This Irish Caravan is Cute!

There are quite a few Irish caravan owners on our Facebook Group, Mobile Home Living: Remodels and Repairs. Caravans are a bit different from the American manufactured home but they’re still on a chassis and can be as gorgeous as any other home. This featured home proves it.

Irish Caravan has Unlimited Potential

Many families in Ireland have holiday homes, or caravans, where they relax on the weekends and during the summer. Our featured home owned by Kieran Ó Cinnsealaigh. It’s an Atlas Florida with 2 bedrooms. Kieran and his wife bought the unit last year and have been busy renovating so they can spend summers with the kids in it.

The renovation is finished and the results are stunning!

Kieran’s caravan was in really good condition when he purchased it. Although a little dated, the caravan had nice flooring and a spacious interior with plenty of natural light.

Ireland Sitting Area Before Remodel
This caravan was already in good condition when purchased.
renovated caravan Kitchen Before New Update
Plenty of cabinets for such a small space.

Irish caravans aren’t as large as their American counterparts but they are very well designed. Lots of windows and an open floor plan for the kitchen and living room are common in caravans.

Caravans also tend to have a ‘feature’ wall with a mirror and propane heater or fireplace under it. The mirror helps bounce light around and make the space feel larger.

Ireland Fireplace Before
A propane heater is all that’s needed to heat the small caravan.

Both bedrooms were functional but boring. Like travel trailers here in the U.S. they had overhead cabinets and included windows.

Ireland small Bedroom Bunk Beds Before
Pretty basic sleeping quarters.

Many countries in Europe place just as many rules and regulations on caravans as America does on manufactured homes. In France, for example, you can only use a caravan (or holiday home) as a vacation home and can only live in it for a few months each year. Other countries only allow them in parks.

The master bedroom has a lot of storage but the vinyl panel walls need painting. Learn how to paint vinyl wallboards in mobile homes and caravans here.

Ireland Master Bedroom Before Update
Plain but functional.

The Stunning Results

The couple did a fantastic job on this caravan. New upholstery for the sitting area and fresh paint throughout did wonders for the interior.

renovated caravan Reupholstered Sitting Area
I love the new color scheme!
Caravan Windows
Plenty of windows to let the light in.

The kitchen got new paint and a new backsplash. See 33 great backsplash ideas for mobile homes here.

Ireland Kitchen With Backsplash
The paint lightened up the cabinets and brightened the space.

The kitchen flooring is one of my all-time favorites! Warm woods paired with white and a few bright accents is my all-time favorite combination so this Irish caravan is right up my alley.

Ireland Fireplace After Remodel
Love the dressed up mirror over the heater.

Changing just one feature in a home, preferably a larger piece, can give a room a new look. A new mirror above the faux fireplace gave the whole caravan a fresh new look.

Caravan Bedroom Bunk Beds After
What a difference in these bunk beds.

Both bedrooms have been totally transformed with new paint and window treatments. Using a white base makes it easy to change up the decor in the caravan. They’ve kept things simple which is one of the reasons it’s such a gorgeous home.

Leonardo DaVinci is credited with saying that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and it fits this situation well – by keeping the home minimal the family gets to focus on making memories.

Ireland Completed master Bedroom
Nice and cozy.

I think this Irish caravan update is beautiful and I appreciate Kieran sharing it with us and allowing me to share it with you. Do you have a cool caravan or holiday house? I’d love to share it.

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  1. I really like the large windows and the built-in seating in the living room. Do you know the dimensions of the living room and kitchen areas?