27 Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

These 27 cheap DIY Christmas decorations will have your home looking like a festive winter wonderland in no time!

Christmas is a great time of year! Excited children and beautifully decorated homes create a magical setting that’s perfect to create wonderful memories.

Unfortunately, decorating for the holidays can get expensive. Wreaths can cost upward of $100 and homemade crafts can often cost double that. Luckily, you can create a beautiful home for the holidays on a budget and these 27 cheap DIY Christmas decorations can help.

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28 Beautiful but Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

Below you’ll find some great Christmas and Holiday Decorating ideas for both inside and outside your home. Some of these ideas are so creative that you almost have to wonder how they came up with them! Just click on the images to be taken to the tutorials and original source.

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Soda Bottle Penguin

Reuse two-liter soda bottles by turning them into adorable penguins! Make several and add them to your mantle or use them as centerpieces for the children’s table at dinner.

Christmas Penguin made from 2 lited soda bottle - affordable Christmas Decor Ideas - Christmas in a mobile home


Soup Can Snowman

This idea is adorable! Recycle your soup cans by turning them into the cutest snowman ever! These could be put anywhere and would surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

Soup Can Snowman - Affordable DIY Christmas Decor Ideas


Ornament Tree  

Make a glamorous mini-tree using colorful shiny ornaments that matches your home’s decor. These would be great as centerpieces!

Christmas Decor Ideas on a Budget - DIY ornament tree


Foam Block Snowman

This easy Christmas craft would be great to do with the older kids. All you need are foam blocks and felt squares or old material.

Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas - Foam Block Snowman


Happy Christmas Printables to Frame

An affordable frame from the dollar tree with one of these cheerful holiday printables will make a great addition to your home.

Christmas Printables - Framed Christmas Art - Christmas in a Mobile Home Affordable Decor Ideas


Square Pine Wreath

Using natural materials is perfect for those that like traditional Christmas decorations. Pine needles, branches, bark, and pine cones are free and can be turned into many cheap DIY Christmas decorations. Use an old picture frame as a base for this square wreath.

Christmas-Ideas = picture frame wreath


Mason Jar Christmas Scene

Make a cute Christmas scene of any theme using mason jars! This one uses little deer toys!

mason Jar Christmas Decor Scene - Christmas in a Mobile Home


Painted Platter Wall Decor

A couple bottles of acrylic paint or silhouettes decoupaged onto a surface are perfect for creating cheap DIY Christmas decorations. You can paint and decoupage practically anything! Use flea market finds such as platters like these.

DIY Christmas Decor Ideas - Painted Platters as Wall decor


Paper Stockings

Paper is one of the most easy-to-find and affordable materials so it’s perfect for making cheap DIY Christmas decorations. Use a card stock, a hole-punch, and yarn to make these adorable stockings to hang.

Christmas Decor Ideas - Paper Stocking


Vintage Santa Printable to Frame 

Here’s another resource for vintage Santa printables. You can frame them or decoupage them onto wooden plaques, boxes, plates, just about anything!

Free Christmas Printables - Vintage Santa - DIY Decor Ideas for Christmas


Lighted Branch Tree

Live in a small home? This Christmas tree could be perfect for you! Branches, ornaments, and Christmas lights shaped as a Christmas tree and hung on a wall is a great representation of the traditional tree.

Christmas Tree made from tree branched hung on wall - Affordable DIY Christmas Decor


Pallet Tree

Pallets are perfect for making cheap DIY Christmas decorations! This idea uses an entire pallet as a base for a great Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Decor made from Pallet - Cheap DIY Christmas Decor


More Pallet Christmas Tree Ideas

Here are more great pallet ideas! You can do so much with pallets and they are affordable and abundant so they are perfect for cheap holiday decorating.

Chritmas Trees made from Pallets - Cheap DIY Christmas Decor


Lighted Chicken Wire Christmas Balls

This is a great way to add eye-catching lights to your home for the holidays! Create a ball of any size out of chicken wire and attach Christmas lights to it! Hang or place on your lawn for an eye-catching display.

Christmas Decor Ideas - DIY Lighted Balls from chicken wire


Yarn Garland

Yarn and glue can be turned into beautiful, lighted garland. This tutorial will show you how!

Christmas Garland made from Yarn and light strand - Cheap DIY Christmas Decor


PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

As a plumber’s wife I had to include this one! Cut PVC pipe and glue them together to create a 3D Christmas tree for your wall, window, or porch. You could add ornaments or little gifts in the holes too! (Note: You’ll need to use special cleaner and glue for the pipe. It’s affordable and easy to find though.)

Christmas Tree Wall Decor made from Plumbers pipe


Christmas Tree Snowman

This Christmas tree snowman is such a creative and affordable DIY Christmas decoration for your old fake tree. Who wouldn’t love to have a life-sized snowman in their home?

Chritmas Tree turned into Lifesized snowman - Cheap DIY Christmas Decor Ideas


Hanging Ornaments Tree

If you want a more modern take on a Christmas tree then this is a perfect decoration for you. Hang ornaments from your ceiling (you could use a hula hoop or wreath) at varying lengths to create a 3D hanging tree.

Hanging Ornaments Tree - Cheap DIY Christmas Decor Ideas


Book Lover’s Christmas Tree

This is a perfect idea for book lovers that can’t bare to part with a damaged book. Turn the pages into a Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree made from book pages - Cheap DIY Christmas Decor


Hanging Wreath Christmas Tree

This is such a creative take on the traditional Christmas tree. Use three or more wreaths in staggered sizes (you can make them using grapevine for an even more affordable version) and hang them. Viola, a Christmas wreath tree!

Christmas tree made from Hanging wreaths - Cheap DIY Christmas Decor


Rustic Nail-Head Christmas Trees

Have some old lumber? You could make these rustic nail-head Christmas trees in any size. Just cut the sheet in whatever shape you want, paint, and use nails to add a little pizzazz. I’ve even seen 2×4’s turned into primitive snowmen!

Christmas Tree made of wood with Nail head design - Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

Rustic Tree Stump Snowman

I can’t get over this one! It’s such a creative use of tree stumps. Just cut them and secure in a snowman form. Perfection!

Tree Stump Snowman - Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

Rustic Twig and Branches Christmas Tree

Here’s a very affordable Christmas tree! Use small branches and form them into a Christmas tree shape – it’s labor intensive but the end result is amazing!

Rustic Christmas Tree made of Twigs and Branches - Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

Pine Cone Wreath

Pine cones are free and a perfect material for cheap DIY Christmas decorating. Glue them together to make a great wreath.

DIY-Pinecone-Wreath-Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

Ornament Wreath  

Ornaments can be used in so many creative ways to make your home festive for the holidays. Attach them to a wreath form for a colorful decoration.

Ornament Wreath you can make - Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

Rustic Pine Cone Window Decor

This rustic pine cone window idea would be a great addition to your home! Attach pine cones to pretty ribbon cut at varying lengths and tie to your curtain rod.

Pine cone Window Decor - Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

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Easy Christmas Marquee Lights

This is a great idea for any season but especially Christmas. Use the templates provided in the link to create card stock 3D letters and push Christmas lights through the back to create your own marquee sign.

Marquee Lights made from Paper and Christmas Lights - Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

These 27  cheap DIY Christmas decorations prove you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful home for the holidays.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

  1. Paula Aiken says

    I would like to see some directions on how to start the twig tree and how to taper the shape. It looks like it has a bunch of twigs made into a log for the base but not sure how to get the flare at the bottom to start the tree. Thank you

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Paula,

      The instructions for that is in Deutsche but there are some instructions for similar trees on the same Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/248401735673684555/

      Just click on the images to get to the source of each project. Best of luck!

  2. Suzanne Melton says

    Thank you, Crystal!

    A few months ago, I won a bunch of silverplate platters at auction with no idea about using them!

    I like the “twig tree,” too.

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