Evolution, The Poem About Trailers

The Poem About a Trailer

This is a poem by Edith C. Gregware that I thought you would enjoy. It was published in the 1937 Trailer Caravan magazine. Back then, everyone called the pull campers trailers. The industry wasn’t trying to reinvent itself and lose it’s poor reputation behind the implementation of a federal law. I digress though. The mobile and manufactured home industry as a whole has had quite an interesting history. In the beginning, they were considered the height of luxury but somewhere around the late 1050’s to late 60’s the homes became the epitome of the lower class and the down trodden. I believe the industry did it to themselves with predatory lending and poor construction, but that’s just my opinion.

This is a beautiful poem nonetheless, and it speaks so much of the time. Never before had people been able to just pack up and go and still have all the comforts of a home.


…And then he found the gypsy,
  Asleep through all the years,
       Awakened in his own staid self,
The nomad call he hears.
 The trailer is the answer,
  A home behind his car,
   In every man the longing,
To travel fast and far.
 No longer pride of empire,
   No wish for house and land.
There’s every living comfort,
   When he joins the trailer band.
 He comes and go at pleasure,
   Without roots to hold him fast.
 After twenty restless centuries,
   Man’s freedom comes at last.
National trailer coach

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