10 Great Manufactured Home Floor Plans

Floor plans have an astounding affect on people’s lives. How we live and interact with our family is greatly impacted by a home’s layout. We need a home to meet our lifestyle and provide style and convenience.

Floor plans are important if you are buying a new manufactured home or remodeling. In fact, online buyers agree that floor plans are more important than images when searching for a home and are vital to the buyers process.

Those of us planning on a manufactured home remodel have probably created a floor plan or at least drawn out the idea – it helps us visualize the changes.

We’ll take a look at 10 great floor plans for mobile and manufactured homes. From vintage to modern, we’ve found some great floor plans that maximizes space and delivers a great flow for the home.

Vintage Mobile Home Floor Plans

We’ve discussed how the 10 foot wide mobile home completely changed the mobile home industry. When mobile homes were only 8 feet wide, due to highway restrictions, the homes had no hallway. You had to walk through one room to get to the next. Ten foot wide mobile homes allowed true privacy and was an important step for mobile homes to become better suited for full-time living.

This Palace ‘Ranchome’ from 1956/57 shows the concept:

56-57 Palace


There were plenty ingenious designs during the mobile home golden era. This vintage mobile home ad shows the floor plan for a fold out home. Two hinged walls let out to provide additional space.

mobile home with fold out

 Single Wide Manufactured Home Floor Plans

Single wides have a lot of living space in a small package. These 4 designs proves  the industry has perfected small space living.

Sunwood - skyline homes floor plan

single wide floor plan image of interior
single wide floor plan image

The home above is from Skyline Homes and called the Sunwood. It has a kitchen on the end along with a pantry and an entry closet.

The home below was found on floor plan website and also shows an end-kitchen. I’m a sucker for kitchens on the end!

rufruf com - single wide manufactured home floor plan - use of space

This next floor plan from Country Lane Homes is very common in manufactured homes. It maximizes space and allows for separate sleeping quarters – essentially an adult side and a kid side. The living room and kitchen, or main living area, is right in the middle.

single wide floor plan - bedroom on end

Below is a smaller single wide from Jac Homes called The Imperial with a similar design:

single wide floor plan - bedroom on end

Double Wide Manufactured Home Floor Plans

Double wide homes have a lot more space to work with. The sky is the limit when it comes floor plan possibilities.

This 1976 Bendix mobile home has always been a favorite layout of mine.  Circular kitchens are awesome!

1976 bendix mobile home floor plan


The Sierra is a model from Pam Harbor Homes. It’s huge and well designed.

palm harbor home double wide floor pla sierra

The Brookstone from Skyline is another double wide that uses space well. It has a great end design.

Brookstone double wide - skyline homes - floor plans

brookstone manufactured home design

Clayton Homes has a double wide with a smart floor plan. It includes a large living area complete with a snack bar in the center.

Clayton Homes Floor plan for double wide

Manufactured home builders can create any floor plan. If they don’t have the exact design you want you simply select the floor plan closest to your needs and customize till you get it.

There’s so many possibilities you may find yourself sinking in choices – one helpful resource is the book called Right-Sizing Your Home: How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle.

The floor plan of your home is important. You cannot easily change it like you can decor so it’s vital that you chose the design that will suit your lifestyle and offer convenience and style for years.

Thanks so much for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

  1. Fatimah J. Mohammad says

    Hi, I purchased a 1978 Bendix manufactured home. I heard that Honeywell took over Bendix. My quest is to find a floor plan/ setup with side elevation for this double wide. It is a 24×60 (1440 sqft) 2 br/2ba. 1978 Bendix. Any and all help you can give me is greatly appreciate it. If would be great to get a link to this floor plan or an email with those specs. Thank you very much for your assistance. Fatimah

  2. Jessica Parrent says

    Do you have any pictures and information on mobile homes where the hallway has been removed. I would love to redo a home, take out the hall and move rooms around, but am unsure of how it can be done.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Jessica,

      I do not but before mobile homes reached 10′ wide they had no hallways so you may be able to get a ton of information and inspiration by looking at vintage mobile home floor plans. Before 1954, the US highway department didn’t allow anything on the road that was wider than 8′ so the homes didn’t include hallways, you just walked through the rooms to get to the next.

      Other than that, I have’t seen any recent remodels with that idea but it would be interesting to see how it works.

  3. Charles Rogers says

    Hi! I’m trying to find a floor plan to a Skyline Oakmanor 5718. it was built in 1990, and i’m not having much luck coming up with one. It’s 3BR, 2BA, with office/den space. Can you help?

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Charles,

      I’m sorry – I don’t have it. Unless Skyline has it posted on their site (I didn’t see it anywhere) it won’t be easy to locate. Is there a particular reason you need the floor plan?

      Here’s a Skyline Owner’s Manual that may come in handy for you: https://mobilehomeliving.org/wp-content/uploads/Skyline-Corporation-Manufactured-Home-Installation-Manual.pdf


  4. Roxanne says

    I just found your site and love it! I’m planning an addition to our 1994 Cavalier Home. I will make sure I share pictures as we go. Thanks so much for making this website!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Roxanne!

      So glad you found MHL! I would love to get a hold of some photos that show the construction process of an addition. Photos about mobile home remodeling are hard to come by!

      Please let me know how it goes! When you get finished I’d love to feature it! Thank you!

  5. David Rhodes says

    Why are floor vents in manufactured homes in odd places throughout the home? Why can’t they be near windows like regular stick-built homes?

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi David!

      Most all vents are going straight down the middle of a single wide and each side of a double wide. It’s to reduce corners in the venting systems – they are very simple and typically go straight down both ends of the home from the furnace (which is typically in the hallway or utility room). It’s a matter of simplicity mainly.

      In our house they ended up right under the edge of our sofa but at least our sofa stayed warm in the winter…lol

  6. ladonna says

    I am looking for any electrical information for an older mobile home. its a 1970 shar. (whatever that is). wiring diagrams, where do I look
    . where do I start??

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Ladonna,

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your chances of finding any kind of schematics for a mobile home is very slim.

      However, one of the great things about mobile homes is their simplicity. Both plumbing and wiring are installed in a way that makes it very easy to work with. Whatever side that your breaker box is on is usually the side the wires are run on, typically under the home or through the ceiling, and branching out to each room as needed. If you notice that the majority of outlets are one side of the home, that will tell you exactly which side the wires are ran.

      Hope that helps! Best of luck!

  7. Jeannie Dussault says

    I love this site. We are remodeling a 1983 Palace mobile home ourselves. Your site has been a great help.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Jeannie! Thanks so much for letting me know – it means a lot to me! I’d love to see your home when you get it finished!

  8. HCK says

    The 2010 Clayton Blueridge singlewide has a unique (and wonderful) layout, particularly for the kitchen. It’s perfect for a single person.

  9. Rich Quick says

    The early floor plans of single wides are very influential in new craze of “tiny house living”.

  10. Jen says

    Thank you for creating MHL and inviting me I love the site (Very Inspirational!)

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Thank you Jen! I’m so glad you like it!

  11. Kelly says

    My favorite plans are from Clayton Homes, 6716dta and Eo913. I’m trying not to talk my husband in buying a brand new MH but they are so nice looking.

    Thanks for this site, it’s so inspiring!

  12. Esther Sunday says

    Love looking at floor plans, especially my beloved single wide. I too like the kitchen in the front that is open to the living area. Sweet!

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