Lost Lakes Cottage - manufactured Home decor inspiration (17)

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  1. I do not have a website. This is my Flicker photos page. If you scroll through you will see improvements?? to the walls of my mosaic projects. We do not have the $$ to do huge remodels. Husband says the glassed walls save on buying paint. I am far from being featured but some day this will be a quirky Manufactured home. It is a 2008 Fleetwood in Midvale, Idaho. It was a bare half acre, with 6 foot tall thistles on it, when we bought the land. I feel we have come a long way.

    1. Hi Chris!

      Your home is awesome! I love it when owners add their own style and that’s the best toilet I have ever seen in my entire life!!!

      Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I’m a little scatter-brained and behind on writing articles but maybe we can have you teach us how to do mosaics someday? I think it would be a great article!

      Thank you!