A Homette for Two

A Homette for Two

No need for spaciousness.
Just a little home – a “Homette,”
with bright windows,
a skylight or two,
like Heaven’s Orb de deux.

We’d be snug, just us two.

Efficiency the ruling way:
a little sink, stove, and refrigerator,
just-big-enough shower,
a camper’s toilet – this isn’t
for the too discreet.

Just you and me
in a tiny, compact, small abode
with a pet – a cat – or bird – or canine.

All we’d ever need, or want,
Just you and me with a sunny, bright view.

I’ll lose weight, if you will too, so we can
snuggle in a bed made for less than two.

–Theresa Glover

This lovely poem was written Theresa Glover, a very talented reader of Mobile Home Living!

Theresa and her husband have been looking at retirement possibilities and the search inspired her to write Homette for Two.

About Theresa 

Theresa Glover was born in California but has spent most of her life in Illinois.  She attended both public and private schools in Illinois and eventually earned a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Theresa has written articles for several newspapers, most notably, a long commentary on the adoption process in Illinois that was published in the Chicago Tribune. She and her husband have an adopted son, now 17, who inspired the story. Theresa is a stay-at-home mom.

She writes, sometimes draws, and has painted in watercolor and other mediums but her favorite occupation is writing poetry.

Homettes are Great Homes

We live in a Homette so this poem was especially relevant to me. I’m very pleased with our 1978 Homette single wide. It has a great floor plan and the construction is sound.

Related: See our 1978 Homette single wide here. 

We’ve featured another great Homette remodel on MHL! It’s one of our most popular featured homes and is a great representation of the potential that all older mobile homes have.

You can see it here and read the owner’s interview here.

Thank you so much for writing such a great poem and sharing it with us Theresa!

And thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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