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1964 Mobile Home Gets a Crafty Makeover

Mobile Home Decorating Single Wides Vintage Mobile Homes June 15, 2014 14 Comments

Please welcome Dianna Wood.   Dianna has completely remodeled a vintage single wide mobile home with amazing DIY projects and was kind enough to write a bit about her single wide mobile home here on Mobile Home Living.  By Dianna Wood  Mobile Home Owner at Mobile Country Club, Rancho Cordova, California Let’s face it, anyone who has enough money, or…

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Decorating Mobile Home Rentals

Mobile Home Decorating Mobile Home Remodels April 13, 2014 2 Comments

Having no money to put down on a house, poor credit, or moving frequently contributes to many people renting homes. Mobile home rentals are increasing as the parks are better-taken care and the homes are built to higher standards. Renters, as well as owners, want to make their home unique and personalize it. Renting poses different challenges since remodeling and…

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