How to Solve Your Mobile Home Title Issues

Mobile and manufactured homes are still titled like a vehicle in 42 states. And, of course, each state has different processes and protocols when titling a mobile home. TH

In this article, you’ll learn how our state mobile homes are titled in your state, how to correct errors for mobile home titles, and even learn the terminology used in the process.

The biggest problem with mobile home titles is that each state handles mobile home titles a bit differently . In addition, there are many different buying and selling scenarios for mobile homes so things can get real messy real fast.

There are different titling procedures for each scenario and every state handles them their own way. 

  • Did you inherit a mobile home in a park?
  • Are you buying a mobile home but the seller doesn’t have a title?
  • Do you want to sell your mobile home but can’t find the title?

We’ll cover all these situations and more. 

Mobile and Manufactured Home Defined

Mobile and Manufactured homes are built on a steel chassis in a factory and delivered to the home site.

What is a Mobile Home?

A mobile home is a factory-built home constructed before July 1976 when the HUD code took effect. A manufactured home is a factory-built house built after the HUD code and meets national minimum regulations.

What’s the difference between mobile and manufactured homes?

The most popular mobile homes are single wides and double wides but triple wides are gaining interest. The age and size of a mobile home will determine how many states classify and title your home.

Mobile homes can be set up on a lot, with wheels still attached, but you can also install the home permanently on your owned land. There are benefits to permanently installing a mobile home such as tax and appreciation. We’ll cover that below. 

What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home is a factory-built home that was built after June 1976. This date is significant because that’s when the HUD code was officially enacted. However, some homes built a year or so before this date may meet the code because builders had a couple of years to prepare for the regulations. The HUD code made the homes safer, stronger, and more energy efficient and created national regulations that all builders had to meet.

(For simplicity’s sake, going forward we’ll use the term mobile home.)

Understanding Mobile Home Titles, Deeds, Certificate of Origin, Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin

Cars, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles all have titles or certificates proving ownership to the item. Even though a mobile home is a HOUSE they have a title, or sometimes titles, as well. However, a few have a deed. Confusing, huh?


Manufactured homes that are permanently installed to the land and classified as real property will have a deed. Surrendering the title is actually a big part of having a mobile or manufactured home reclassified as real property.

Title, Certificate of Origin, Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin

A mobile home title is also called a certificate of origin or a manufacturer’s statement of origin. Since the early days before mobile homes, titles were used as an instrument to prove both ownership and that all taxes and fees were paid.

A title shows a ton of information: the serial number, the builder and the factory where it was built, and who inspected it.

Since titles act as a certificate of ownership in most states they must be submitted or registered whenever the home has been bought or sold. Every new owner submits the signed title and pays the fees so it can be updated in the state’s database.

Titles also act as proof that a fee has been paid to the state so that the home can be transported via public highways. One certificate is required for each separate unit of the home. Therefore, a double wide will have 2 titles, a triple wide 3.

State Agency Responsible for Mobile Home Titling

In the majority of states, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be the agency you need to deal with regarding mobile home titles.

Oregon is a state that doesn’t use titles through the DMV for mobile homes. They’ve released a very informative booklet called Manufactured Home Ownership Document Transaction Guide.

A simple Google search with you state and the words ‘mobile home title’ will help you locate the agency that handles mobile home titles.

Personal Property or Real Property?

In most cases, a new manufactured home always starts as personal property or chattel. Chattel simply means any privately-owned property that isn’t real estate. Boats, cars, campers are all considered to be chattel.

75% of all mobile and manufactured homes in the US are classified as personal property even if the homeowner owns the land.

Chattel Classifications

A manufactured home is not is almost always titled as personal property when it is purchased new.

If you own the land that a mobile home is on but it isn’t permanently installed it will remain classified as chattel. The advantage of a personal property classification is usually lower taxes.

Mobile homes classified as a personal property has many disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that chattel lending has higher interest rates and shorter loan terms. The second disadvantage, and most problematic, is lackluster appreciation rates. Manufactured homes not attached to property rarely gain value well.

application for retirement of mobile home certificate of title in FLorida
FL application for retirement of a mobile home title so it can be classified as real property.

Real Property Classification

A mobile or manufactured home can be reclassified as real estate or real property. To do this, the home must be permanently installed on privately owned land. A very few states will allow mobile homes to be classified as real property if they are permanently installed on land with long-term leases.

When the home is permanently attached the owner will file for a Certificate of Retirement (or equivalent) and a real estate deed is then issued for the whole property.

The Uniform Mobile Housing Act (UMHA) outlines a nationwide system that could help homeowners convert their homes into real property. This system could help brand new manufactured homes get classified as real property as soon as it’s permanently installed on the homeowner’s land – skipping the personal property classification completely. Anything that will help increase the real property classification is worth attention.

A few notes:

  • Only 25% of manufactured homes are classified as real property in the US.
  • 75% of all manufactured homes are on land owned by the homeowner.
  • Land owned by manufactured homeowners is (on average) twice the size of a site-built homeowner.

To have your chattel home reclassified as real property you will need to follow your state’s process, usually, that starts with a ‘Certificate of Location’ with the county and pay the associated fees.

Retiring a Mobile Home Title to Become Real Property

To get a mobile home classified as real property many states require the owner to retire the title. For example, Florida has one of the more complex mobile home title retirement systems. Once the title is retired and the warranty deed issued, future transfers will occur with deeds instead of the old title applications (source).

Mobile Home Titles shares the rules and process:

  • the mobile home and land are properly titled into the same names
  • the home is permanently affixed to the land
  • the home is legally declared real property with valid RP stickers issued
  • The Manufacturers Statement of Origin can no longer be retired but must be titled first
  • the mobile home and land must be in the same names and home permanently affixed to the land before the mobile home title can be retired
  • all mobile homes must have valid RP stickers before they can be retired.
  • Most counties in FL need to see that the mobile home is included in the legal description on a deed where the land and home have been sold together as a package.

It’s even more complicated to severe a manufactured home from a real property deed. The state of VA published a full list of the steps required.

mobile home seriel number on beam
Mobile home serial number stamped on chassis.

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number

Each manufactured home has a Vehicle Identification Number, just like your cars and trucks. For a double or triple wide, the VIN will be the same number with an A, B, or C added to the end to represent each section.

If you have an older mobile home, the VIN will likely be on a decal or sticker, or stamped, under the front steel cross-member of the chassis or tongue.

In newer homes, it will be the easiest way to find your VIN is on a white sheet of paper with a map of the US. These papers are glued to the walls of a master closet, the back of a kitchen cabinet door, or in the laundry room.

Manufactured Home HUD Tag - DATA PLATE EXAMPLE
A manufactured home data plate is just a sheet of paper.

Updating a Title is Important

Many legal and tax issues have occurred because a buyer failed to register the title into their name through the state agency (usually the Department of Motor Vehicles).

A may buyer think just having the title on hand, without registering it into the state’s database, means they completely own the home. This is not true in many states. Until the title has been issued into the new owner’s name, the home is ‘technically’ still the sellers.

Ordering a Duplicate Title

If you buy an older mobile home and the current owner doesn’t have the title, you will need to have the seller order a duplicate title.

In some states, it’s very easy to file for a duplicate title on a mobile home. In others, it’s a multi-step process that could cost a couple of hundred dollars.

As an example, applying for a new certificate of ownership in West Virginia requires the following information:

  • Ownership documents such as loan contract, insurance policy, and personal property tax receipts for the last five years
  • A VIN Verification (DMV-1-B) completed and signed by a law enforcement officer
  • A completed Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle
  • A completed Owner and Purchasing Affidavit
  • $15.00 title fee

Common and Not-so-Common Titling Issues for Mobile Homes

You can hire mobile home title service companies that can help clear up any legal issues. They’ve seen every possible scenario. One company shares some of the most memorable mobile home title issues:

  • the mobile home title may have never been transferred and could still be in the name of the third owner back
  • the home could still be in the deceased mother’s name
  • the title could still be in the name of the bank that foreclosed on it six years ago
  • or in the ex-husband’s name who has been in jail for 9 years
  • property issues, sales tax, or back mobile home taxes due
  • the seller may be an investor or a bank that owns multiple mobile home properties has the  wrong title

Do Not Buy a Mobile Home Without a Title

If you are buying a mobile home with no title, stop. Do not continue with the process until a legal title or certificate of ownership is visible and valid.

You need a valid title for two reasons: to make sure the seller is listed as the owner of the home and to make extra sure there are no liens or holds attached to the title/mobile home.

Do not close on the transaction until you have the correct title in hand.

WV’s web page has the following in bold lettering:

No person may transfer, purchase, or sell a mobile home, house trailer, or manufactured home without a certificate of title.

That shows just how important a title is when buying a mobile home.

The owner of record must be available to transfer ownership, so you, your realtor, or the closing attorney have to track them down so they can sign the title over to you.

The owner or seller will contact the DMV or state agency in charge of mobile home titles and file for a lost or duplicate title request. In order to get a replacement title, the owner will need to prove ownership and that all taxes are paid. This can be a tricky endeavor and all kinds of issues can arise.

mobile home title in New York
New York State mobile home title

How to Change the Name on a Title

For a simple name change on a valid title you just need to give the state agency the information they need and pay a fee. Some states will require a ton of paperwork.

Wrong Name on the Title

If you want to buy a mobile home but the name is wrong on the title there is a two-part process to get it corrected. Basically, there are two title transactions that need to happen in this scenario but you’re only involved in one.

First, you have to find the true owner listed on the title and have them sign the title over to the person selling the home to you. In some states, they will hand that over to the state, pay the necessary fees, and have a new title printed. The seller will sign the new title over to you. You’ll then repeat the process with the DMV or titling agent in your state to have a new title printed with your name as the owner.

Fortunately, many states allow all three parties to sign the same certificate of title and some have started electronic lien and title services.

There are times when a home has been sold but the paperwork was not “official”; in those cases, a paper Bill of Sale is NOT sufficient to prove ownership; the original owner must be a party to the transaction.

If a seller doesn’t have the legal title to the mobile home you must insist they get one. A bill of sale will not suffice as proof of ownership in most states. Yes, it may work in many situations but it will not work for most state titling.

Did You Inherit a Mobile Home?

If you inherited a mobile home that has been paid off you need to get the title put in your name as soon as possible. The estate executor can sign the title over to you. You can also file for Power of Attorney and handle the legalities from that angle.

If the home is still being paid on, you will need to pay the home off and have the title put in your name or contact that lender. Hiring an attorney will be your best move in most inheritance situations.

Make Sure it’s the Right Title

Make sure there is a valid title. If there isn’t a valid title you must insist the seller goes to the DMV or state agency to get one. Do not buy a home without a valid title.

Do not buy a home without a valid title.

You must ensure it’s the right title. Check for the data plate mentioned above in a closet or cabinet and see that the numbers on the home match the numbers on the title.

Make Sure there are No Liens

If the title is valid and the numbers on the home match the title, go to your state agency and use the numbers on it to make sure there are no back taxes, liens, or holds attached to the home. In most states, you will need to do this in person.

Some states, like Utah, have an online search system to check for liens. Your state may as well. Do a quick Google search using terms like ‘lien search in your state’ or ‘mobile home lien search.’

Is it an Unidentifiable Mobile Home?

If you can’t find the data plate or serial number you may still have a remedy but it will cost money.

Some states, like Florida, have support agencies that will inspect the home to look for identifying information and establish documentation to help back a title application. Private title companies may be able to help as well.

Each state varies, so you will need to contact the state agency that handles titles (see below) to see what the protocol is for unidentifiable mobile homes.

What to do if there are Liens on a Mobile Home Title

The is only one good thing about dealing with liens and titles on a mobile home. The paperwork is easy to find because liens are usually recorded diligently.

The bad news is that there is money owed on the home. Therefore, the title can’t be transferred to you until those liens are settled.

If the seller is using the proceeds from the sale to pay off that lien it’s a pretty standard transaction. You can get a clear title once the debt is paid (the closing attorney pays that directly to the lender on your behalf). Just make sure you use a middle man or escrow.

The seller must pay all liens off before you can get the title.

 mobile home titles are confusing
Dealing with mobile home titling can be difficult.

Rent-to-Own, Title Searches, and Liens

Be very careful with all rent-to-own situations.

One of our readers told a heartbreaking story about their rent-to-own experience. They had purchased a small property in NC with a permanently installed single wide on a rent to own contract. The property was valued at $58,000 and they paid 10% down. They had an accountant friend look over the paperwork and the title was present and valid. A quick title search was done at the county courthouse.

The home buyer thought she had done everything right. But two years later she received a letter from a bank in Georgia demanding they vacate the property. They lost the property because the seller had used the property as collateral to buy another property in SC. When they failed to make the payments the property in NC was forfeited.

These situations happen far more than most realize and it’s especially easy with mobile homes.

If you are thinking of buying a mobile home through a private sale you need to hire an attorney or agent that is well-versed in the process. There are so many things that can go wrong. It really is worth the added expense.

State Guides to Buying and Titling Mobile Homes

We’ve published several articles that detail all the most important information you need to buy a mobile home in that state. Click here to see our state guides to buying a mobile home.

Mobile Home Titling Could Use Some Changes

Mobile home titles, property classifications, and VINs are frustrating obstacles faced by buyers and sellers. It’s as frustrating as painting vinyl walls!

Watch Out for Parks

I’ve heard a few stories over the years that absolutely make my blood boil and they all involve parks and titles. Some parks require titles to the home and then refuse to give them back when you try to sell the home. A park in MI is being sued by several people claiming the park used some very shady tactics to essentially steal the home.

Plaintiff purchased a 1970 mobile home with money he inherited from the death of his father.  When he decided to relocate, he found a buyer for his mobile home but the mobile home park refused to approve the purchase.  In fact, the mobile home park repeatedly proposed that he simply sign over the title to the mobile home in lieu of unpaid lot rent.  Plaintiff refused because the value of the mobile home was much greater than the rent he owed and he informed the park that he would pay the rent from the sale proceeds.  He continued with his efforts to sell his home when he heard from an interested purchaser that someone was living in his home. Plaintiff then discovered that he had been formally evicted from the park without having been given notice and that three weeks later, the mobile home park had claimed they “purchased” his mobile home, obtained a title and sold it to someone else.  

Parks wouldn’t be able to do this if the titles were handled differently. Mobile home owners should have their own titles or registration systems that is separate from the automobile.

Titles are complicated because we’re using a system made for automobiles. In the beginning, when mobile homes and trailers were towed by personal automobiles, it made sense to use a titling system but it doesn’t make sense anymore. Our homes are not cars. 

If you have any tips or advice titling a mobile home in your state please let us know in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living! 

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  1. Hi Crystal,

    I’ve been looking for a site with useful mobile home info, as it is usually it’s own area of law. Yours is solid. Thanks for all the information! If you ever need a Real Estate Lawyer please reach out! Have a great day!

  2. Hi, I am a real estate agent trying to help a client. Does anyone know where to find information on retired title in PA, I have tried the dmv, title and tag, recorder of deeds, and county clerk. no one seems to have any idea what I am talking about. PLEASE any information would be much appreciated.

  3. I am about ready to close escrow on my Mom’s mobile home. My lawyer informed me that the mobile was in her trust due to her pour-over will she has. I asked if there was anything I needed to do with the title. I was told to speak with the realtor about that.

    My lawyers legal secretary had conference call with escrow and told them it is in the trust due to the pour-over will and I was told by the secretary to make sure I signed forms appropriately with trustee behind my name. I am 1of2 beneficiaries, and I’m also named as trustee and Executor.

    Yesterday, escrow informed me that the mobile is not in the trust because my mom did not transfer the title. I knew nothing about this and we are closing escrow. I don’t know what to do. I didn’t have to probate because everything was in the trust per my lawyer. That was the reason why I got a lawyer. No one ever told me until closure of escrow that the title was still in my Mom’s name. Please if you can help with this issue and give me some idea of how screwed I am or what I can do.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Kim,

      I’ll be honest, this is over my head. I’ve never dealt with trustee issues on a mobile home though I have had titling issues when my father passed and I was given his truck. It wasn’t paid off so I was told to just keep it in his name till I could pay it off and get the title.

      I got the title about 6 months later and it was in dad’s name in WV (I’m living in SC now). My step mother was the executor so she had to sign it but she did it incorrectly. It’s been well over a year and I’m still trying to straighten it all out. I can definitely understand the frustration. I can’t even get tags for the truck (I’ve been pulled over because I put tags from an old truck I have that needs a tranny but I’ve paid all the taxes and keep insurance on dad’s truck but the tags don’t match the truck. Thankfully, once I told the cop the situation and showed him the papers he understood but I really need to stop speeding though!)

      Here’s what I do know as far as WV goes with estates: there is a special office at our county courthouse just for executor and will issues. They deal with all kinds of issues like yours and I wish I would have known to call them months ago because they knew exactly what I needed to do and pointed me in the right direction. Maybe your county has the same department?

      I’d def check on the part about her signing it because no one should sign a title until an actual transfer is taking place – it doesn’t make sense to me that she would need to “pre-sign’ the title for an inheritance situation. An executor (you) should be able to sign the title to get it out of her name and into the estate’s name (I’m not certain – just going by what happened with my dad). Once it’s in the estates name it can then be transferred to you (trustee). Please don’t take me on this and definitely try to get advice from a knowledgeable source. – It’s honestly over my head but please keep me updated. Best of luck.

  4. If the mobile home is not too old to be moved and a title is present, what is stopping a buyer from moving a mobile home to their own property? I see a lot of listings of mobile homes for sale and the listing says that it cannot be moved.

    After reading your informative article, I assume that it is because either the buyer does not have the title in their name or that they refuse to file for a lost title.

    If a buyer manages to get a mobile home title signed over to them and it is in a mobile home lot or somebody else’s land, what is stopping the buyer from legally moving their property? If a car breaks down on somebody else’s property and it is in reasonable distance to a public road, I am not aware of any laws that prohibit that person from recovering their vehicle and mobile homes use the same titling system.

  5. My mother passed and we cannot find the registration or certificate for the mobile home. It is a 1964 Pacemaker. any suggestions ? thank kyou

    • You might try the county clerk or the DMV for your area. There should have been personal taxes being paid on it yearly. They may have a copy of the title or be able to produce something for you.

  6. My son but a down payment on a Modular that they say has no title because it was built in 1994. He is trying to get a loan but nobody will give him one as there is no title. Now what should he do?

  7. I own my land and then I bought an old mobile home and placed it on my land using it as a storage I do not have a title how can I get a title or what should I do

    • I bought a mobile home with a cashier’s check for 51.000 thousand dollars that day I gave the money the owner said he would get me the Title it has been a yr still no title I have asked several times he kept giving me excuses so what can I do I don’t think he ever had the tile I only got a bill of sale do I need to get a lawyer to get my money back

  8. I bought a mobile home about two weeks ago and the seller then handed me the so called “open title”. He is unavailable now and I don’t want to go into the legal battle. But, now, I can’t get the title in my name because the mobile home title has never been transferred and it is still in the name of the third owner back. What should I do?

  9. What if a mobile home park has evicted a tenant that owns his own mobile home and abandons he’s home when he is legally evicted….how does the property owner obtain a title after assuming ownership. This would be in the state of West Virginia

  10. I bought my home in 2001 in Michigan as (REAL PROPERTY) on a Deed. Now I want to sell and the Bank tells me I have NO Affidavit of Affixture, Never had one and cant get one due to I have NO TITLE! Secretary of State wont help either due to I have no Information about the Mobile Home that has been totally redone and Looks like a Ranch house. The Law change in 2003 and no Grandfather clause for those of us who bought Mobile Homes as (REAL PROPERTY) on Deeds! Without titles……….

  11. I bought a new mobile home from a dealer in in Paris Tennessee. I had the home moved to to Kentucky area just across the state line. The home is a is a 2017 model.. I want to sell it.. I cannot find a find a title.. I paid cash for the mobile home.. I have called The county clerk where the mobile home is set up and the county clerk and Tennessee in Tennessee I give them my Name and and the Vin number . There is no information about about the title of this mobile home a mobile home at any county clerk’s office.. I called I called the dealer I bought it from they have all the information where I purchased itHow do I go about getting a title for my home.

  12. We bought a manufactured home in 1996, it was paid off in 2011,I sent for a duplicate title and receive it with lein stillon it, also the loan company is out of business. So what do I do?

    • If it isn’t considered real estate I would take it to the DMV and see if they can help you do a trace to get the lien removed. If you have a copy from the lender of the payoff that would be a big help.

  13. In selling a mobile home, seller is taking half down with a balloon payment in November for the balance. Is the title changed to Buyers name with a lien by seller, or is title kept in Seller’s name, giving title to buyer’s when it’s paid in full?

  14. My son bought land with a single wide mobile home on it but did not get the title. Turns out the title is in the name of the seller to the previous owner. It is possible this title owner will not transfer it to my son even though it is not in good condition. The title is in the husband’s name and he is currently mentally incompetent. Is there another way to get the title to this mobile home?

  15. We bought a mobile home from our neighbor who did not have a title, well he did but I will get to that in a bit, but he signed a bill of sale and we had a witness. We have lived here and paid taxes for over 12 yrs. We do not own the land, just the mobile home. We are very good friends with the land owner. Our neighbor, the seller, we found out is very shady and before we paid our down payment and moved in, he got a down payment of 1500 from someone else and gave them the title, but continued to sign the bill of sale when we paid it off and accept our payments. Both he and the person who has the title are impossible to work with, plus we dont even know if the title is even in his name. My husband is sick and I am afraid if he passes I will be harrassed. How do I resolve this?

  16. Hi my name is Donna and we own a brick home that was once a mobile home. It was built on and bricked. We are working on a home equity loan using the home for collateral. Every thing was great, closing date in 2 weeks.. but now they want us to find the serial number/stamp on the mobile home or the loan is off. We can’t find it. It could be at the end of the trailer and both ends are bricked. We live in North Carolina . Do you have any suggestions?

  17. Ok so the part where you said “Do Not Buy a Mobile Home Without a Title” well I didn’t read this post until after I did precisely that. Preston County, just east of Morgantown. Having said that, I really was interested in the 1 acre cleared improved parcel where most of the purchase cost went, and I definitely own that I have the deed, etc. So, the property was a foreclosure that initially was on NCWV MLS but then went to Auction. Settled a month ago, land deed is in my name, Tax records include, and tax, the doublewide (as well as detached garage and barn). Preston County assessor says they always tax as real estate if mobile is on the same land as owner, no affidavit of affixture required, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily converted to real property, so vehicular title could still exist. No dataplate in the house but I got the HUD tag, paid ITSB the money and got the VIN(s). Now trying to get the title info from WV DMV, was planning to fill out form 100-TR but if requested by an individual they redact the owner information, so that defeats the point. I have to get my closing attorney to request it ($$$). JP Morgan Chase Mortgage acquisition foreclosed on the property and maybe the double-wide, but that’s a huge company and I just know they won’t be very helpful. Normally I wouldn’t even care since I bought it cash and plan to occupy not flip, but I want to mortgage the property inclusive of the doublewide and can’t do so without the title. I checked with a local auto-title company they couldn’t find the VIN in their system. Quite a pickle, no? Well, any advice you have now that I’m already in it would be appreciated. Being in WV too maybe you know how to navigate the WV DMV or County Assessors’ here.

    • You can check with your county clerk office or the DMV depending on whether your mobile home is classified as real estate or personal property.

  18. Hi, Question
    We live in Nevada and we are purchasing a 1974 Mobile home in Mint condition 🙂 it has been converted to real property. Is there a way to re-label the title where it doesn’t say mobile home?

  19. my friend bought a 1976 mobile home back in 1996. He was told that he didn’t have to take the title to dmv if he wasn’t going to sell it. the land its on he owns it!! The information he got was that true? Plus now he can’t find the title, but it was all done legally by a lawyer his name is on the title. what and if he finds the title what will happen if he takes it to dmv??

  20. Hi my mom passed away in 2008 and my dad and I have been living in the mobile home and paying the mortgage we just found out that we paid it off. How do I change the name on the title to my name?

  21. My mother passed away in November and we cannot locate her California title which we need in order to sale the mobile home. I am the executor can you tell me how to get a title

  22. Hi I am a Montana resident and my Father helped me purchase a Mobile home. Both our names are on the Title and my Dad wants me to get it in my name only. Can you tell me the steps I need to do to get this accomplished?

  23. Thank you for A very informative article. Here’s my question. My husband and I are both on the title of our manufactured home in Florida. He passed away and I would like to add my daughter to the title, we would be co owners. The DMV says she needs to present power of attorney papers. Do you have any idea why.

    • I’m not sure why they would be requesting those since your husband has passed. I would contact a lawyer to see if they can help!

  24. Hi, your article was very informative, but I do have a question.
    My grandpa bought a manufactured home, and I believe it was manufactured back in 1996. He let my dad move into the trailer which he has payed off, and he also continues to pay taxes for the land it is placed on. My dad used to give payments for the manufactured home to my grandpa, and he would mail them off to the bank. We now wish to sell the trailer. Problem is my grandpa doesn’t have the title. My dad tried reaching out to the DMV along with the VIN number, but the title was never registered! According to them, the title is still with Associates Housing Finance….. which is now closed/inactive
    It’s from my understanding we cannot sell without the title. Please advise who should we reach out to for the title? We are based in Florida. Also, the VIN number begins with FL FL T, I’m guessing the T stands for Tampa.

    I appreciate your feedback!

    • Hi Brionna,

      I can’t help much because I’m not familiar with FL laws but I do know that many states have ways to fix more complex titling conundrums like yours. It usually includes a lot of paperwork, some investigation skills, and the ability to deal with a lot of red tape but it eventually gets worked out. Just start calling and ask as many people as you can how to fix it – whatever answer you get the most is probably the right one.

      Quick thought: Have you tried a title search in the home State that Associates Housing Finance was registered?

  25. I was recently approved through a local bank to refinance my mobile home, the problem is, they need a copy of the tile with VIN# and title number to complete the paperwork, but the company Select Portfolio Serving whom I have my loan through will not give me a copy the title . What can I do?

    • Hi Katie,

      I’m not very knowledgeable about financing, to be honest. I’ve just learned a lot by researching and asking experts. They probably won’t give you the title directly but they may release a copy to the new bank that is refinancing it. You may have to have the new bank submit the request. I understand why they wouldn’t release the real title but I see no reason why they wouldn’t release a copy to another financing company.

      I would love to ask you a few questions about how you were able to get refinanced. From what I understand, it’s dang near impossible to get a mobile or manufactured home refinanced (especially if it’s through a private financing company that is owned by a builder like 21st or Vanderbilt). If you wouldn’t mind could you please email me at crystaladkins @ (remove the spaces and use the symbol – I do that to hide the email from spammers). I’d appreciate it so very much. I’m actually working on an article about refinancing but I haven’t found a single thing from someone that actually got refinanced.

      Thank you! Best od luck!

      • I refinance twice and had no problem now I want to refinance again for third time and I’m having a problem I live in Washington and that’s where the manufactured home is it was built in Oregon but I never saw title when I bought it I bought it off a lot from a dealer for cash and he towed it to my land and i gave him the rest of the money,no records can be found in Oregon or Washington, stumped on orcas island

    • I bought a new mobile home from a dealer in in Paris Tennessee. I had the home moved to to Kentucky area just across the state line. The home is a is a 2017 model.. I want to sell it.. I cannot find a find a title.. I paid cash for the mobile home.. I have called The county clerk where the mobile home is set up and the county clerk and Tennessee in Tennessee I give them my Name and and the Vin number . There is no information about about the title of this mobile home a mobile home at any county clerk’s office.. I called I called the dealer I bought it from they have all the information where I purchased itHow do I go about getting a title for my home.

  26. Hello!
    Could you tell me where the red metal labels are located on a mobile home? I have a double wide, so I believe there are two. The home was vinyl sided years ago so I was hoping to find where the labels might be situated so that I remove only the siding necessary.
    Thank you!

    • Hi David!

      Look at the tail end of the home (where the license plates would go if it was being moved – the other end from the tongues). The labels should be about one foot above the bottom of the home and about 1-2 feet from each side. I’ve never seen one more than 3′ from the bottom so it should be a fairly easy job for you since you won’t have to remove too much siding to find it (hopefully).

      Best of luck!

  27. I live in a trailer park in Indiana, my mom bought our trailer from someone and never transferred the title into her name and has since passed away. I went to try and get a new title and that’s when I found out it was not in her name it is still in the original sellers name. Now I want to move out and I cannot sell the trailer without the title, so I was wondering if I can just move out when my lease is up without any repercussions? If anyone has any information or advice that would be great since my lease is up in January thank you

    • Hi Sean,

      You could probably abandon it and the park will just do the paperwork to get the title and start renting it out but you could do the same thing too. First, try to find the original owners. If you have the serial numbers you should be able to apply for a lost title. Then have them sign it over to you. It’s usually just a single signature. However, you’ll also need a bill of sale in most states. I’d have it typed out and ready to go for them to sign too (you can find examples online). You’ll submit the signed title and pay the fee and the taxes to transfer it into your name.

      There are usually ways to transfer a title into your name if you can prove ownership. It will probably start by applying for a lost title as well. Each state is different for that so you’ll have to ask your local DMV and/or tax assessor’s office.

      Keep in mind that someone is responsible for taxes owned for that home for all the years your mom had it and you had it.

      If you really don’t want it and it’s moveable you could always sell it. Best of luck!

  28. Hi! My mom has a mobile home on our property but now she is going to live with a sibling. She wants to do a family transfer of the title and she has been the only owner of this home. Her home is now paid off. She is transferring the home/ title to me so what are the next steps? She will be paying the personal taxes in December.
    Thank you for the input

  29. We recently paid off our mobile home. The mortgage company refuses to change the address on the title. The address is off by one number and non existent. We live on a country road and no other houses near by. Is this a big problem or can we just leave it as is? We might be selling it in a few years so I don’t want any problems for a little typo. Thank you

    • This shouldn’t be a big problem for you but I don’t really trust any loan company (especially after the recession in 2008 and learning how dirty they were) so I’d make sure every thing is correct.

      If the mobile home is titled as personal property it’s the VIN and serial numbers that matter, not the address so that’s not really a big deal. Once you get the title just go to the DMV to update the address (should cost $10 or so).

      Best of luck!

  30. I live in Michigan. I lived in a mobile home park and was late on my lot rent. I owned my own trailer. The trailer park had the deed to my trailer in the office. The showed up one day to inspect the trailer and told me the own it since I owed back rent. Instead of going to court to get evicted we moved out of state. The new owner of the trailer park just got a hold of me saying that I need to sign the deed since I didn’t sign it. How could the trailer park rent it out or sell it when it is in my name?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Ugh. Parks can be some of the most crooked businesses in America for a variety of reasons – one being your situation. To be honest, this is completely over my head and you really need to contact a lawyer. With that said, I’m going to assume that before they would allow you to move into the park they required the title or to be added to the title if you still owed on it? I also assume that it’s stated in their contract that they will become owners of the home if lot rent or other fees are unpaid…if neither of these are true and they just had a copy of the title then you may still be the legal owner unless your state has some kind of property abandonment laws. Either way, I wouldn’t sign a thing until I spoke to an attorney. Best of luck!


    • Hi Luz,

      Call your local assessors office and/or your state’s DMV and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Since it’s homemade you should be able to apply for a title (though they may want to title it as a camper or RV). Best of luck!

  32. I live in Florida. I was in the process of renewing my vehicle title and one of the verification questions asked about the title to a mobile home I own. Only problem, is that I dont own a mobile home nor have a title to one. So how do I go about finding out if I’m a victim of identity theft or if I inherited a mobile home and just don’t know it

    • Hi Ashlie,

      I’m not sure which department in Florida handles mobile home issues and titles but in most states, it’s the DMV so I would contact them and see if they can pull up every title in your name. Also, you may want to check your tax assessor’s office to see if they have you listed as owing taxes because if a mobile home title is in your name chances are they’ve been taxed every year.

      Best of luck!

  33. My parents sold a mobile home in Texas around the year of 2002. It still had a lien on it so the new owner just made the monthly payments until the note was satisfied. In 2009 the home was paid off and the title was signed by my parents and given to new owner. He never transferred the title into his name and has since sold the home to another individual who never transferred into her name either. Now my parents are being sued for taxes that have not been paid since 2009. Unfortunately, they are also selling their current home and property and these back taxes will be garnished upon closing. The new owner says she cannot transfer the title in her name until the back taxes are paid off. That doesn’t make sense to me. please advise.

    • Hi Heather,

      I hate to hear this. It’s stories like this that keep a lot of property owners from considering rent to own contracts. If it wasn’t for a rent to own contract we would have never been able to buy our home or the property it sat on.

      I’m not that knowledgeable about titling and tax issues (an accountant would probably be better to ask) but from what I understand taxes are owed by the person on the title. On our rent to own contract, the seller divided the annual taxes (an estimate) by 12 and added that amount to our monthly payments. I just made sure the taxes were paid via the tax assessor’s website each year. Maybe your parents can go ahead and pay the taxes due and then go through a small claims court to recoup the amount from the old buyers? However, if taxes weren’t discussed during the contract negotiations or isn’t stated on the contract I’m not sure a judge would rule in their favor.
      Best of luck!

  34. Shortly after purchasing a manufactured home in North Carolina in 1998, my mother had the hitch and wheels removed, and the home permanently installed on land she had purchased. She then canceled the title with the DMV, and ever since then the yearly tax bill shows the “real value”. It lists how much acreage there is. I know this tax assessment includes the house and land because of the amount of the assessment. My mother has since passed away, and I have the deed to the land which is in both our names. Obviously I have her death certificate as well. I want to sell the house and property. Is the land deed all I need? I’m worried about how to explain the absence of a house title to potential buyers.

    • Hi Cricket,

      Condolences. As far as I know, once the home has been permanently installed the property is now considered real property just like a site-built home so whatever rules apply to a site-built house should apply to your mother’s. At least that’s the case in W and I’m pretty sure NC is like that as well.

  35. I am doing a vehicle record search to get a bonded title for a mobile home on our property that the tenant was evicted from and refuses to give us the title to. I have done this many times and can usually locate a VIN which is needed on the application for the vehicle record search. All I can find for this mobile home is a title number. Can I use that on the application in place of the VIN?

  36. Hi. I purchased a mobile double wide trailer from owner of park. I was going to move it and found out its not mobile. There’s only wheels on one side and no hitch. My husband said its partial stick. There was a skirt around bottom and never occurred to me that it wasn’t mobile. Every other trailer is movable. Please help, I don’t know what to do. Owner of park is very difficult to deal with.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      It sounds like the wheels and hitch were removed which is often done. You should be able to have it moved by renting new axles and welding a hitch onto the frame. Just call your local moving company and they should be able to help. Please get estimates and check references on at least 3 companies before you choose one. Best of luck!

  37. Hi, i have two issues. One my husband died and both of our names are on the deed. How do i have his removed and just mine on there?
    Two: We bought our manufactured home in 1997 and it was built in 1988. It was originally built on a 18″ cement foundation and it is still on it. It was not identified as a permenant home on the deed.. How do I get the deed to say permenant home?

  38. We purchased a manufactured home in an upscale 55+ community, put a thousand dollars in escrow and before the closing date wired the full amount of the purchase price to the title company. We now find there is no title to the home. The title was done away with and a deed of trust affixed to the property but the home is on leased land. Not one is claiming responsibility and after three months still no title.

  39. I live in Alabama. I have a mobile home that I let a friend live in. When she moved out, she wrote a bill of sale out to someone and let them move in without my knowledge. She also says I wrote her a bill of sale to her when she moved in, but i didn’t. I let her stay in it for free. Now she has made 1700.00 off of the person she let move in. I just wondering if she is in the wrong. Thank you

    • Hi April,

      I would think that whoever has the title is the owner and since you didn’t sell it to her she doesn’t have a title. You should be able to take her to a small claims court. Go through your state agency and get the title to show the judge and you should be OK.

      Best of luck!

  40. We are trying to sell 3 mobile homes that don’t have titles (pre 1995). They are located inside a trailer park. We have been renting them out for 8 years. We only have Bills of sale and no vin numbers or model numbers. What can we do?

    • Hi Steve,

      It would depend on your state but usually, you will need to get a title before you can sell a mobile home. Most states have a method to obtain a title on older campers/cars/mobile homes. Best of luck!

  41. I have a older mobile home i dont title or vin number. Mobile home was completely rebuilt from the frame up.. So without a vin number im unable to insure Texas and dont know what i can do???

    • HI Debra,

      I’m not familiar with TX but most states have a way to get a new title issued on mobile homes. Some require help from IBTS (at a cost of $50-150) to help get new vin numbers. Then they will issue a new title. You’ll need to call your local state agency to find out what their process is. best of luck!

  42. How can I get my Grand daughters name off my mobile home? She refuses to sign off. I just put her name on in April 2019. We will never speak again. She signed a paper saying she would not interfere with anything I wanted to do with it. It is all mine and she has nothing in it, then she signed it. I am 76 almost 77 years old and I want to sell it and move, I will not give her a dime. Please help me. Thank You

    • Hi Patricia,

      It sounds like you just need to have the title reissued without her name on it. Most states make that process fairly easy. Just contact your local state agency that handles mobile home titles and have them reissue the title without your granddaughter’s name. Best of luck!

  43. If title was signed over to me. But i never legally transferred title. Can i legally sign title over to my brother. Oklahoma state

    • I don’t know personally but you can call your local DMV or title agency and find out. Best of luck! (In West Virginia as long you have the title and it was signed over to you there’s no problem so it may work for Oklahoma too). Best of luck!

  44. My mother is trying to sell her mobile home. It has been paid off for roughly 13 years. The loan provider never sent the loan satisfaction to the dmv (Virginia). Come to find out it was via Greenpoint loans, which subsequently went under and was bought around the time of payoff. I have seen where it was possible purchased by capital one or ocwen. Need a point of contact or some guidance on how to chase this down. Thanks.

    • Hi Emily,
      To be honest, this may require a lawyer to maneuver through all the red tape and hassle. You’ll first need to find out exactly who has the title and what kind of lien is on it. Once you have that information (sounds like you already do) then start calling. I found the same thing you did about Capital One buying Greenpointe and then shutting it down. That has to mean they still have the loans though.

      I Googled and found this: “North Fork Bancorp acquired GreenPoint Financial in October 2004 for $6.3 billion in stock. In December 2006, Capital One purchased North Fork. Capital One shut down GreenPoint by the third quarter of 2007 at an after-tax loss of $1 billion.” So you’re on the right track.

      Here’s the number to Capital One: 1-888-479-6278. I would just call and ask to speak to someone in the mortgage dept. and tell them about your situation. You may want to ask your DMV what is required to prove the lien has been paid off. You may be able to prove it with an old statement.

      Best of luck!

  45. My late husband and I purchased a mobile home and received Bill of sale but never titled the home in our names. I have lost the bill of sale. Can I still have the home titled in my name. I wish to sell it.

    • Hi Mary,

      You’ll need to go to your state’s titling agency (usually the DMV) and see what they will require or accept as proof of ownership. Please do whatever it takes to get the title in your name – it can cause a ton of issues in the future for you and your children.

      Best of luck!

  46. Crystal,
    I purchased a mobile home a year ago in the State of Mississippi. I took the owner/seller with me to the Mississippi State Tax Commission office as you suggested in item no. 12 of the table of contents to make sure there were no liens or back taxes owed on the mobile home. They checked and no liens or back taxes showed up on the title so I then had the owner to sign the title over to me and I then handed the title back to the clerk who was waiting on us and she then immediately handed me back a title in my name to the mobile home. After the purchase, I had the mobile home moved from the County it was purchased in, to the County I live in and then registered the mobile home at the County Court House. Everything was ok until last week my wife went to the Court House to purchase a tag for a vehicle and the County that I purchased the mobile home in had a lien against the mobile home for back taxes the owner/seller had not paid. Please advise me as to what you think I need to do about this situation.


    • Hi Luther,

      I’m terribly sorry it has happened. Unfortunately, this is over my head. Depending on the amount of the back taxes, I would say pay them and write them off on your taxes as an expense if possible. Otherwise, I would contact a lawyer and see if opening a small claim case against the seller would be a good move.

      Sorry, this one is a new one on me but please keep me informed so I can learn how to help the next person with a similar situation. Best of luck!

  47. I bought a Double wide in 2003 and never got it titled at the DMV. I received the MCO from the Dealer but it was never Notarized. I recently tried to get it titled but I am having no success. The Dealer is no longer in business and they wanted me to fill out a MVR-2. I just had the Double wide register as real property on the deed, but I am trying to sell the property. When they did a title search it listed the title as pending. I been calling the DMV to get this resolve but feels like I am getting the run around. I paid for it in cash so no mortgage payment, and no lien on property. They told me I needed to get a court order, but court will not do anything since I have no proof of who sign the MCO and it was not notarized. Court system says they normally deal with situations where mortgage was involved. What do I need to do to get the title so I cancel it.

    • Hi Phillip,

      I’m sorry this is happening. I’m gonna be honest, this is over my head. It’s a common enough issue in WV that the state has a fairly simple process to remedy messy issues like yours. Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with NC regulations but I would suspect that the state agency or the NC manufactured homeowners association may be able to help. This article has information for those agencies in it.

      Best of luck. Please let me know how it goes.

    • Hi Debra,

      I have no idea. I know in WV that if you have more than one person on a title you have to be very careful to use the words and/or correctly. If you use ‘and’ you have to have both signatures to sell or transfer the title. You should be able to call your local DMV or title agency to find out. It will vary by state.

      Will you let me know what you find out? I’m interested to learn the answer. Thanks!

  48. Hi good afternoon! I’m in the process of possibly buying a mobile home in payments. The new owner bought the mobile home 1 year ago and has not changed the title under her name—name is still under previous owner. New owner states she has the proof of signatures and paperwork that proofs her ownership. Does she need to change title under her name first before selling it? Or can she still process paperwork to sell? Thanks for the Information.

    • Hi Lina,

      Yes. She should have the title with her name (current owner) before she sells the home. With mobile homes, the title is king and will be required for any kind of financing. Please make her file the tile in her name and then when she received it she can sign it over to you and you can register it in to your name.

  49. We are trying to refinance our double wide…when we first bought it we didn’t put land up with it, but now that we are trying to refinance we are wanting to put land with it. However the bank is saying that we just have a title for our double wide and yet to refinance we need it to be real property. How do we go about getting that changed/fixed?

    • Hi Courtney,

      In most states, in order to have your property (home/land) listed as real property it must be permanently installed and the title surrendered to the state. They will then issue you a deed and you will start paying regular ole property taxes based on the perceived value of the assessor. Permanently installed means that the foundation and the tie-downs meet the state’s code for permanent installation (usually a poured pad or footers, properly installed tie-downs, and whatever kind of skirting they require). This can cost thousands of dollars but sometimes it will just take an inspection if you hade the home installed well.

      Unfortunately, it is very difficult to refinance any kind of mobile or manufactured home. I’ve read that less than 1% of refinancing attempts are approved. It’s often much easier to just get a personal loan.

      PS: A permanently installed mobile home can have vinyl skirting in many states. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners think that a permanently installed mobile home means the home has brick or cinderblock foundation/skirting but that isn’t the case in most states.

      Hope that helps. Best of luck.

  50. Hi Crystal,
    I purchased a manufactured home and land in 11/18. We are trying to refinance and the title company found an issue. They found that the neighbors next to us had titles issued to them and retired with our VIN numbers! The home next door has changed hands many times. We had a compliance examiner from the DMV come out and gave us two affidavits stating that our HUD labels matched the VIN numbers(verified by looking underneath our home). What can we do at this point? Someone told me legal action is our only option but others tell me the DMV should just issue us new VIN numbers.

  51. Hi Melissa,

    This happens a lot. I’d try applying for a lost title with your local title agency (DMV) and see what they say. Some states have title companies you can hire to track down issues (Florida has them so TX may). In WV, a bill of sale and the fact that you live in the home is sufficient enough evidence that you own it but I know some states are more complicated (especially southern states – everything seems to be overly beaurocratic and expensive for some reason). Best of luck!

  52. Hello there,
    My parents purchased a double wide manufactured home in 1985. Shortly after their purchase the company they bought from went bankrupt and out of business. Their home was delivered about 8 months after purchase. My father passed away a few years ago and my Mom is looking to sell. We have been unable to find the title for the home. We went to the DOL in Washington state where the home resides and they have no record of the home. We also went to the Auditor’s office and they too have no record of the mobile home. My thought is that the title was never transferred when sold and now I don’t know how to locate it. Please help!

  53. Hi .. I have a question.. I bought a mobile home many years ago .. never received the title I want to move .. I found a lien from a previous owner who is now deceased.. what do I do?

    • Hi Kimberly,

      This is going to depend on your state. I would start by calling your state’s DMV and seeing if they handle mobile home titles. From there you’ll need to find out how to handle the issue. If there are unpaid leins there may also be unpaid taxes so this could be a complex issue. Fortunately, most states have seen these issues many times and have developed a system to clear them up quickly and easily. Best of luck!

  54. Hi
    My parents bought a mobile home in 1984 – Brand new .
    They need there title or Bill of sale to prove ownership to have work done on the mobile home . The agency that wants to do the work cannot do anything without it
    We have called the bank where the mobile home loan was thru ( bank – Greentree has since been bought out by Something like D’ietrick
    We have
    Given them account number
    My father’s SS#, Name
    Address and they cannot locate anything !
    There HAS to be a Copy of this mobile home title or Bill of sale archived somewhere

    • Hi Laurie,

      The title is usually held within a state agency like the DMV and not with the bank/finance company. It’s just like a car title. Just follow the article to find your state’s agency that handles mobile home titles and file for a lost title.

      Best of luck!

  55. I am looking at a property listing that show 40+ pictures of a double wide mobile home and the property it sits on. The realtor keeps saying that only the property is for sale but at the same time talks about the double wide(DW). When asked if the double wide will be removed if I buy the property he says ” neither I nor the Seller will be removing it”. (A bank is the Seller since the listing is a foreclosure ). When asked directly about the DW , the realtor responds mechanically that only the property is for sale. Why is he so mysterious about the DW ? He says that it is the buyers responsibility to determine if the double wide title has been retired. It appears by pictures that the double wide is on blocks ( because there is skirting present) but an 1 room addition on a foundation is attached to it. I don’t want the property if the double wide is not included.
    Doing some research I have learned that for a title to be retired the DW has to be declared Real Property which means it has to be permanently installed on a property and then a Deed will be issued for the DW and the property. So this means it has not been retired.
    What is going on here and why does the listing have pics of the DW ( inside and out ) if its a ‘land only’ sale.
    Confused in PA

    • I’m just as confused as you, Jeff, but I have an idea as to why they may be doing this. Perhaps it may be easier to get financed to make the home appear as an “as is” structure on the land (using the bank’s own loopholes). It’s difficult to get anyone to finance an older manufactured home even if it’s on land. By listing and selling the property as land with a building instead of a home on land, it may be easier to finance a buyer.

      If it’s not that it may just be the Realtor’s ignorance of manufactured homes. In my experience, most Realtors and agents won’t accept manufactured home listings and know very little about them. It’s common for licensed agents to give potential buyers the wrong information about manufactured homes.

      Best of luck!

  56. Hi Crystal, I own a mobile home in Florida that I paid cash for and have a clear title. I got married a year ago and want to add my husbands name to the title. I am 75 and my husband will be 80 in December and we are both in good health. I want to insure that if I pass first that he can remain in the house which we have lived in for 5 years. I think that the only way to do that is to put his name on the title. How do I do that in Florida? Any information you can give me will be appreciate.
    Thank you,
    Susan Stevens

  57. I’m in Louisiana and trying to buy a mobile home from a private owner and they don’t even know if they ever had a title. The company they bought it from is out of business and the manufacturer is also out of business.What do they need to do to get a title?

    • Hi Crystal,

      Mississippi has some odd rules that we haven’t really encountered in any other state. Their website states that a manufactured home older than a 2000 model may not have been titled at all (from the way I understood it). Titles were only required after 2000 and if the home was bought from a dealer before 2000. However, I think most all manufactured homes are originally purchased from a dealer since builders aren’t allowed to sell directly to a consumer so the language is misleading or at the least very easy to misunderstand. I would call your local Dept of Revenue or a private titling company. I can’t think of any good reason why a manufactured home wouldn’t require titling.
      Best of luck!

  58. Hi Crystal,
    I am from NY. In 2008 my father put a manufactured home on our land. We still own the land. He bought the home for cash there was and is no lien. Dad is now in poor health and we are thinking it would be a good idea to put the home in our name. Going through his papers we found the Certificate of Origin and paperwork for him to file with the DMV. It appears he never did that. Now what??
    Thank you,

    • Hi Denise,

      You should still be able to get it registered. Many states are pretty lenient about these sorts of issues (I know WV is, I guess they know many people simply don’t know to register their titles). You may have to pay back taxes and penalties on it though. Call your DMV (or agency that handles mobile home titles in your state) and they should be able to help.

      I hope your father sees better health soon. My own father is battling black lung/lung cancer and it’s absolutely heartbreaking watching a parent suffer. Best of luck.

  59. Hi, I live in Arkansas and before my mom got remarried in 2001, she quitclaim deeded and sold me our mobile home….I have the original pink slip, the deed and my bill of sale showing that I own the home….she passed away in 2003 and a year ago I was going to sale the home, but I have no idea were the original title is and I have been going back and forth between our DMV and the bank that she took out the orignal loan whn she bought this home(which she paid off before she sold it to me and put it into my name)…..I can not get the back to give me anything showing that the home was paid off and I am needing a release of Lein for the DMV to issue me a replacement title so that I can sell it….Any help would be nice….Thank you, Susan

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. Unfortunately, I can’t help. Every state does things differently. Most of the time, these situations only get resolved by pure will – you keep calling and bugging the people at the bank and the DMV (nicely but effectively). I’ve noticed if you just keep asking questions you sometimes get the information you need. It seems like people in power won’t willingly tell you anything helpful if it’s not easy to answer but they will answer questions, you just have to ask the right questions.

      I do know that most states have a process to get a lost title – and that title has to be somewhere (I mean, it couldn’t have a loan without it). You have all the info you usually need to prove ownership. Best of luck!

      • Hi, My Mom lives in Harding, IL. She is 79 & trying to sell her 1968 mobile home. Here’s the problem, she has a Title but no VIN and they are asking for it. On the tongue there is a number but it cant be read except for 2 numbers. The DMV said they cant help. She needs to sell since she can no longer live alone. Please advise us.Thanks

      • Hi Brenda,

        The VIN, or serial number (technically that is what its called), may be notated on the loan or insurance papers. Since it’s a 1968 model it’s awesome that she has the title. I don’t think serial numbers were set up as the sequence we have now until 1976 so maybe it could be classified differently (as a vintage or unknown). I’d contact your Secretary of State or DMV and see what can be done. Usually, a title is sufficient.

        Best of luck!

      • I have a 30 yr old mobile home in Mo.I have paid personal property each yr and have realized I never received the title even though it is paid in full.How do I get a title?

      • Hi Jackie,

        Just follow the steps in the article to obtain a lost title. It depends on which state you are in on the process to have the home registered in your name but after 30 years it should be clear you own it.

        Best of luck!

  60. Hi Crystal. Im interested in purchasing a 1986 mobile home with land, no park. The realtor has informed me the seller doesnt have title. The seller bought the home with no title. The realtor says they sell homes lije this all the time. The house is on piers and there is a deed for property. This is PA. What are your thoughts? Thanks

    • Hi Helena,

      Please do not buy a mobile or manufactured home without a title. I just read an article that talked about how mobile home owners weren’t able to get FEMA help after they lost everything in a tornado because they didn’t have a title to the home registered with the state. That shows you how important a title is and if that realtor is doing this without telling the buyers how serious the issue is, she is doing a huge disservice to her clients. I’d change realtors. In most states, you do not legally own a mobile or manufactured home until the title (or titles if it’s a double wide) is registered and reprinted in your name.

      Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to get a title. Most states have a lost title process. Just make the seller obtain the title in their name (that’s important) before you will buy it. Best of luck!

    • I bought a mobile home in Goodlettsville Tennessee from a mobile home park. They said they had the title to it and I would receive it when I paid it off. I paid it off and now they say they do not have a title. They will not buy it back and they said I can’t move it without a title. What can I do?

      • Hi Vanessa,

        I think I emailed you the other day but if not, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. TN is like WV and pretty easy to deal with on mobile home related issues. Parks are notorious for this kind of bull so the owners will just give up and they can resell the home again and again. The title should be registered with the DMV and the park probably has a lien on it. Go to your local DMV and apply for the title (you can use the home’s serial number and your bill of sale to get the lien removed. You may also be able to file for a lost title. The DMV will be able to point you in the right direction.

        Best of luck!

    • Hi Mike,

      Looks like NY DMV is where you need to go. If you need to transfer ownership to the spouse it requires a few forms and steps. You may just be able to add her through a duplicate title situation which would be easier. Here’s the link to the NY DMV site.

      I would like to add that in some states if you already owned personal property before the marriage it isn’t considered a marital asset in the divorce so you won’t have to divide it. But if you add them to the title you are losing that protection (if NY has it). You can always put it in a will that the new spouse gets the home should you pass to give them that kind of protection (I’m not a lawyer but I have been divorced and I learned a few things during that fiasco…lol).

      Best of luck!

  61. Hi Crystal,

    Very well written article.

    I have an idea for mobile home related business and would love to run it by you if you have a few minutes minutes.
    Thanks a lot,


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