aged plaster treatment over wood paneling in a mobile home

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  1. I’m wondering how durable this will be if/when having to move a mobile home? What is better to use on the real wood paneling,joint compound or plaster?

    1. Hi Gina,

      Paneling without any plaster or compound will definitely hold up to transport better. However, if done properly there would probably only be minor repairs needed. The transporters can probably brace the walls to keep the cracking at a minimum. Thanks!

  2. Instead of doing the full glazing process, is there a way to just paint over the wood paneling where you don’t see the seams? I just inherited a 1969 doublewide. It’s in good shape but definitely needs some updating (kitchen especially). I would love to lighten up the color by painting the paneling but am afraid it will just look like painted paneling:(

    1. Hi Christine,

      Unless you add some kind of texture to the wall or use a wallpaper (the thick paintabtle kind is awesome) your likely going to see the lines in the faux wood paneling. I have it in my 1978 single wide and we painted it a medium teal and while it does look a lot better it is still obviously painted paneling.

      Research the paintable wallpaper – I think it may be exactly what you need and it’s gonna be a lot easier to deal with over the texturing.

  3. What type of fireplace is that, and does it need to be vented, or is that for decor?

    1. Hi Jane, that is actually a wood burning stove. It has a stove pipe (chimney) that goes through the roof. It is very efficient and heats our whole house during the winter. I have a small heat-driven fan that goes on top, and pushes the warm air down the hall and into the bathroom and bedrooms. Here is a link to my ‘pin’ about the stove which has more information: Thanks for reading MMHL. – Pam

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I’d used this method in my old house when we were getting ready to sell and needed to update the old paneling. When we moved into our Single Wide with the 70’s paneling, the decision to do the same treatment was a no-brainer. Actually, I really enjoy doing this process….it’s kinda fun!