Marisa Murrow: A Mobile Home Artist

A few years ago we discovered this amazing mobile home artist, Marisa Murrow, online and shared some of her amazing work with you. If you missed the original article, you can find it here: Mobile Home Art by Marisa Murrow. Today we wanted to learn a little more about Marisa and share some of her latest work with you and let you know how you can get some of her fabulous paintings for your own mobile home walls!

Her Roots

Marisa graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design back in 2000. Before settling down in her present studio in Westwood Village, California, she traveled the world. She states that her first memory of seeking out mobile home parks occurred while she was hiking through crowded hillside villages in the Himalayas. She was fascinated by the geometry and the way the light shifted across the raw sheet metal surfaces. When she returned home, she sought out to define her own meaning of home. Thus, a mobile home artist was born!

mobile home artist-group of homes
A view of beachfront living.

Marisa takes her love for mobile homes and mobile home parks and combines it with the cozy beach and swaying palm trees of California. The combination makes for some beautiful works of art!

mobile home artist-park
We could see ourselves walking those streets.
mobile home artist- homes
She does such beautiful work.

The Creative Process

Marisa was kind enough to give us a little insight into her creative process that brings to life such amazing mobile home art. She says that she paints daily either at her studio or the coast. By working on site, it inspires a sense of adventure and a connection to the neighborhood and its residents that shines through in her work.

mobile home artist-single home
What a great use of color.

Not surprisingly, Marisa is also a professional floral designer. Her own sense of color and awareness of the natural world help to bring a brighter picture to the pieces she creates.

mobile home artist-rooftops
A view of the rooftops of a park.

Her Accomplishments

Marisa has gained quite a following from celebrities, curators, and collectors over the years. Her work has been shown at the California Heritage Museum, The McLean Gallery, and The LA Design Center, just to name a few. She also has a really cool website and blog! You can find both at Marisa Murrow Art + Design. While there you can also purchase pieces from her directly!

Be sure to comment below and let us know how you like Marisa’s work. Also, check out her page for her latest work.

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