master bath had been painted but everything else was factory original.

She knew to hire a professional contractor for the mobile home bathroom remodel since the whole room was getting gutted and plumbing lines would need to be moved.

The master bathroom is Angela’s favorite room now. She says, “It’s like my own little sanctuary and it came to life just how I wanted it to.”

In the images below you can see the tub and shower pan being fitted. The second image shows the shower getting tiled. In the last image, you can see a dresser being transformed into a vanity.

Both the clawfoot tub and the vanity were bought second-hand online. Read more about mobile home bathtubs here.

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 7

Bedroom Before and After

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 10

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

She also painted every square inch of the house, including the fireplace. The stone farmhouse fireplace makeover just required paint but painting stone is a pain.

The stone farmhouse fireplace makeover is a great example of the power of paint.

“If you can’t afford much, a can of paint can become your very best friend and totally transform a space.”

cozy eclectic farmhouse fireplace makeover double wide mobile home
Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 14

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel

Soon after Angela finished the bathroom remodel she began the kitchen.

Angela’s double wide mobile home kitchen was factory original. Nothing had been painted or replaced.

First, she pulled out all of the old appliances and removed the top cabinets and covered the walls in faux shiplap using plywood cut to 8″ boards and sanded.

The upper kitchen cabinets were removed. The remaining laminate kitchen cabinets were painted.

After the upper cabinets were removed, Angela started installing 8″ boards ripped from plywood. They were sanded and then painted white.

Angela’s thriftiness continued in the kitchen. She replaced the kitchen sink with an acrylic farmhouse style sink she found on an online second-hand site.

Lastly, she purchased new appliances and painted the remaining cabinets.

“Go with what you love!

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 19

DIY Curtain Rod

Angela created her own corner shower curtain rod out of piping from a local hardware store. Her corner shower is an odd size and she couldn’t find any curtain rods online that would work that was less than $200 and that was a no-go.

Angela went to the store, bought some metal piping and pipe fittings for under $30 and got to work. That’s one of the best things about the trendy eclectic industrial farmhouse style that has taken the nation by storm since Joanna and Chip Gaines first appeared on HGTV.

Materials and Supplies List for Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel

  • Benjamin Moore’s Simply White paint was used throughout the entire home.
  • All lighting and plumbing fixtures are from Home Depot.
  • Tile flooring and shower tiles came from Floor and Decor.
  • Clawfoot tub and dresser vanity were Facebook Market purchases.
  • Hardwood flooring is Realwoods Flooring, Longhouse Plank Collection.
  • Curtains and shower curtains are canvas drop cloths purchased from a local hardware store.
Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 21

Angela’s Interview: Tips and Advice for Mobile Home Owners

I like to ask the homeowners a few questions whenever we feature their home. Mobile homeowners don’t get a lot of attention in the DIY and home decor world so every little bit of advice helps. Angela’s answer was especially helpful and thoughtful.

When asked if she had any tips that she learned during her eclectic farmhouse mobile home remodel Angela replied, “Go with what you love! I found myself trying to mimic a lot of spaces I would see on Instagram and Pinterest but in the end, it wasn’t always what I wanted for the long term. My style is very eclectic and I just learned to accept that and run with it. It’s my house, right?!”

Angela’s second tip is to shop second hand whenever possible. She saved a ton of money by transforming a second-hand dresser into a perfect eclectic farmhouse style bathroom vanity. A new clawfoot tub can cost thousands but she got a great deal on a second-hand tub off Facebook Marketplace. She also bought the acrylic farmhouse style kitchen sink online.

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 23

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Remodeling Challenges

I also asked Angela what her biggest challenge was during her mobile home remodel and her answer was unique.

She said her biggest challenge wasn’t the endless painting or sanding, it was being patient throughout all the work, “I am an instant gratification type person and a remodel will definitely teach you to be patient. Take no short cuts, if you run across a challenge during a reno, make sure it is handled the right way so that in there are no surprises in the long-term.”

Advice for New Mobile Home Owners

We asked Angela for tips or tricks she learned during her eclectic farmhouse mobile home remodel. She said paint was her

“If you can’t afford much, a can of paint can become your very best friend and totally transform a space.”

I also like to ask featured homeowners if they have any advice for anyone thinking about buying a mobile home or starting a remodel. Angela’s reply was especially thoughtful and well-said:

Don’t look at it for what it is but at what it can become. I think there is a stigma about living in a mobile home but if you put a little work and love into it and it feels like home, then that’s all that matters!

Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel 24

Second-Hand Savings

Angela has a knack for finding good stuff second hand. One of her favorite places to find great deals on home improvement items is the Facebook Marketplace.

Since Angela bought so many big-ticket items second-hand, her budget went much further than most.

So far, her entire eclectic farmhouse mobile home remodel has cost about $12,000. While that may seem like a lot, keep in mind that most master bathroom remodels cost $15,000 alone.

For $12,000, Angela was able to replace all the flooring, completely gut and remodel the master bathroom (and add a tiled shower), paint every wall in the house, makeover the fireplace, give the kitchen a complete makeover and buy all new appliances. That’s not bad at all!

Follow Angela on Instagram

I found Angela Chandler on Instagram. Her profile is @eastemorycollective and I really like all the fun and uplifting things she shares. The gorgeous mobile home, beautiful barns, cute horses, cool cats, and lots of good bargains and thrifty decor finds are pretty cool too!

A big thanks to Angela for letting me share her beautiful home and thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living®. I appreciate you!

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