Monica’s Double Wide Home Improvements

Monica has a beautiful 1999 Fleetwood Brookfield 44×24 square foot double wide in Montana that just keeps getting better and better! With her do-it-yourself attitude and talents, she has made several double wide home improvements that have increased the value of the home and make it even more beautiful.

Latest Projects

Her latest exterior projects consisted of replacing and extending her deck with redwood and recycling the old deck boards for the homes skirting as well as completely remodeling the master bathroom.

New Look for the Exterior

You can see the home below with the new decking and skirting.  The design of the deck has a partially covered section that is perfect for outdoor parties and lounging. The deck is built around a tree, too, which is a great way to allow shade and add visual appeal.

As you can see the angles and pitches that have been added to the home make this double wide look remarkably like a stick built home. The extended eaves, higher pitch and multiple angles of the roof are all great ideas for any home and lends toward the look of the popular craftsman style.

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double wide home improvements-Double wide decking

Notice the brackets attaching the roof to the posts on the porch? Those are Monica’s own welding talents on display! She not only made the brackets exactly how she wanted them but she saved a lot of money in the process, too.

double wide home improvements-double wide deck

Here’s a better look at the underside of the roof for the deck. You can see the numerous brackets that she made.

double wide home improvements-double wide deck 3

Monica states, “I used rebar for the balusters. It’s great because I can take them right out when I go to treat the deck again. I have lived here for 14 years. I did have it re-shingled and have seamless gutters installed. Just trying to take good care!”

Good care indeed! This home is gorgeous!

Below is a great look at the new skirting from the old deck boards. The warm wood color makes a great base for the home and gives the tan facade a perfect base. Notice the gate matches. The patio of pavers was also a home improvement project.

double wide home improvements-double wide deck 5

Here’s the home before the old decking replaced the white tin skirting she originally had. The wood is very solid because it was treated and there has been no rot at all after being a deck for 12 years. It will last many years more as skirting. She built the stairs this summer and a friend helped her install the pavers last fall.

double wide home improvements-double wide deck before skirting

double wide home improvements-double wide deck 4

double wide home improvements-double wide deck 2

Bathroom Remodel

Monica also completely gutted and remodeled her bathroom. Below are a few shots during the project as well as the finished bathroom. She had all the plumbing replaced in the area as well as having the drain moved away from the center of the tub, which is common with a mobile home. If you are gutting a bathroom you might as well replace everything you can while you can do it easily.

There was a leak in the shutoff valve along the exterior wall that created condensation inside the wall. Luckily no damage! All of the walls were stripped down to bare studs which allowed for the new tub surround to be attached directly to the studs.  Mold resistant sheetrock was installed everywhere else.

double wide home improvements-double wide bathroom 6

double wide home improvements-double wide bathroom 4

double wide home improvements-double wide bathroom 5

double wide home improvements-double wide bathroom 7

The bathroom and closet doors were replaced as well as vinyl flooring laid. The double doors look great!

double wide home improvements-double wide bathroom 3

The complete bathroom remodel included a new vanity, sink, mirror, medicine cabinet, light fixture, and molding. Below are the new tub and glass doors.

double wide home improvements-double wide bathroom 2

The vanity was purchased from a custom cabinet maker. Monica stated that she wasn’t happy with what the big box stores offered for the size she needed so she splurged a bit and got exactly what she wanted. Custom made pieces are usually stronger than anything you can buy in a store. By splurging a bit more upfront, you can almost guarantee the piece will have maximum durability and longevity.  You also get the exact dimensions and style you want.

double wide home improvements-double wide bathroom

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Monica has transformed her double wide into a gorgeous home. The exterior is a remarkable example of what decking can do for a home as well as angles and pitches. If you are planning your own decking or porch installation, consider adding additional lines or using a shape that’s not square. It will add depth and interest both far away and up close. Re-use materials as much as possible for the sake of your wallet and the environment and don’t be scared to splurge on a piece that is a central focus of a room. One custom piece can make the entire room feel custom.

She has a lot more planned for the future and hopefully, she’ll let us share those too. Thank you, Monica, for sharing your beautiful home with us! You’ve done a remarkable job with your double wide home improvements and should be very proud.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Really looks good. Nice & neat. I especially like the skirting idea as it really is a wonderful esthetic upgrade. I certainly can appreciate the amount of work it took you to get your place looking so fab!!!
    Good job!

  2. Love the outdoor space and how she replaced the old skirting with reclaimed decking. It gives it such a rustic look and perfect for the setting her home is in. Very nice bathroom renovation too. Next time I have to do a tub/shower reno, I’m going with a tub and shower surround as opposed to tile. Love how modern and clean it looks. I find tile so hard to maintain especially since we have hard water where we live.

    Hope to see more of Monica’s home.