While scrolling through Facebook recently, we came across a post from Lauren in Mississippi that caught our eye. After recently purchasing a 2019 Buccaneer Lulabelle, she decided to own her own personal flair to what is already a great manufactured home design. And the finished look has us looking for a paintbrush!

Back in 2019, we shared the Lulamae from Buccaneer, and according to the Buccaneer website: “Homebuyers LOVED the Lulamae, but many of them wanted a 4-bedroom option. So, in Mid-April 2018, Buccaneer delivered once again. A 4-bedroom version of the Lulamae, called the Lulabelle.” While the home still has the basic style of the original Lulamae, it offers more flexibility for growing families, while still showcasing a beautiful Farmhouse vibe.

Western Farmhouse Theme

Lauren, who has her own small Western decor business on Facebook named Simply Lauren, tells us that although she lives the farm life, her farmhouse is a little different than what people see as “farmhouse”. She calls it a Western farmhouse look and we are in love!

Buccaneer lulabelle fireplace
Lauren does a great job of making the fireplace the center of the room.
This old buffet makes the perfect vanity.

Lulabelle Kitchen With a Touch of Turquoise

The Lulabelle kitchen layout was already full of great touches that included a trey ceiling, lots of cabinets, and a huge island. However, Lauren had something different in mind:

My kitchen was the beginning I had this wild picture in mind of turquoise cabinets. I started early one morning and finished in a day with no regrets it turned out everything I pictured and more!!! I used brand paints from Nabors. The turquoise is “jadestone” the brown distress is “dusty canyon”. It was all done with a 3” brush and two rags!!! That’s it! The total cost was under $150!!

Look at the size of that kitchen island!
A family can never have too much storage.

If you are thinking about distressing some of your own furniture and decor, Lauren offers up this trick, “Use a wet rag to do the distress if it doesn’t look completely the way you want. It’s easier to wipe off real quick and try again!! Besides, it’s just paint, if you mess up you can paint again!”

The right pieces of decor can make all the difference.
Lauren gave this antique china cabinet new life with her own personal touch.

Buccaneer Lulabelle’s Stylish Master Bath

The Buccaneer Lulabelle and its smaller version the Lulamae both feature a huge master bath. And like the Lulamae, the soaking tub is awkwardly placed in front of a set of huge windows, but it is the only drawback to an otherwise gorgeous space. The distressed turquoise paint along with the farmhouse decor pull the entire room together.

Who would have ever thought cows would be the next big thing.
buccaneer lulabelle bathtub
Still not sure about the placement of that tub.
What a shower.
Recessed lighting is a nice feature.

Lauren offers some final advice that all mobile home owners should take to heart, “Don’t let what other people’s ideas of a perfect home hold you back from what you want your home to look like!! I’ve heard so many times I wish I was that brave to do something outside the box like that!!! And my answer is it’s YOUR home nobody else’s make it yours and what you enjoy!!!” And we couldn’t agree more, that’s what makes mobile home owners so special, they can see the unlimited potential in their homes and aren’t afraid to make them their own.

As always we thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.