An Awesome Airstream

By Published On: August 20, 20121 min read
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What do you get when you combine an Airstream with an interior designer that had never been camping before? An Awesome Airstream, of course! Rachel Horn is a popular interior designer that co-owns Rachel Horn Interiors along with her husband and partner, Justin Kreizel. They were going to their first Burning Man and in essence, their first camping trip.
In preparation, they bought a 180-square-foot 1969 Airstream trailer for $5,000. Once that was out of the way, they started remodeling and decorating it. While they had a $20,000 budget for the project, Justin has been quoted as saying they went way well over that initial budget. Here’s why:
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Rachel’s design board for the Airstream.
I certainly wouldn’t mind spending a few days in such a nice mobile home.
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