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Manufactured Home Decorating Ideas – Modern Cottage Style

Ready for some more beautiful manufactured home decorating ideas? Great, cause you’re gonna love this home!

This double wide manufactured home was found on HGTV’s Rate my Space, one of the few online resources for manufactured home decorating ideas, and it’s another fine example of the unlimited potential that a manufactured home has.


Stacy, the owner, has decorated this Las Vegas manufactured home with a cozy modern cottage style and it works wonderfully in the space. The muted cream base with bright white accents is a perfect combination of the popular style.

The cottage style typically consists of a light color palette accented with a touch of dark, natural textures, and accent colors. This interior design style works especially well in a smaller manufactured home because the light wall color allows natural light to bounce and reflect freely – making the space seem larger.

There are several great manufactured home decorating ideas in the kitchen as well. Tile is a great countertop material that is long-lasting and affordable. Mixing old world country charm with new world modern style is another great idea for manufactured home kitchen decor. The white cabinetry and tiled counters are indicative of the old world style and the stainless steel is entirely modern, but together it works wonderfully to create a beautiful cottage decor style.

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Family Room

The family room shows us more great manufactured home decorating ideas. A natural goldenrod color is a perfect choice for the family room walls because it allows the white furniture and decor to take center stage. The cottage decor style is most known for using white decor and furniture pieces in the spaces. The light paint color creates a soothing background and a few pops of blues and browns work great as accent colors. Everything goes together beautifully!

Living Room

The white furniture is perfectly paired with the right amount of natural wood tones in the living room. The texture on the window blinds brings it all together to form a beautiful home interior.

Master Bedroom

Last, but certainly not least, is the master bedroom. The room is a white wonderland of cool and crisp – a perfect space for those hot Las Vegas temperatures. This room is also full of great manufactured home decorating ideas. Such as using white throughout the entire space to instantly freshen it up. Paint will always be the most effective, and affordable, home decorating tool available.

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10 thoughts on “Manufactured Home Decorating Ideas – Modern Cottage Style”

  1. Thank you so much for posting these awesome makeovers. I totally enjoy looking at them. We used to live in a mobile home and I swore we’d never do it again. Clearly I missed the boat on the possibilities! We had the same kitchen as this home and I sure wish I had the imagination to do something like this. We would sure have saved a lot of money! Thanks again for all the wonderful info and pictures!

  2. I absolutely love so many of these makeovers and they look better than the new ones on the market today. I have a 1994 double wide. Several years ago, my husband and I painted walls and laid beautiful 5″ wide hickory laminate flooring which totally changed the look of the entire house. Now I am ready to repaint all the walls and cabinets different shades of white again and go for the rustic look. This time I want to completely renovate my kitchen and open the wall between the kitchen and living room. This will be a major undertaking because refrigerator and it’s water lines as well as fireplace are on this wall but I know it will look wonderful when finished. I already gets lots of natural light with lots of windows on the east and west sides of home. I will send you pics as the project progresses.

    1. Hi Donna!

      I bet your home is gorgeous already and this new project is going to make even more so! Please takes lots of pictures – I’d love to see how it all turns out!

      Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  3. This is a great remodel! I’ve been thinking a lot about tiling my kitchen counter tops, and the way they did it in this home is really beautiful!
    I love your website. I just love seeing what people have done with their mobile/manufactured homes.. Thank you for putting so much time into it.. It is appreciated :o)

  4. I love my mobile home. We had it made to our specifications, it is now 26 years old and we have remodeled it all along.

    1. Hi Toni!

      It’s great to hear you, especially with such a positive message! These days everybody wants new, bigger and better and it’s refreshing when someone can be content and happy with their older home.

      I’m always looking for homes to feature here on MHL. Room makeovers, DIY projects, or complete home remodels are always welcome. Hope you’ll consider it! Thanks so much for reading MHL and for commenting! Hope to hear more positive comments from you!!

      1. Rosealyce Carpenter

        Loved your ideas of decorations in these rooms. We just moved into a single wide, 14 foot, mobilehome, that we are renting. This home is very nice, everyone loves our kitchen, it is very modern. We are going to be buying a living room furniture we have a dark brown recliner, so the living room w/ the light furniture in your pictures is appealing to us.

      2. So glad you like it!

        I bet your new home is going to be gorgeous! It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it! We rented homes for almost 20 years and I loved decorating each and every one of them and these days with repostionable wallpapers you can create all kinds of beautiful decor without damaging the home.

        Thanks so much for reading MHL and commenting! I’d love to see your home when you get it all finished!

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