7 Affordable Ideas to Update Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Home decor and design magazines always share such beautiful kitchens. They are way out of my budget though – I can’t spend $18,000 for 2 handmade custom cabinets made with trees from some weird place I’ve never heard of. I can, however, create a beautiful kitchen using a little elbow grease and creativity to update mobile home kitchen cabinets, just like the following homeowners did.

The Power of Paint

Paint is the most affordable and dramatic way to update any home. It’s really neat to see how a room can change with a single gallon of paint. Paint works just as well on mobile home kitchen cabinets.

One of the best mobile home kitchen makeovers is Geneva’s over at My Heart’s Song blog. Her before and after photos shows the power of painting your kitchen cabinets.

affordable ideas to update mobile home kitchen - before the paint
Geneva’s kitchen before her gorgeous makeover.

affordable ideas to update mobile home kitchen - painting is the best
Geneva’s kitchen after she painted the cabinets and knobs (and a few other things).

Make an Instant Change with New Hardware

It’s surprising how new hardware can update mobile home kitchen cabinets.

We’ve all seen the round flowered knobs they use in most mobile homes. Replacing those will instantly update your kitchen. This single wide got a complete makeover for $500, and that was for the whole house! 

update mobile home kitchen cabinets - new knobs and pulls work great
This retro single wide kitchen makeover included cool cabinets handles and pulls.

Updating Primitive Style

If primitive or country farmhouse is your favorite style we have a few creative ideas to update mobile home kitchen cabinets.

  • Finding old cabinet doors with broken glass (or a damaged middle section) at your local resale shop or Craigslist isn’t as hard as you’d think. You’ll just need to choose doors with a good frame. I’ve seen some homeowners cut out their own cabinets and add framing around the edges, too.

After the middle is removed, staple chicken wire to the back of the frame. This trick definitely adds a primitive country farmhouse look to the kitchen.

Click here for the complete instructions. 

7 affordable ways to update mobile home kitchen cabinets - primitive style with chicken wire on cabinets
The finished primitive style kitchen with chicken wire cabinets.

We love this mobile home that got a rustic farmhouse kitchen makeover!

Add Bead Board Wallpaper to your Mobile Home Cabinets

Adding beadboard wallpaper to the center section of the cabinets. Glue beadboard paper over your cabinet doors and then attach trim around the edges. Paint the cabinets to match your rustic kitchen. Boom! Beautiful kitchen!

Here’s a tutorial from a cute blog that shows every step they took to create a gorgeous farmhouse style kitchen: 

affordable ideas to update mobile home kitchen - add bead board paper to cabinets
Dimensional Beadboard paper is easy to work with.
affordable ideas to update mobile home kitchen - add bead board paper to cabinets 3
The kitchen after the beadboard wallpaper was installed.

Add Shelves to Create an Affordable Built-in

Open shelving in kitchens is a huge trend. With the right placement, you can update mobile home kitchen cabinets by making them look like custom cabinetry. Melodie did that in her kitchen and it looks great:

affordable ideas to update mobile home kitchen - adding shelves
Adding shelves is a great way to update your kitchen.

Add Trim Around the Cabinet

If beadboard isn’t your style you can still add dimension to your kitchen cabinets. An affordable way to add trim is with Lowe’s rulers. Yep, those wooden rulers that they give away!

Here’s the complete tutorial.

affordable ideas to update mobile home kitchen - add rulers around the cabinets
Using free construction rulers is a great way to add interest to your cabinets.

Put Your Cabinets to Work

Adding cork or chalk paint to your cabinets creates a family organization center. This idea is especially useful if you have a busy family. To give the cabinets a more polished look add some trimming around the paint or cork.  Here’s a great example in a mobile home makeover we featured a while back and one of our favs:

affordable ideas to update mobile home kitchen - adding chalk paint to cabinets
Adding chalk paint or cork to your kitchen cabinets creates a handy family center.

We hope these tips help you update mobile home kitchen cabinets. There are so many great ways to make your home beautiful and without having to spend your kid’s college tuition fund.

If you are still looking for inspiration this affordable mobile home kitchen remodel can help!

Have a look you want to share?  Email us or comment below.  We would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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  1. This is axactly what I am planning on doing with my kitchen.she is an old 1960’s mobile home. The cabinets are so dirty and cigarette stained. I have 9 gallons of blue cloud paint that came with the mobile home just sitting in one of its sheds. I am so excited about redoing the kitchen.
    Thank you for all the different ideas. I can’t wait to get started

  2. I have a mobile home and being disabled it hard to work but I think some of this might be doable for me. Thank you.

  3. Would like to know how you fill in the wood paneling groves to make it flat walls for painting over?

  4. Oh my, the ruler is a great idea!! I’ll have to get some for my cabinets until I can afford to build new ones.