The Nugget: A Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration

One of our favorite things to do here at Mobile Home Living is scouring the internet for awesome manufactured home makeovers and vintage travel trailer restorations. We love to share other people’s success stories!

When we came across this great vintage trailer restoration we knew we had to share it! You can check out the entire blog here. 

Mandi, the founder of Vintage Revivals, has tackled tons of projects over the years, each one better than the last. One of her most recent projects was giving a 1973 Bell travel trailer named “The Nugget” a new life.

This cute little 1973 Bell travel trailer, aptly named “The Nugget,” is a great vintage travel trailer restoration story. The interior may have started with a typical 1970’s dark and depressing decor, it sure didn’t end that way.

Mandi managed to snag this cutie by keeping tight watch online and looking locally till she finally found her little nugget on Craigslist.

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The Nugget, a Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration Story

Below is the 1973 Bell travel trailer before Mandi got ahold of it;

The nugget before the vintage travel trailer restoration. Flower power!
Lovin’ that 1970’s flower power vibe!
The nugget before the vintage travel trailer restoration
The nugget before the vintage travel trailer restoration. Oh, that 70’s green!

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As with any vintage travel trailer restoration, there was some slight structural damage that had to be repaired first.

Mandi goes into detail about the entire restoration process at Vintage Revivals.

After Mandi’s Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration

All of the changes that Mandi made during her vintage travel trailer restoration really paid off.

The finished vintage travel trailer restoration is something you have got to see to believe. She took an outdated 1970’s trailer decor and made it into a mobile piece of art.

vintage travel trailer restoration
The interior of the lil’ Nugget is gorgeous!

vintage travel trailer restoration - interior design

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 I would love to spend just one weekend in it! 

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