creative holiday decorations
Displaying creative holiday decorations makes the holidays better. It allows the home to become something different and fresh from the normal decor. It brings holiday cheer to the home and makes the kid’s eyes light up.

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If you have one too many decorations in your storage closet and you need to figure out how to best organize them in your mobile home, it’s no easy feat! It’s simple to get caught up in purchasing and owning sparkling ornaments and decorations galore, but it’s how to place and organize them is what’s challenging. Instead of panicking, think about what décor pieces you like the most and decide on pieces that are either sentimental or will look elegant in your home. Once you pull out your favorite décor elements it’s about time you made a commitment to decorate your mobile home and make it shine.

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Display Cabinets 

If you have a display cabinet inside your mobile home with china or collectible items, carefully box them up and put them aside for a few months this season. Instead, utilize the space and use your display cabinets. Instead of your plates or collectible items, place your nativity scene inside of the cabinet or Christmas figurines on top of a snowy landscape that will easily clean up after the holidays. Make use of the space but don’t make it look too cluttered – you want a beautiful winter display that will dazzle both you and your guests.

Stocking Hangers

If you have a mild obsession with wreaths and don’t have enough space to display them, use stocking hangers in your mobile home! Not only are they a great way to display your stockings, but they will also work perfectly for showing off your favorite wreaths. However, don’t place more than one wreath per space – make sure there’s enough separation so that your display will look clean and well organized.

Holiday Card Display

Do you receive a lot of cards from loved ones during the holidays? Or perhaps you receive pictures that you have no idea where to place! Take down one of your favorite picture off the wall and instead implement a loose string on the wall and secure it with two nails or another method that won’t damage your walls. Head to Target and buy clothespins and place them on the string. Every time you receive a holiday card you love pin up the picture and create a beautiful display of cards!
There are several other holiday decoration ideas, but this will give you a start. Remember to utilize your space wisely and don’t over clutter your space. Choose from decorations and pick out your favorites – there will never be enough space to show off everything but you can definitely creatively displace the pieces you love for the holidays!
Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at Ocean Dreams. She loves decorating for the holidays but never knows what to display and what to store!

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