Manufactured Homes for Sale: The Price Guessing Game

Think you know manufactured home property values?
In the HGTV magazine there is a game where you looked at one photo of the home and a small description, then have to chose the correct selling price out of multiple choices.I had fun doing it and thought it would be fun to play with manufactured homes for sale. One of the greatest things about manufactured homes is the affordability. These homes are easy on the eyes, too! Remember: Location, Location, Location is the mantra of all real estate!All of these homes are currently for sale and have land included in the sale price. They are all fine homes. Here’s 5 prices, 4 of them match one home below. Think you can get them all right?
 $225,000  $84,500  $95,000  $73,000  $29,900       
House #1:
3BR, 2BA, 1200 sq. ft., 1997 model, 0.97 acres near Catawba, NC

What’s your guess:
 $225,000   $84,500   $95,000   $73,000    $29,900
House #2:
3BD, 2BA, 1000-1200 sq. ft., 2001 Model, 10 acres near Casar, NC 
What’s your guess:
 $225,000   $84,500   $95,000   $73,000    $29,900
House #3:
3 BD, 2 BA, 1344 sq. ft., 1984 model, 2.2 acres near Bellingham, WA
What’s your guess:
 $225,000   $84,500   $95,000   $73,000    $29,900
House #4
3 BD, 2 BA, 1410 sq. ft., 2001 model, .15 acres near Emporia, KS
What’s your guess:
 $225,000   $84,500   $95,000   $73,000    $29,900

How do you think you did? I would love to hear how many you got right in the comments.

When I played the game in the magazine I only got 2 right and that was purely accidental. The prices in the magazine were from $121,000 to $2.2 million which is a bit of a margin.

Here’s the answer’s:

…and as always thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!
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  1. CrystalMHL says

    Hi Mandy, I thought those were solar panels too. I think it's the
    location though that makes it so expensive. It's on the coast of
    Washington (I think) so I'm assuming coastal property there is a bit
    pricey! Thanks so much!

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