Mobile Home Decor – Smart Shelving Space

When you have a small space, every square inch counts and using that space efficiently gives you more options for utilizing it. There are many ways that you can do this in every area of your mobile home decor and give each room more use than you ever thought possible.

Shelves are Not Just for Books

Shelving units come in many shapes and sizes. They’re good for things other than books and figurines. You can use these tools for storing clothing, shoes, kitchen items, and everything else that you can think of. Get creative with the shelving units that you choose!

  • Use shelves in your bedroom for shoes and bags instead of letting them pile up in corners or taking up room in your closet. You can install them underneath windows, on closet doors, and underneath the bed if there is enough space between it and the floor.

  • Get creative with the shelving units in your living area. Install them underneath tables or couches, given that there is enough room between them and the floor. Use these handy shelves to store home office supplies and computer equipment.

  • Shelves in the kitchen can utilize space even more than cabinets and they also allow you to display decorative kitchen items proudly. You can also install shelves under the kitchen window or near the sink for easy access to spices and cleaning supplies for the dishes.


Hidden Spaces in Mobile Home Decor

Drawers and cabinets can be strategically hidden so that your manufactured mobile home decor is not interrupted and your space seems bigger than it is. With less cabinet and drawer handles and doors showing, the illusion of a bigger space is achieved.

  • Use drawers in the kitchen underneath island counters or dining tables for utensils and other useful tools. Not only does this help storage, but it will also keep these tools handy right where you need them to be.

  • If you can’t fit shelving units underneath your bed or living area couch, drawers are an excellent alternative. They can be easily hidden and hold many items that need organizational help.

  • Drawers don’t have to slide out. They can slide horizontally as well. A bookshelf can turn into a number of drawers when slid into a wall and hidden. You’ll be utilizing space as well as improving your décor.

Kitchen Cabinets - mobile home decor

Mobile Home Decor for Outdoor Storage 

Your manufactured mobile home decor extends to the outdoors as well. You can add shelving units and drawers to the decor outside your home and create extra storage that is also well hidden. This is an excellent place to store gardening equipment and fold away patio furniture for safety as well as aesthetics.

Get Some Help

All of these creative options can work for your space but creative can also mean expensive and dangerous projects. Before you undergo any kind of renovation, consult a professional and do some research. You won’t be able to enjoy your space if you sustain injury from trying to create it. Enjoy creating your space as much as you love spending time in it. Don’t be afraid to get help if it seems that you need it. Be safe with your projects.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!