The Davis Home – A Sweet Single Wide Remodel

 “I love our home. Yes, there is still a stigma attached to living in a mobile home, but I’ll tell anyone that we choose to live in a mobile home and we love it!” – Lynn Davis   
Skip and Lynn Davis of Bethany, Louisiana, wanted to retire. Slow down, enjoy life and spend time with their beautiful grandchildren while also caring for Lynn’s 88 year old mother. To do that they needed to be debt-free. They sold their brick home within town limits, paid off all debts and then paid cash for a 1997 Clayton mobile home. Then they began a single wide remodel that turned the home into pure gorgeousness!
The home was in great condition and it was conveniently set up in a park. After 3 years though, the Davis’ realized they needed their own place. The park had relaxed rules and the consequences of that action was just beginning.
They bought 2 acres in the country and after 6 months of clearing and getting utilities connected, they were able to move onto a spacious cleared private lot.
After a while, Lynn started getting tired of the bland walls and the typical mobile home “look.” The only obstacle being that Skip and Lynn had never done any remodeling themselves but that didn’t stop them from learning. Lynn explains it best,”’s never too late to learn to be DIY’ers!  Here we are in our mid and late 60’s just learning!  Some of our projects don’t turn out perfect, but we are pleased and no one seems to notice!”

Thanks to their can-do attitude and hard work, we have a gorgeous single wide remodel to see….
The Davis’s made a dramatic change to the exterior of their home with the addition of vinyl siding, window awnings and a new metal roof. It’s truly amazing what a those 3 items can do to a mobile home!Throughout the home they removed the strips and the cheap trim that all of us loathe! Replacing the cheap stuff with crown molding, trimming out the doors, windows and baseboards. Then all the walls were textured and painted.

Lynn found all of the furniture and most of the decor for their home at estate or garage sales, resale shops or Craigslist. She also hand made a lot of the things she used and is an avid thrift shop and garage sale visitor.
For her master bathroom, she says, “We added bead board and new Allure flooring and replaced the plastic sink and put in real faucets. I knew how I wanted to make the curtain over the small window, but couldn’t find the fabric that I wanted. Then I found a shower curtain at a resale shop that was the yellow and blue toile that was perfect. I cut the top off and made a valance for my white shower curtain and cut the bottom off and made the curtain.”
In the master bedroom they laid new carpet and brought in some gorgeous pieces of furniture.
In the kitchen, Skip and Lynn added a bead board back splash and New Allure flooring. The white island is a nice contract against the oak cabinets and rich flooring!Lynn also replaced the glass in the cabinet doors. She explains, “The original glass had the gold trailer trim on it. I painted the inside of those cabinets red and wow did that pop!!  We replaced the plastic sink with a single stainless sink…I LOVE my big sink!!!  And put in “real” faucets. We also replaced all the hinges and pulls on cabinets and drawers and put in a new dishwasher.”

Lynn explains that the guest bathroom had bead board added and more of the dark New Allure flooring. Hand made items make several appearances in both the bathroom and guest bedroom.
The guest bedroom exudes a warm glow with an homey antique decor, Lynn knows how to make any guest feel at home. Her grandchildren are her most frequent guests and most enjoyable for the Davis’s. I’m sure the kids love being with their grandparents in their beautiful home! .
Mobile and manufactured homes can be personalized so easily and Skip and Lynn has transformed theirs beautifully. Mobile homes can become any style of home you want. The basics are there and only a bit of creativity and hard work are needed. Lynn has used her talents to make her home a gorgeous, cozy and an easy living retreat. It is perfect for a retired couple or any couple for that matter! Who wouldn’t want to sleep in one of those lovely beds and wake up to those gorgeous yellow walls?
Don’t worry, we have more of Skip and Lynn’s beautiful home! Lynn, being the gracious host that she is, has answered a few questions for us. Just click the link to read the interview: A Sweet Single Wide: The Interview.

A huge thank you to Steven S. for letting me know about this gorgeous home and a huge thanks to Lynn for replying and allowing me to feature their beautiful home! If you have or find a beautiful mobile or manufactured home online, please let me know about it. The more great homes we can show the more we can educate people of our homes and let them in on our little secret! 
Thank you so much for reading Mobile & Manufactured Home Living!
  1. Cecile says

    Thank you Crystal; we are looking forward to this next stage of life, it is exciting. It’s been awhile since we did a fairly major makeover so we’re looking forward to fresh new surroundings. I will post pictures as we go along if that is ok. Cheers!

  2. Cathy says

    I'm new to this blog…wow!!!! I'm thrilled to see that others like me are tired of the stigma with mobile homes…can people not see that there are beautiful and gorgeous homes out there? This one is so sweet! I love it!

    1. CrystalMHL says

      Hi Cathy! Welcome home! That stereotype must come from pure jealousy since we get a fine home at half the I used to take it all seriously and get upset when I saw a reference about anything 'trailer trash' related. Now, I just grin and think "yeah, but my house was paid for in 2 years. How about yours?"
      I'm glad you found us and hope to see you around again!

      1. Cecile says

        Hi! just found this awesome site! thank you. My hubby and I are about to close on a mobile with a gorgeous den addition. It is like new but we will add our own touches to make it ours. We have only told a few people so far about the purchase but expect a few questions and even comments when we say we are moving to a mobile. We are selling our bungalow and this move will allow us to semi-retire and travel. In our early 50s. Quite excited. The tips here are wonderful. Thanks for doing this.

      2. Crystal Adkins says

        Congratulations Cecile! I bet your new home is beautiful! Don’t let the weird looks and questions bother you – getting to retire early and travel more is a great thing!

  3. CrystalMHL says

    I bet it is! Thanks so much Geneva!

  4. Geneva says

    Thank you Crystal.. I have been in contact with a Lynn…and have a feeling this must be her. I'll get back with her to make sure! Keep up the good work!

  5. CrystalMHL says

    I agree Irish, I agree!

  6. Irish Carter says

    Gorgeous as always. = )

  7. CrystalMHL says

    Hi Jen, I'm sure it will and when it does I want gotta
    inspire everyone in a manufactured home and let the rest of the world
    know how great they can be!

  8. Jen says

    Thank you for all of these posts on mobile homes and the wonderful do overs, I am getting some great ideas of what I want to do with mine. I just hope it will turn out as nice as these did.

  9. Marcia says

    Great looking home! I'm so glad you had the before and after pics so we can see all the great changes they made. Thanks for posting,

  10. CrystalMHL says

    Thanks guys! I'm loving all the great homes I've been able to feature!
    I hope my luck doesn't run out any time soon!

  11. Steven says

    The exterior looks great! The awnings are the perfect touch. The interior is so beautiful. Classic, traditional, elegant. And I am SO jealous that people can live so graciously & debt-free. One of these days, I hope I can do the same.

  12. CrystalMHL says

    Thanks so much! I could so sleep in that room = )

  13. tracyann says

    Wonderful home you have shared in your blog. I do also love the the bedroom. Thanks for sharing it.
    My recent post אוכל מוכן

  14. CrystalMHL says


    When Lynn first wrote that I was like \”nuuh uhhh\” cause it all looks
    so great! She has accomplished a lot!

  15. CrystalMHL says


    Lynn actually spoke of you when I first emailed her, she replied that
    she had a lot in common with you; the moving from a brick home to a
    single wide and I think you to have a lot of the same taste…..I
    think you and her could be great friends!

    I just hope my luck continues with all these gorgeous homes! = )

  16. Geneva says

    I love what they've done with this single wide… It's a beautiful home! Thank you for another great feature Crystal.

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