10 Gorgeous Manufactured Home Models on the Market Today

As we’ve previously mentioned, manufactured homes are very much a ‘get what you pay for’ product and that’s the beauty of them. You can buy the most basic model offered and fix it up to your exact liking or you can spend more and get the latest bells and whistles that the builder offers. These 10 manufactured home models have all the bells and whistles you could want.

The Most Important Features New Manufactured Home Models Should Have

Whether you get the basic model or the fanciest, there are a few features you may want to consider getting upgraded.

  • Higher Pitch
  • Minimum 2×6 Framing
  • Exterior Sheathing
  • Plywood Subfloor
  • Upgraded Windows and Doors

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Deciding which manufactured home model you want is tough.  Luckily, there are dozens of models offered by dozens of builders that you can choose from. There is also a lot of great information here on Mobile Home Living’s buying section.

Our friend Steve, from the Facebook group Manufactured Housing, shares the newest manufactured home models. We persuaded him to share what he has learned about a few of the homes.

Keep in mind, these are only our opinions of these modern manufactured home models from what we can see and read from the websites that showcase these homes. We have no preference of one manufacturer over another nor do we recommend one builder or dealer over another. 

A Look at 10 Modern Manufactured Home Models 

1. The Anniversary From Clayton Homes

The price for this home, with full setup (including heat pump), is around $69,000 plus tax. Note, this also includes the OSB wrap around the exterior, not the standard styrofoam under the siding. We think all manufactured homes should have the OSB upgrade.

This 16×80 single wide has some optional packages that really dress up the interior of the home. First, the optional full sheetrock package replaces the more rustic touches of the home especially with the addition of the white molding.

There is also a stainless steel appliance package that dresses up the kitchen. Several cabinets, in both the kitchen and the dining room, plus an eat-in bar creates the modern HGTV kitchen everyone wants these days. A pantry in the kitchen, which is rare in single wides, completes the kitchen.

The biggest drawback of the floor plan is the mandatory bookcase and entertainment center in the living room. These don’t appear to be optional though I’m sure many people would rather have the wall space. It seems to be an easy thing to make optional?

Another missed floorplan opportunity is the missing exterior door for the laundry room. Lots of us like to use our laundry room as a mudroom.

modern manufactured home models-anniversary living room
The entertainment center seems to be a staple of most new designs.
modern manufactured home models-anniversary kitchen
A simple but well designed kitchen.
modern manufactured home models-anniversary dining
Sliding glass door is a popular option in the dining room.


modern manufactured home models-anniversary master bath
Nice master bath!


modern manufactured home models-anniversary exterior
The exterior is pretty basic. Where are the windows?

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2. The Foundation 700 by Champion Homes

The Foundation 700 is part of the Foundations Series by Champion Homes that includes both single and double wides. This is one of their mid-level double wide models and retails for approximately $75,900 before taxes. It is a nice representation of a mid-level ‘off the lot’ double wide available now.

There seems to be only one option that can be changed in the floor plan; the master tub is optional. The kitchen offers an eat-in breakfast bar and plenty of counter space. However, the countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are both laminate and the kitchen has the vertical oven hood that is so popular right now. The con to the large oven hoods is the loss of cabinet space but they certainly create a nice focal point for the kitchen. It’s definitely a personal preference item.   

The home has a nice open floor layout perfect for entertaining. If you are a fan of built-ins that many manufactured home models are featuring right now, this model has you covered. The large entertainment center along with the coat and shoe rack in the mudroom are all built-in. 

modern manufactured home models-Foundations 700 living room 2
The entertainment and bookcase blend well with the room.
modern manufactured home models-foundations kitchen
Eat-in breakfast bars are popular options in manufactured home models.


modern manufacutered home models-Foundations 700 master bathroom 2
Notice the easy access panel to the plumbing?


modern manufactured home models-Foundations 700 utility room
The built-ins in the mudroom can come in handy!


modern manufactured home models-foundation 700 exterior
The exterior has a nice clean look with lots of windows.


3. The Commissioner From Norris

The Commissioner is part of the Executive series manufactured by Norris. The retail price is between $80-90,000 before setup and heat pump installation.

Several things come to mind when exploring this model. First, there’s a good bit of storage in the kitchen which is never a bad thing. This manufactured home model may not be the right home for you if the open floor plan is your favorite layout. The dining area is away from the living room which might interrupt the flow of the home especially if you entertain regularly.

In this new modern manufactured home model, there is a gorgeous soaker tub surrounded by windows. We have a love-hate relationship with windows around tubs that we’ve written about before. While some custom wooden shades would be great, they are expensive, and should probably be included.

The cabinets look to be made of laminated particle board which is a bit of con at the price point. The flooring is vinyl covering and carpet.



modern manufactured home models-commissioner living room
Large living room.


modern manufactured home models-commissioner kitchen 2



modern manufactured home models-commissioner master bath
Not sure why these bathroom windows are so popular.


modern manufactured home models-commissioner exterior
A porch would be a nice addition to this home.


4. The Urban Homestead from Palm Harbor

The Urban Homesteader is Palm Harbor’s double-wide version of their single-wide the Santa Fe. It is available in two sizes, 31’ and 28’ lengths. The home retails with a base price of $100,000 and goes upward of $130,000 depending on size and options.

This home’s design has a neat modern/rustic feel with trendy features that are popular right now like the sliding barn door and the trey ceilings in the master bedroom. As with all trends, they can and will go out of style. The question is just how out of style they will eventually become.


modern manufactured home models-homestead living room (1)
A buyer may consider an upgrade to the living room lighting.


modern manufactured home models-homestead kitchen
The rustic kitchen is designed nicely.


modern manufactured home models-homestead dining room
Some may prefer a sliding glass door in the dining room.


modern manufactured home models-urban homesteader exterior
Typical exterior design.

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5. Model K1676H2 from Karsten

This model is only available in Western states and starts at $55,900 before setup.

The most noted feature of these homes is the transom windows throughout the home. I love transom windows! While they would be a pain to keep clean they add a ton of natural light so it’s worth the extra effort to clean.

This model offers built-ins in the dining and living room and the home flows with an open floor plan. Like many new models, there are several options that can be upgraded, including appliances and a choice of color for the cabinets, along with a ceiling upgrade.


modern manufactured home models-karsten living room
Natural light floods the room.


modern manufactured home models-karsten kitchen
The kitchen is set-up nicely.


modern manufactured home models-karsten master bedroom
Transom windows provide extra light.


modern manufactured home models-karsten master bath
Would you prefer a linen closet instead of the tub?


modern manufactured home models-karsten exterior
LOVE those windows!

6. The Lloyd From Cavalier Homes

The Lloyd from Cavalier Homes is a model that is full of options. It is a 3 bedroom home with a 4th flex room and retails around $118,000 (but would probably be much more if adding all the options available).

This home is huge! Not only does it have the 4 bedrooms, it also has a hobby room/office room and a foyer.

This home has all the upgrades we most recommend: Thermopane windows, OSB wrapped exterior, and upgraded doors are available. Adding a fireplace is another upgrade you can add.

Once again, we see the popular trend of placing a soaker tub in front of windows in the master bath.  Perhaps, a better use would be adding transom windows which would still allow natural light but protect privacy?


modern manufactured home models-the lloyd living room
Fireplaces can make a living room cozy.


modern manufactured home models-the lloyd kitchen (2)
Love the white cabinets!


modern manufactured home models-the lloyd dining room
So many places to add style.


modern manufactured home models-the lloyd theater room
Movie anyone?


modern manufactured home models-the lloyd master bath
Window of wonder..as in wonder why there’s a window there?


modern manufactured home models-the lloyd exterior
The exterior is gorgeous and that high pitch is everything!


7. The Madison XL From Champion Homes

The Madison XL is offered by Champion and has a starting price at around $69,900 before setup.

The standard option of this model is a 3 bedroom/2 bath and there are many options available. You can upgrade the bathroom to a larger shower or include a soaker tub. You can also opt out of the third bedroom and have a larger second bedroom and bath. That’s just a few of the options we saw available with the floor plan.


modern manufactured home models-madison xl living room
The home flows from one room to another.


modern manufactured home models-madison xl kitchen
What do you think of the new range hoods?


modern manufactured home models-madison xl laundry room


modern manufactured home models-madison xl master shower
Large shower for a single wide.
modern manufactured home models-madison xl back exterior
A look at the home from the back.

8.The Santa Rosa By Giles Industries

The Santa Rosa is manufactured by Giles Industries and prices start at around $55,000 for the standard home before setup.

It’s a mid-level design home. It has the traditional inexpensive brown trim around the doors, ceilings, and windows.

There is a good use of space in most of the home though the master bath seems to have an awkward setup. The master closet is in the bathroom but doesn’t seem to offer much space from the images (it’s hard to judge homes from images).

This model offers some upgrades and can be converted into two large bedrooms rather than three. Generally speaking, the home is stylish but may not be very practical. The plus side is that homes manufactured by Giles typically hold up well over the years.


modern manufactured home models-santa rosa living room
The living room has a nice size.


modern manufactured home models-santa rosa kitchen
Open floor plan describes this home.


modern manufactured home models-santa rosa master bath
Not sure about the closet set-up.


modern manufactured home models-santa rosa master vanity
The vanity design is unique.


modern manufactured home models-santa rosa exterior
Notice the difference landscaping can make in these photos? I adore the exterior

9. The Ridgecrest LE 6010 from Champion Home Builders

The Ridgecrest LE 6010 is one of several designs from the Champion Homes. According to the site, this new manufactured home model will have a price range from $89,000-$104,900.


This home, with 2000 square feet of living space, has a different flow to it than most open floor plans. Y’all know how I love end kitchens and that includes when dining rooms are at the end or corner.

The kitchen has two eat-in locations, a center island that has room for barstools opposite the sink and a divider from the living room into the kitchen can also be used as an eat-in spot.


modern manufactured home models-Ridgecrest 6010 living room
The reclaimed wood look is scattered throughout the home.


modern manufactured home models-Ridgecrest 6010 dining and kitchen
The kitchen has an unusual setup.


modern manufactured home models-Ridgecrest 6010 dining and kitchen 1 (1)
Barn doors to hide the dining room hutch.


modern manufactured home models-Ridgecrest 6010 bill center
Need a workspace?


modern manufactured home models-ridgecrest exterior
If you aren’t looking to add a porch, this design is perfect.


10. The Garner From Titan Factory Direct

A look at modern manufactured home models would not be complete without adding a tiny home design.

I dream of placing a park model home on a little pond close to my grandmother in southern WV someday (one can dream!). Disclaimer: park model homes are typically classified as recreational vehicles but we believe the designs are great and should be used a lot more in modern manufactured home models.

The Garner from Titan Factory Direct offers all the features of bigger manufactured homes just on a smaller scale.

The layout of this tiny home offers one bedroom as well as a loft space. There is also a nice size covered porch. Park models are becoming more popular with retirees who are looking to downsize and can be found in many mobile home communities as well (though we need to get land use and park restrictions lifted across the nation).

Here’s the best thing about park models: the typical price range starts at less than $20,000 but can go much higher when upgrades are made. These are the TRUE tiny homes, not those $75,000 home made things that you see on TV.


modern manufactured home models-park model kitchen
Good use of space makes these homes seem larger.


modern manufactured home models-park model loft
Nice size loft space.


modern manufactured home models-park model exterior
Looks like a cabin in the woods!


From These 10 modern manufactured home models are examples of the options and price ranges that are on the market at the moment. All of these homes can be upgraded and modified to work for anyone.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®.

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  1. Hi Crystal. Loved seeing the top 10. I am always drawn to the Lulumae. There’s something about it that’s just so inviting. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Kammie,

    I am not affiliated with any builders, dealers, or suppliers. I’m just a mobile homeowner that started a blog. I am a big fan of park model homes, especially for vacation homes with great views. Unfortunately, park models are only considered to be RV’s so mobile home parks don’t usually accept them, only campgrounds will.

    You can go to each builders website and enter the zip code of the area the home will be put and the sites will show you the homes that are available in that area. Clayton, Fleetwood, and Skyline-Champion are the three largest builders in the country.

    Best of luck!

  3. My parent are looking into replacing a 1973 mobile home. It sits on a lake. The lot size is very small. What are some of your lake style home plans. With living space facing a lake. Plus a front porch facing the lake.