Ceiling Fan Face Lift - updating a ceiling fan on a budget - After

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  1. You both seem to be doing an awesome job, your kitchen is gorgeous! I ran into the same problem in my 2 bed, 2 bath mobile home. Trailers have a tendency to be dark and dreary so I’ve lightened up my entire home with paint and flooring, but I have a ceiling fan in the living room that fits this description. Buying a new one is out the question so I’ll HAVE to try this! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Hi Vanessa, I’m glad you liked the article. You know, I stared at that ceiling fan for a year, thinking, “I really hate those brown blades”. It was a ‘why didn’t I think of this before moment’….’just paint the darn things’! It was easy, and made a big difference. Just BE SURE to use a high quality super adhering or bonding primer. AND give the blades a good cleaning or your paint won’t stick. Look on Pinterest under ceiling fans, and that will give you a lot of inspiration. Good luck, and above all…enjoy. Pam