Fabulous 5th Wheel Camper Makeover

This camper makeover is one of the most beautiful and inspiring camper makeovers ever!

It’s simple, yet dramatic, and completely changes the interior style of this 33-foot 5th wheel. There’s no doubt about it; the owners, Blaise and Cassandra Ginter,  have great style!

modern RV camper before makeover

Before the Transformation

Above is a photo of the camper, with a slide out, before the makeover. Typical oak cabinetry and patterned wall panels galore! Just about every RV and camper made in the last 15 years or so looks exactly like this one. The RV industry is a lot like the manufactured home industry – they find one style that works and stick with it.

After the Transformation

The Ginter’s have plenty of style, and the transition of this camper is breathtaking! Using white on the cabinetry, ceiling, and trim, and a light shade of gray on the majority of the walls and flooring gives the space an open, contemporary look.

5th wheel camper makeover living room area

Darker gray walls in the office area add dimension and accents the area. Chalkboard paint is always a top choice for accenting a wall, too. In this case, they used it for the front of the refrigerator.

5th wheel camper makeover office area

White curtains replaced the typical camper curtains and allow the light to do its magic.

5th Wheel Camper Makeover

Furniture helps the couple organize each area and save space. Below is the Norden table offered by Ikea. It has 6 drawers for storage and lots of table space for dining.

5th Wheel Camper Makeover Dining area

You can see the space better in this photo, the slide-out holds the sofa and dining table. It slides into the kitchen area during transport and opens easily with a push of a button once the camper gets to its destination.

Modern Camper Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen makeover is dramatic. White cabinetry, gray backsplash, and black appliances make a beautiful and cohesive area fit for any chef.

Modern RV Camper Kitchen Makeover

Modern Camper Makeover Dining Room

Modern Camper Makeover with White Dining Room Decor

Modern Camper Makeover with Grey and White Office

Below is the bedroom before the camper makeover.

Modern RV Camper Makeover Before Photo of Bedroom

Here’s the bedroom after the makeover! White and light gray opens the small space up and lets the royal purple accent color make a bold statement.

Modern Camper Bedroom Makeover

The Ginter’s lived in this camper while they trained and prepared for their mission to Sudan. They’ve since sold it and are now happily doing missionary work in Sudan, just as they had planned and dreamed. Their blog, States to Sudan, details their life. Please check it out!

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  1. I forgot to ask in my last comment, what type of white paint was used on the frame around the refrigerator?

  2. Looks amazing! I on the other hand cannot use the white on cabinets. I am dealing with a man that works on Harley Davidson motorcycles (greasy hands and white cabinets do not do well together). I used gray on the walls and to open up the small area of the 5th wheel white was used on the ceilings and Due to the owners profession as a motorcyle mechanic I found it best to paint the cabinets black gloss. It looks absolutely stunning. This is my first client and Im proud of my work. After many long and hard worked hours of volunteering with friends and refrences by word of mouth Ive earned a great reputation for my excellent organization skills and ability to understand what owners of rv’s are wanting. Thank you for the excellent ideas. Would love to share before and after photos.

  3. Hi Evonne,

    It has been years since this article was published but the carpet looks original. In my experience, most slideouts will are prone to becoming unlevel with improper setup and the owners end up replacing the carpet with vinyl. Sounds like you have the opposite problem though. I don’t think laminated floating floors will work due to their height and the slideout could be so heavy that it separates the boards.

    I’ve never owned a camper with a slide-out so hopefully, someone that knows more can help you. Have you tried a slide-out camper forum? Apologies!

  4. Did they replace the flooring? I think I have the same slideout and it slides on the carpet so I think I.have to put carpet under the slideout. I have everything pulled out and I am taping to paint. I really tried everything to put wood type flooring. I got some rollers and tried adjusting, nothing worked. I would appreciate. Any advice from anyone.
    Thanks so much!

  5. I just came across your website after doing a google search rv makeovers. I have a truck camper that I am redoing slightly.
    Thank you for providing some great ideas.

  6. Just found this trailer remodel and we love it. We have an 2003 28ft Prowler that I was thinking of getting rid of, but now I think I am going to keep it and remodel it similar to this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I am redoing a fifth wheel that looks almost identical to this on the inside… it is manufactured by Jayco.

  8. Hi Jaime!

    For RV and travel trailer walls you should wash them extremely well with a cleaner that has sulfates so it can cut the film. After it dries you’ll prime it and paint it with light coats. With the great paint technology that we have today it’s easy to find a good primer and paint but if it can’t bond to the surface it won’t work so cleaning is the most important step.

    I think most RV’s have similar paneling as a manufactured home (vinyl on gypsum) and this article gives you directions and some recommendations on primer and paint: https://mobilehomeliving.org/how-to-update-vinyl-coated-drywall-in-mobile-homes/

    I believe the owners did remove whatever furniture was originally built into the slide-outs. I’ve seen a lot of people remove the dinette sets from their slide-out and it seems fairly simple. Finding the screws is probably the hardest part of it.

    Good luck and thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

  9. How do you prep the walls for paint? I have the same type travel trailer. Also did they rip out the built in couch? Looks amazing!!

  10. The one thing I’ve learned is that if I’m painting a room in two or more of the “same” color, use the other colors from the SAME paint strip!

    My only idea for your kitchen cupboards, assuming you want to tackle that again, is to get two or three grays you think might work. Get the small sample cans (probably more dealers than BM offer them).

    We use leftover sheetrock to test and then move it around the room to be painted. We don’t even prime.

    As far as having spent money for colors we won’t use, I figure I’ll keep the cans and use them for “projects” — you know, that stuff I keep thinking I’m going to do.

  11. Hi Suzanne! I’ve had the same problem with grey! I wanted to paint my bottom kitchen cabinets but I can’t find the right grey – the color looks different in different light so you have to bring home a sample and test it. I tested 4 different colors and gave up and re-painted them white again.

    I would love to see your home – I bet it is gorgeous!!

  12. @Levi Ellis: Gray is one of the most difficult colors. Years ago, I thought I’d redone my bedroom in gray. When I was finished, it looked like the carpet was blue, the walls were green, and the wallpaper was brown…not exactly, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

    In the next couple years, we’re going to re-side our manufactured home. That’s a lot square feet to screw up.

    As we were driving around, I saw a house painted in a nice warm gray. I stopped by the local Benjamin Moore store and picked up a bunch of gray paint strips.

    Headed back over to the house. No one answered the door so I just pulled out the paint strips and found the closest match.

    To make sure the colors would work, I painted my 11’x13′ office in three of the colors from the paint strip. Much easier to repaint a small room than a house exterior! And I love the colors in my office.

    Benjamin Moore will mix any color for you in a 14.5 ounce can (just under two cups) for six or seven dollars. We didn’t do that for my office but we did it for two other rooms. We’ll continue to do it whenever we need to choose paint colors.

  13. Hi Levi!

    I didn’t see the name of the paint color anywhere but I found a little site called easyrgb.com that takes a rgb or html color code from an image and finds the paint match for you. All you have to do is take the mixing recipes to the store and they can mix it up for you. The brands are limited but they have Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Of course, there will be a little difference between color based on monitor saturation and such but it may get you started on the right path at least.

    Benjamin Moore
    Sample #323136 50.00 49.00 54.00
    Match #1 7.96 #414344 64.72 66.53 68.10 “1603”
    Match #2 8.43 #454448 68.56 67.85 71.77 “1442”
    Match #3 8.61 #434446 67.00 68.03 69.61 “1631”
    Match #4 10.80 #474A4D 70.75 73.73 77.03 “1610”

    Sherwin Williams
    Sample #323136 50.00 49.00 54.00
    Match #1 2.45 #353436 53.48 52.20 54.24 “SW 6990 CAVIAR”
    Match #2 3.06 #363739 53.85 54.57 56.84 “SW 6258”
    Match #3 3.40 #3B383E 58.61 55.61 61.51 “SW 6989 DOMINO”
    Match #4 4.19 #39393B 56.74 57.26 59.08 “SW 6258 TRICORN BLACK”

    Hope that helps a bit! Thanks so much for reading MHL – I appreciate you!

  14. Can you please tell me what color of gray that is? I have tried a few grays and I can’t seem to get one that actually looks gray. Please help

  15. I’ll put it on my list Deb! I wasn’t for sure if the campers and RV’s were welcomed since they aren’t ‘technically’ mobile homes but I figure anything with wheels should be game…lol
    Thanks for letting me know!

  16. More Please!!,
    campers are traditonaly badly decorated. Loved to see more ideas. Especially in Toyhaulers.

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