modern manufactured home models-the lloyd dining room

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  1. Hi Crystal. Loved seeing the top 10. I am always drawn to the Lulumae. There’s something about it that’s just so inviting. Thanks for sharing

  2. My parent are looking into replacing a 1973 mobile home. It sits on a lake. The lot size is very small. What are some of your lake style home plans. With living space facing a lake. Plus a front porch facing the lake.

    1. Hi Kammie,

      I am not affiliated with any builders, dealers, or suppliers. I’m just a mobile homeowner that started a blog. I am a big fan of park model homes, especially for vacation homes with great views. Unfortunately, park models are only considered to be RV’s so mobile home parks don’t usually accept them, only campgrounds will.

      You can go to each builders website and enter the zip code of the area the home will be put and the sites will show you the homes that are available in that area. Clayton, Fleetwood, and Skyline-Champion are the three largest builders in the country.

      Best of luck!