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I’m always looking for home remodels, additions, tours, room updates or makeovers to share here on Mobile Home Living.

If you have a new blog about manufactured homes let us know all about it, we want to help spread the word. There’s not enough manufactured home decorating ideas online and it needs to change!


To get featured all we need are a few photos and a little information about your project. We do everything via email so it’s quick and easy. Just email us with some details of your home and we’ll give you a link to upload the images (if needed), and we’ll ask you a few questions.

Here are a few questions we like to ask. You can answer all of them or just a couple if you want – it’s completely up to you!

  1. Name:
  2. Location:
  3. Make and model of the home
  4. Tell us a bit about yourself, your project, and your home
  5. Tools and materials used:
  6. The total cost of project:
  7. Any tips or tricks you learned during the project:
  8. Proudest DIY moment
  9. Biggest challenge
  10. Favorite room in the home
  11. Advice you would give someone about buying and living in a mobile home

Please email me directly at and we’ll get started right away. Thank you!