1985 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - stone wall mural and faux fireplace completed

When Karrel Buckingham recently purchased her new 2 bedrooms and 2 baths she immediately began planning the 1986 Palm Harbor single wide makeover.

She was smart with her budget and spent money on materials and products that would create the most impact at the lowest cost. Lot’s of creativity, along with a few tips found here on Mobile Home Living, allowed Kerrel to create a stylish modern home.

The 980 square foot single wide sits in an attractive 55+ mobile home park in Riverview, Florida. Like most manufactured homes in Florida, Karrel’s home included a cozy screened in porch. A perfect place to enjoy Florida’s infamous evening showers and wonderfully wild wildlife

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover- exterior front

Updating the Major Surfaces First in 1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover

It’s no secret that paint is our favorite manufactured home decorating secret. Nothing can change a room faster or cheaper than a gallon of paint. So, of course, when the time came to begin her 1986 Palm Harbor single wide makeover, Karrel planned to paint first.

Home remodeling experts focus on the flat surfaces in a home such as walls, ceilings, and floors first. Updating these high impact areas will create the biggest impact at the lowest cost. It is truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to your home’s ceiling!

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover- living room 2

Karrel painted all the walls in the home in a bright cream so all that Florida sunshine could bounce around. She went with a modern light teal in the bedroom.

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - bedroom

You can learn all about painting and updating vinyl coated wallboards in mobile homes here.

Once the walls were painted laminate wood flooring was installed.

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1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - kitchen before

Karrel’s kitchen before the makeover.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates 

To give the kitchen a more modern style Karrel removed the doors from her upper cabinets in the kitchen. She then painted the interior of the cabinets with a matching accent color.

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - kitchen

We’ve seen this done a couple of times here at Mobile Home Living. Here’s a colorful single wide kitchen makeover project that’s similar to Karrels.

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New cabinet and drawer knobs from Etsy completed the kitchen makeover.

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - kitchen 2

 1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - kitchen cabinets painted

Karrel’s Proudest Project is her Accent Wall

Karrel told us that her proudest and most challenging project so far in her 1986 Palm Harbor single wide makeover was figuring out what to do with the strange wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room and living room.

She isn’t a big fan of an open floor plan so she knew she wanted to keep the wall but there had to be something she could do to make it look more modern and cohesive to the space.

We think she nailed it! 

She ordered a stone wall mural from Amazon and installed it over the paneling on the dividing wall. You can find all the pieces she used to make her amazing accent wall here:

1986 Palm Harbor single wide makeover - stone wall mural

Click the image to buy the mural from Amazon (affiliate link).

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - wall mural installed


 1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - budget faux fireplace


1986 Palm Harbor single wide makeover=

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - stone wall mural and faux fireplace completed

Stone, whether real or fake, makes for a beautiful addition to any home and Karrel’s 1985 Palm Harbor single wide makeover proves it.

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1985 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover continues…

So far she has spent somewhere around $5,000 on her projects. Like all mobile home remodeling projects, Karrel’s 1986 Palm Harbor single wide makeover is a work-in-progress. She has lots of plans but for now, she’s just trying to keep cool in the Florida heat. Once it cools down we’ll check back in with her and see what new projects she has planned.  We know those Florida summers can be brutal.

1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - dining area

“Just make sure it was well cared for.”

We asked Karrel if she had any tips or advice for someone wanting to buy their first used manufactured home. She told us that you should only buy a home that was obviously well-maintained and cared for. You want to see obvious signs of upkeep such as roof coatings and records for level checks. It is imperative that manufactured homeowners be proactive in their home’s maintenance and upkeep.

A big thank you to Karrel. We look forward to seeing your future projects! 

Have your own Single or Double Wide Makeover?

We would love to share it! Comment below or email us.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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Kim Alley

Kim Alley has written several articles for Mobile Home Living and has lived in a manufactured home for over 20 years.

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  1. Wow, I thought that was a REAL stone wall!!! Murals can do so much for a home as this definitely shows. Great job and hope to see more as she goes along. 🙂 <3

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