mobile home bathroom updates

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  1. Crystal, this is perfect timing! I’m getting ready to gut my tiny master bath. My plans are to replace the old plastic tub/shower with a shower, replace the cheap “wood” vanity and plastic sink with an antique dry sink and vessel sink, and new vinyl on the floor. The problem is that I’ve searched high and low for a shower kit like the one in this article but I can’t find anything even remotely similar. I’ve looked at the home improvement stores and also the mobile home parts website.

    Can you please help me find out more about the simple-but-beautiful shower in the “Tub to Shower Conversion” photo, or maybe even the products they used? I’d be so grateful!

    1. Hi Robynne,

      Thank you for the suggestion! We will definitely put that on our to-do list. Knowing what articles to put together makes it a lot easier for us – after 500+ posts we tend to get a bit low on ideas. Thank you!

  2. Looking forward to buying a place ready to update and re-decorate and dreaming of my #1 thing to have : a walk-in tub with whirl-pool , heated seat! etc !
    The photos I have been enjoying this past hour or so, (just discovered your site while browsing pintrest!) cheered me beyond belief…I have vintage and some antique 1920s/ 1930’s style really lovely furniture…..mahogany side tables, brocade tufted back sofa with french legs, the china cabinet in formal dining room…I love English cottage/country house style.own and live in a 1910 California Bungalow getting too hard to manage for the two of I am totally encouraged to go ahead with selling, moving into Mobile home which can be decorated in our Traditional Home style!

    1. So glad you found us L.K.! I bet your home is going to be absolutely breathtaking! Mobile homes are great homes and perfect for many families. Just follow your gut and you’ll know exactly where you belong and what type of home you need.

      Keep in touch, I’d love to see your new mobile home!