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Decorating Your Manufactured Home with Natural Elements

Nature inspired colors and textures have been popular home decorating trends in the last couple of years. Bringing the outdoors in adds warmth and interest to a space. You just about can’t go wrong decorating your manufactured home by pairing wood with other natural textures like faux fur, stone, and natural fibers. We love the look! Here are some great ideas and examples of decorating your manufactured with natural elements

Natural Wood

Texture is always a great element to add in a home and wood is a perfect way to add texture. Shiplap is one of the most popular home decorating trends we’ve seen in a while. It’s popular because it adds warmth, interest, and a natural element to a space. Some paint the boards, some don’t. You can use shiplap boards with the tongue and groove edges or just plain ole’ plank boards with no edging. For manufactured homes, it’s probably best to use thin boards and always mark your studs before you start. Hunter used shiplap on one wall in her living room and it looks great!

See the rest of Hunter’s double wide manufactured home here.

Hunters DIY Shiplap Builtin TV wall project 2_compressed

We love this cork board look as a ‘headboard’! Wallpaper in wooden patterns, like the one below, is a great way to add an accent to your room.

Top Trends in 2017 For Decorating Your Manufactured Home
Original look for a headboard

See a Beautiful $15,000 Single Wide Manufactured Home here.

Going Green

Blanche Devereaux Liked Green, too!

Remember Blanche’s bedroom in The Golden Girls? She didn’t technically have a headboard, she used a mural or wallpaper with big palm leaves on the wall to mimic one. I always loved that bedroom! Well, the look is back and it is a perfect idea for decorating your manufactured home. Palms and succulents are all over the decor sites and stores.

blanches bedroom from the golden girls - green home decor

Green can compliment just about any room, including the kitchen.

green kitchen in mobile home - decorating your manufactured home
The owners of this single wide knew green was going to be popular, too.

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Get Stoned!

But Not that kind of stoned! Stone is a huge hit for decorating your manufactured home with natural elements. You can put it anywhere and it will instantly add warmth to a room. Backsplashes, showers, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds are great places to add stone to your manufactured home. See for yourself:

Chantal used stone bricks as her backsplash and it is ah-mazing:

decorating your manufactured home - with stone tile

decorating your manufactured home with natural elements - stone backsplash

See the rest of Chantal’s gorgeous double wide manufactured home makeover here.

Paper, Rock, and Scissors?

This next manufactured home owner, Karrel, added stone to the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen in her 1986 Palm Harbor makeover. This looks just like the real stuff but it’s only wallpaper, really cool wallpaper.

decorating your manufactured home with nature - stone wallpaper behind fireplace

Crown Jewels

You probably don’t think of vibrant purples, blues and greens as natural elements but they are from nature. Rich gemstone and mineral colors are a big hit right now.  From the emerald green (as we talked about earlier green is really popular) to the rich colors of jade, topaz, or ruby; the color wheel is yours for the taking.

A popular interior design trick is to use a lighter color for the walls and ceiling and another contrasting color as accents. The large canvas painting paired with a chair in the same color in a room like the photo below makes for great eye-catchers.

Top Trends in 2017 For Decorating Your Manufactured Home
Rich colors can bring a room together

Decorating your Manufactured Home with Black

Even the black night sky is inspiring home decorating! Black is one color you don’t see often in home decor unless it’s furniture or picture frames. Lately, we’ve been seeing it used on trim and doors and I love it! It adds a great contrast to a space.

This single wide mobile home bedroom was given a whole new look with black trim:

mobile home bedroom with black trim - decorating your manufactured home

These top trends for decorating your manufactured home should spark your imagination. In the end, just make your house a home. Add whatever you want wherever you want; the eclectic look has been a favorite decorating trend for decades!

Have a trendy look in your manufactured home? Email us or comment below, we would love to add to the site!

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