The leaves are turning all sorts of pretty colors, football is in full swing and you don’t want to think about winter and snow. But you have to because now is the time to winterize your mobile home. There are certain things that must be done by every homeowner before old man winter gets too close.

Get Your Mobile Home Ready for Winter

Taking just a couple hours in a weekend by doing quick and easy projects can make living in a mobile home a little bit easier on the pocket during the hard months of winter. Here is the top 4 must-dos for all mobile homes:

Loosen the Tie-Downs

  • If you live in an area where the ground freezes solid, it’s suggested to slightly loosen your home’s tie-downs. Frozen ground can shift as much as three inches during the winter and tie-downs leave no place for the manufactured home to move, often causing serious structural damage. When winter is over, remember to tighten tie-downs again in the spring. Learn more about tie-downs here.

Check the Skirting

  • Check the skirting on your mobile home. It should be secure but not too tight that it completely stops ventilation. You must have a little bit of ventilation in your skirting even during the cold winter months (you’ll be closing the vents).
  • Carefully examine your exterior siding and replace any missing or damaged fasteners or screws. Once winter arrives, make sure to shovel snow and ice away from skirting so it doesn’t get dented, which will cut off the air supply required by the furnace.

Check the Vents

  • Another important thing to do to get your mobile home ready for winter is closing your skirting vents. They should be closed for the upcoming winter months and open in the summer.
  • It’s easy to lose track of all winter preparations, but with automatic foundation vents, you don’t have to worry about remembering to open or close your vents. See how one couple used foam board to seal under their mobile home flooring here.

 Inspect Your Furnace

  • Take a closer look at your furnace, inspecting the blower motor and vacuuming any accumulated dirt. Check the exhaust vent from of the furnace and clear any debris from the vent pipe and be sure to keep the roof exhaust vent clear of excess snow build-up.
  • Most manufactured home furnaces draw combustion air from beneath the home, so it’s suggested to keep four to six vents in the skirting to allow free air passage. Experts recommend one square foot of vent for every 150 square foot of floor surface. You’ll also want to ensure your furnace has the right amount of intake for the blower – you need at least 2 square inches of return air area for every 1000 Btuh of furnace capacity.

You can find more great mobile home maintenance tips here.

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Mobile Home Ready for Winter”

  1. Hi Tena!

    It's smart to be a! You just saved a lot of money! I've seen a couple of HUD things about mobile homes, they are very informative. I'll have to look into the one about retro-fitting the homes. Thanks for sharing your tip!


  2. HUD put out a tremendous document for retrofitting older mobile homes for safety and energy savings. It's fabulous!
    Personally, for instance, I put up a plantation wood blind over the window on the sunny side of the home and it made an 11-degree temperature difference inside! Yeah, I am a nerd. I track things like that.
    The best window covering would have been those fabric blinds that have a geometric configuration so there is a layer of air between. (can't think of the name of them but you can see them in the blinds area in any of the big box home stores.) They are pricier than I wanted to spend and preferred the look of the wood.

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