Benefits of Re-Siding Your Mobile Home with Fiber Cement

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  1. I am in the process of planning the remodel of my 1980 double wide which has some previous improvements. The focus is modern and low-maintenance. I plan to use fiber cement siding to replace the ‘board and batten’ panels. Is it possible to put the fiber cement panels directly on top of the pressboard? I ask that because one of the previous improvements was double-pane windows, which unfortunately have about a ¼” gap between the siding and the window flange all the way around because nothing was done to compensate for the greater depth of the new windows. (The options I have been offered as a solution to this are trimming the sills and reseating the windows or adding an extra layer of trim or removing the current trim and re-trimming with thicker wood.) Given that I have now decided to use fiber cement as the lowest-maintenance, best-looking option for the siding, what is the best way to attach the siding and fix the window issue? Thank you for being here!

  2. Hi Crystal, we are in the process of enclosing the exterior of our 1970 single wide. We have built a pole roof over the home and installing stick built section of wall between the posts and then we will insulate and side it with 4×8 sheets of cement board siding and complete the look by adding battens to get board and batten look. We had cement board siding on a two story farm house we built and it is amazing! I highly recommend it.

  3. Very nice looking.
    If we ever were able to reside our doublewide (from vinyl), this is
    definitely an option, in the shingle style. Maybe a nice moss green?
    Great article.