Manufactured Home HUD Tags, Labels, Serial Numbers, and Data Plates

Manufactured home HUD tags and data plates are confusing because there are so many different names used to describe the same thing. For example, a HUD Tag is also called a Construction Code Label, a Certification Label, or a HUD Label.

Mobile and manufactured homes have serial numbers and HUD numbers as well, which just adds to the confusion.

No worries, though, this article should help you make sense of it all.

The 2 Labels and 2 Numbers Every Mobile Home Owner Should Understand

A mobile or manufactured home will have 2 main identifiers: a HUD tag and a data plate.

The HUD tag has the certification label on it and the data plate has both the serial number and the code certification number on it.

The data plate is a white piece of paper usually found on the back side of a kitchen cabinet door. It’s easy to identify because it has a map of the United States on it.

Manufactured Home HUD Tags

A HUD tag, also called a certification tag, is a 2”x4” piece of metal riveted onto the backside of a manufactured home. It verifies that the home was inspected by a 3rd party agency before it left the factory and met all the requirements set by HUD in the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards law.

Federal law requires that every manufactured home built since 1976 have one before it can be moved from the factory.

Tags are placed about a foot up from the bottom and a foot from the edge on the back of each section of the home. Like this:

Manufactured home tags - must be one foot up and one foot over from the manufactured homes rear edge

The metal tag is usually red with silver text but the color fades away fairly quickly to a dull silver.

The same paragraph is on every tag but the certification label number stamped into the metal will be unique to each home.

The certification label number identifies the production inspection primary inspection agency (explained below).

The tag reads:

The manufacturer certifies to the best of the manufacturer’s knowledge and belief that this manufactured home has been inspected in accordance with the requirements of Department of Housing and Urban Development and is constructed in conformance with the federal manufactured home construction and safety standards in effect on the date of manufacture. See data plate.

Red manufactured home hud tags and labels and a hud labol that has lost its red paint and is all silver


Certification Label Number

Per HUD’s online portal, the first three letters mean:

The label number shall be etched or stamped with a 3 letter designation which identifies the production inspection primary inspection agency and which the Secretary shall assign.

But, what exactly does “the production inspection primary inspection agency’ mean?

It’s just the third party inspection agency that inspected the home at the factory.

The 6 digit number is simply stamped sequentially by the label maker and used as an identifier for the home.

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Manufactured home hud tags, labels, serial numbers, data plates (and other things that make no sense) (1200)

Manufactured Home Data Plates 101

A manufactured home Data Plate isn’t a plate, it’s a sheet of paper inside your kitchen cabinet or bedroom closet.

A Data Plate is Just a Piece of Paper

A Data Plate is the white paper you see glued to the wall or cabinet. It has a bunch of really important information along with a simple line map of the United States. The paper is 8.5″ x 11″ and looks like this:

Manufactured home hud tag - data plate example

The Data Plate will include the following information: 

  • Manufacturer, or builders, name, and address.
  • Date the home was built.
  • Serial number
  • Model number
  • Code Certification – Identifies the Federal HUD Manufactured Housing Code in effect at time of construction (Source)

The data plate also has information about the home’s construction. Roof and floor load and wind zone details will be listed.

Data plates will also have the inspection agency’s information. These agencies use codes to identify the company’s name. Only a few companies are certified to do HUD home inspections.  They cannot be affiliated with the builder at all.

HUD Label Number

The first 3 letters are the third party inspector that inspected, passed, and labeled the home at the factory.

For example, GEO means it was inspected by Georgia and the label’s number will provide the exact factory information based on records. A few more examples:

  • HWC = Hilborn, Werner, Carter & Associates, Inc.
  • PFS = PFS Corporation
  • NTA = NTA, Inc.
  • TRA = T. R. Arnold and Associates, Inc.
  • GEO = the state of Georgia
  • TEN = the state of Tennessee


Here’s how HUD explains all the information displayed on the Date Plate:

(a) The name and address of the manufacturing plant in which the manufactured home was manufactured;

(b) The serial number and model designation of the unit, and the date the unit was manufactured;

(c) The statement: This manufactured home is designed to comply with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards in force at the time of manufacture;

(d) A list of the certification label(s) number(s) that are affixed to each transportable manufactured section under §3280.8;

(e) A list of major factory-installed equipment, including the manufacturer’s name and the model designation of each appliance;

(f) Reference to the roof load zone and wind load zone for which the home is designed and duplicates of the maps as set forth in §3280.305(c).

Where is the Data Plate Located? 

By federal law, all manufactured homes must have a data plate attached inside the home. It can be put in several different places:

  •  inside of a cabinet door in the kitchen
  • the back wall of the small bedroom closet or master bedroom closet
  • inside your water heater closet
  • on the inside of a bathroom cabinet door
Location of manufactured home data plates
Location of manufactured home data plates - upper kitchen cabinet


If you replace your cabinets or plan to remove the wall that has the Data Plate you should carefully remove and attach the paper to a different area of the home (in another cabinet or closet, for example).

You should protect the Data Plate, by all means necessary. Losing it can keep you from financing, selling, improving, or repairing your home. Some professionals suggest adding a thick clear piece of laminate over it so that it cannot fall off or be destroyed.

Is it a mobile home or a manufactured home?

How to Get a New Data Plate or ‘Performance Verification Certificate’

If you are missing your data plate and need it to meet your state or local laws for property sells, improvements, etc. you will need to request and pay for a new one through the IBTS.

Institute for Building Technology and Safety

The IBTS, or Institute for Building Technology and Safety, is a long-term HUD subcontractor that handles all requests for missing manufactured home Data Plates. If you need a new Data Plate for a manufactured home you will submit the request directly to the IBTS, not HUD. Oh, you will also be paying the IBTS for the new data plate and it isn’t cheap. The basic certification is $50 and if you need it expedited you get to pay $100.

Your bank may require an inspection of the home for refinancing, learn about manufactured home inspection here.

Manufactured home serial number example

Manufactured Home Serial Numbers 101

All manufactured homes have a serial number assigned to it. It’s important for many reasons.

Your serial number will be clearly displayed on your home’s data plate or stamped into the steel cross member where the hitch is attached to for each section of the home.

Manufactured home serial number stamped into metal frame
The manufactured home serial number stamped into the metal frame.

If your home is a double wide, it will have the same serial number but a letter at the end. but there will be an A used for one section and B for the other section.

 Vehicle history is associated with their VIN and so are manufactured homes. In addition to VINs, manufactured homes also have serial numbers  

VIN, or vehicle identification number will be the same thing.


What Does Each Digit Mean in the Serial Number? 

I get this question at least a few times every month. Fortunately, Mcgarry and Madsen designed a handy image that explains each digit in a manufactured home serial number:

Manufactured home hud tags -what each digit represents in a manufactured home serial number
  • The first three digits represent the factory where the home was built.
  • After the three digits, there are two letters that represent the state where the home was built.
  • After the state abbreviation, you have the six digits that represent the manufactured home’s serial number.
  • A double wide will use the same number but one section will be identified with an A and the other section with a B (C if it’s a triple wide) that represents each section of the home.


Buying a used mobile home is a pain in all honesty. Even after you think you’ve found the right home you have to deal with mobile home titles, inspections, appraisals, insurance, and lenders. Even cash sales are difficult.

However, it will all be worth it in the end. You will be able to live in a home you can afford without working 3 jobs to pay for!

If you plan on purchasing and moving a mobile home you found a good deal on, it’s important to know how to verify all of the tags, plates and labels are in order. If you encounter a service like, they will be able to verify everything is in working order and get your new mobile home right to where you need it to go.

Thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

Image Source: McGarry and Madsen

91 thoughts on “Manufactured Home HUD Tags, Labels, Serial Numbers, and Data Plates”

  1. I’m in a supposedly 1971 mobile home that doesn’t have a Data Plate and I’m unable to find the VIN. Long story short, there is no title to reference the VIN. The ONLY information on the entire trailer is an MHMA TCA plate with a number on it. What is that number?

  2. We purchased a modular home in 2006, already on-site and previously occupied. Now we are trying to refinance and the new bank wants proof it is off frame, which it is, but there is no data plate anywhere in this house. What can I do?

  3. I purchased a double wide that has a data plate in the closet but the top half of it was damaged therefore I have no info as of the year of home. There is a number stamped on the cross beam 22A00401CG. There are also two hug tags on the outside RAD468211 & RAD468212. Can I get a new data plate with this info?

  4. What if they are not in business as has happened with our Lake House. It was purchased the year before Fleetwood went Bankrupt and Cavco has no info.

  5. I found the data plate in the back with 3 letters And 6 numbers. Where can I go to look it up without costing me anything? And what exactly does the letters and numbers represent. I don’t mean to sound stupid but I don’t know what else because the paper that is supposed be in the trailer with all the I go is not. Please help.

  6. I purchased a MANUFACTURED double wide with a serial number of 15173, in October 10,2005 and because of problems we were not able to move in until 4-12-06. When the left side of the house finally came we had many problems with that side, and I contacted Lifetime Homes, the company that we paid our deposit to, after we moved in to complain about all the things taht were supposed to be new, and HUD (in thier book by RITZ-CRAFT) that this section was refused because it was UN-SAFE to resale. Now I can’t find out from ANYONE where the second half came from. The home they applied to me had a service work order to be done, as early as 8-May-07 . Ritz-Craft won’t tell me where or what year it was built. LIFETIME MANUFACTURED HOMES to whom we paid our $15,000 deposit to said it is now after our WARRANTY ran out. We purchased a NEW HOUSE, from Lifetime Home ,not a used double wide with the second part by Ritz-Craft refused by HUD. I like to know how I can find the date the 2nd half was built. All the inspection dates listed in the Ritz-Craft, book they gave to us, was inspected the last date was 1999. How can i get help in this matter. The help I really need would like some one to tell me what to do with this matter. I contacted everybody including HUD.?

  7. We were supposed to make settlement on a 1985 skyline manufactured home. They cannot find the tag anywhere. We were told we would have to pay a 3rd party to got to HUD. Is there any other way?

  8. Can anyone give me any ideas how to sell a completely remodeled (gutted) mobile home made before 1976. We were told the bank will not loan on this even though it’s on a block foundation. Please help.

  9. Going thru the same thing. Bank told us they won’t loan any money to our buyer on a manufactured home older than 1976. Ours is 1974 gutted and remodeled. Any help you can give us?

  10. Maybe try a search at the DMV. Depending on your state that’s where it would be registered at.

  11. Selling a 1974 model double wide..Home has been completely remodeled..all papers are missing..I do however know the serial number..Dont know the manufacturer name either..Realtor says bank wants vin number…Have been all over home searching for vin. no luck at all Any help ? Thanks

  12. DUKE CROWN ROYAL Around 1972 My grandmother Purchased it as a repo used in 1972 In Michigan That’s all the info I have Any info you can send me please send it Through email or mail it to my address Would be very very appreciated Homeowners manual brochures from 1960 to 1980 Pictures manuals anything you can come up with please help to hear back from you soon thank you

  13. I am trying to locate the vin number….i have the other info….serial – my95 95119k 7414 3b 2fb ck sa and a hud number- rad 786958 please help.

  14. I would like to get a replacement manufactured home data sheet for my records, I have the plate that outside of my house. Where can I get a new one? Thank you

  15. Hi Cassie,

    If the home has already been reclassified as real property you shouldn’t need that info for legal or real estate reasons (a simple ‘unknown’ should suffice) though your state may be different from mine. Once a home has been reclassified and taxed as real property it is no longer considered a manufactured home at all and that’s why your taxes went up substantially in 2007. Best of luck but you shouldn’t need any!

  16. Hi CJ,

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. However, a modular home is not a manufactured home – completely different rules apply to modular homes such as they must pass local inspections whereas manufactured homes do not (except electrical and plumbing but not structurally). It’s terrible that you were bullied. The entire banking system is rigged to help the banks and not the consumer.

  17. We bought a UDC Modular Home in 2002. Uniform Dwelling Code home with the illegally applied Inspection labels were they should be. The problem is we were never issued A Certificate of Occupancy. In 2017 the city were the house was placed on an 8ft wall permanent concrete foundation, was re-inspected by the city and the city refused to issue an CofO due to all the issues in the home, stating ” The house must be gutted to the studs and rebuilt in order to become legal to occupy and a permit issued”. We ended up in foreclosure and bankruptcy court due to the 18 years of litigation, only to here the Judge in our case ask the BANK, “How did you close the loan on this house without a certificate of occupancy”. We were bullied into a settlement that grossly benefited the bank, versus us being kicked to the curb literally!!!! WTF is wrong with this whole modular home scam!!!! HUD isn’t doing its job. This is a massive scam against innocent, unsuspecting buyers being sold a bag of b******t, and then getting beaten with the deceit that has occured.


  19. Hi Jessica,

    I’m really not sure as it depends on your state. Retirement could mean a couple of things: The first is that you are retiring the home so it will be classified as real property which usually means higher taxes but it’s much easier to sell. The second, which is what I think is happening, could just be retirement and reinstatement with a fresh title using VIN numbers provided by a third party (gov, cops, etc). They may require you to go through IBTS too. I’m not really sure. Those HUD plates are like gold though so that’s great you have them. You’re def one step ahead with those.

    Sorry, I can’t be more help. Let me know how it all goes. Best of luck!

  20. Hi Mary,

    These kinds of issues are one of the worst for mobile homeowners. The red tape is insane when something is missing. This is the reason a lot of properties have to be purchased through personal loans or conventional loans – HUD, FHA, and the USDA are sticklers when it comes to tags, plates, and titles.

    Contact your state agency that handles mobile homes and see if they have a form that would be acceptable to IBTS. Your location will play a huge role in this situation but the fact that you have data plates for the home should account for something. Worst case scenario, maybe you can sell the property with an ‘improvement’ on it without the mention of a factory-built home? Best of luck!

  21. We purchased a mobile home at a foreclosure auction a few years ago and are in the process of selling it now. The HUD tag is missing and we ordered a Label Verification through IBTS and provided them with photos of the two data sheets that indicated model & serial numbers that were found inside. IBTS says they do not match their records and said they’d be cancelling our request. We are in escrow and cannot move forward. I’ve asked them what else they may need and have not received a response. Any idea how to go about this? Thank you in advance.

  22. Hey so I purchased land an doublewide but apparently when trying to sell the home …they need titles retired for home …there not retired titles in a previous owner who was buying from the guy i bought from.. well turns out today trying to find a vin on trailer there isnt one. . So lawyer said call cops get vin replacement an than start process to retire it… my question now is .is it a good thing the vin cant be found? Is it gonna take a while to retire it? What are the steps? At that point can I sell it an someone get a loan? I do have HUD plates on each side

  23. What year is your home? We purchased one new, in 2002, and it is 1710 sf, doublewide Fleetwood. It was about $125,000.00. Hope that helps.

  24. Hi Justin,

    You have the most important thing and that’s the HUD tags. Those are required if you ever want to sell the home and the buyer needs financing. In many states, they can reissue an identification number or they will just put unknown in the box for the serial number. It’s not uncommon for mobile homeowners to have issues like yours so many states have made a process for correction. As far as the title goes, could you maybe put a lien on it? A lost title is usually no problem at all. In WV, the seller would just need to go to the DMV and apply for a lost title and then once that was received the seller would sign it over to you.

    Let me know how it goes. Best of luck!

  25. Hi Lisa,

    The whole titling method for mobile homes is a mess. I’m so sorry your son is another victim of the stupid laws and regulations that mobile homeowners are plagued with.
    You may be able to pay IBTS to issue you a new Label Verification Letter to pacify the banks. It cost $50 but you used to be able to pay $150 for a rush order. Here is their website. .

    Best of luck!

  26. My son is having a horrible time selling his home. The township took the prior owners to court and a judge deemed it as a permanent fixtured and can be taxed as a regular property. The bank he has now when he went for a home equity loan demanded he applied for a lost title so he did. That satisfied them and they gave him a loan. Now he is trying to sell the home and every other bank including an FHA lender is requiring the original serial number. It’s gone all but the first 2 numbers on the frame. He already bought his home on a bridge loan – his current bank didn’t have any problem doing this. Now it is a hot mess. Any solutions – we live in the state of Michigan. No one ever alerted him that this would be an issue. He pays property taxes on his old home.

  27. I began purchasing a mobile home in 2016, that was an owner carry contract, the contract reads title will transfer when contract is finished. I paid it off 6 months ago, but have had a terrible time acquiring the title from the seller. We finally got an attorney and are demading the title. My husband and i wanted to be certain the title matches the trailer when we finally get it…. so we removed the siding at the tongue mount, where we discovered a large section of the metal Beam was removed, this section would have had the serial number?
    Its on what is suppose to be a 1978 Kingsbrook, but it could be a Kingswood. The trailer was completely gutted before i purchased it, all cabinets are long gone, as well as closets, and any other fixture that was originally in the home. It has Hud plates still intact on both sides.
    Could the serial number be located somewhere else… and what would cause a Hud label to be covered over with a sticker that reads the same but says GF 11/19/96?
    Can the trailer receive a new serial number?

  28. Thank you, Chuck! I was just reading about IBTS – it’s the only company that is registered to work with HUD and there is apparently some controversy to it because they don’t accept bids for that contract – IBTS has had it since 1976. Kinda weird considering most all government relationships require open bids.

    Thanks again!

  29. Kristy,
    I am a loan Broker and also worked as a lender in this industry for almost 40 years. You don’t necessarily need the HUD labels affixed to the home because HUD will not re-issue these. You will however, need a Data Plate. Most lenders and states require this to allow financing for this home. You’re in luck, although it will cost you a few bucks. Simply go to this website and order your new Data Plate This is a government site and perfectly legit. I have sent hundreds of customers to this web site over the years so they too could sell their home. I also own a retail dealership and encounter a myriad of issues involving titles, appraisals etc. Since I just happened to stumble upon this site I will check in more frequently to help folks out!

  30. Good morning Debbie,

    I’ve had this exact issue before. Sort of. I work at a law office and handle the mobile home curative/conversion process on behalf of the lenders. Generally speaking, most lenders would like a physical inspection to verify the accuracy of the information. That being said, what they are requesting is unnecessary.

    If the mobile home has been affixed and de-titled, it is considered a permanent fixture to the land and transfers with the land (via legal description).

    Depending on your state, the requirements may differ. However, in Florida, the lender only needs: 1) Proof the mobile home has been retired/detitled. Usually, the DMV/Tax Collectors can provide a print-out. 2) An Affidavit of Affixation/Retirement which identifies the mobile home, it’s location and indicates the mobile home has been affixed.
    3) Either the HUD Data Sheet (the piece of paper) or an IBTS Verification letter. More often than not, that is sufficient. However, in the event it’s not…a prior appraisal identifying the mobile home or a copy of the permit which usually provides some basic details of the mobile home should suffice. I’ve even reached out to the mobile home dealer in prior cases to obtain a statement which identifies which mobile home was purchased and what property it went to.

    Regardless, at the end of the day, if the mobile home has been properly affixed, the lender should not be giving you such a hard time.

  31. I’ll be honest, Debbie, this is over my head so hopefully, a realtor or finance expert will see your comment and chime in. Each state seems to do things differently. I understood that once the home is permanently installed and converted to real property that the title was surrendered and from then on it’s taxed and sold as real property. Once it’s taxed as real property that’s it – there’s no going back. That’s really all I know.


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