4 Great Camper Remodels You’ll Love

It seems that camper remodels and makeovers are getting more popular by the day. The following camper remodels and makeovers below show the remarkable potential these magnificent little houses on wheels have.

camper remodel - 1968 airstream

1968 Airstream Safari

The first camper restoration we’ll be swooning over is the 20 foot 1968 Airstream Safari. This vintage camper went from retro to a fully functioning mobile office with tons of style. The interior has been beautifully redesigned. Old seats were removed and replaced with two beautiful stitched leather lounge seats. A walnut table top surrounds the seating.

camper remodel - 1968 airstream interior

Other upgrades include:

  • A new wet bar, complete with sink and mini-fridge, was installed.
  • The drawers are made using a dovetailed Baltic birch to provide plenty of storage space.
  • A 32″ LCD TV  connected to a hi-fi Bluetooth sound system for entertaining guests.
  • PEX plumbing and water pump provide running water with a 110v water heater.

This camper was stripped down to its bare walls and insulated with closed-cell spray foam, rewired, re-plumbed. All new aluminum skins on the interior and Marmoleum floors laid with waterproof adhesive was used to protect the sub-flooring.

The owners kept a lovely little vintage, though. The bathroom has its original flower power paneling and is beyond groovy!

camper remodel - 1968 airstream bathroom

1976 Airstream Sovereign

This next great camper remodel is a bit newer. The 1976 Airstream Sovereign underwent extensive interior restorations by a professional. This camper looked like it was driven straight out of the 70’s to the present. You can learn more about the camper here.

1976 Airstream camper remodel 2

1976 Airstream camper remodel

From Conversion Van to Camper Van

The next great camper remodel is an 18-foot conversion van. It is a fully-functioning home on wheels. Features include:

  • Running water
  • Electricity
  • Toilet and shower
  • Extendable bed
  • Large hammock
  • Work desk space

camper conversion

While it is a smaller area it is completely self-contained.

The owners admit that installing a full water system was a lot of work but ultimately worth the effort. The shower was framed and then fitted with the waterproof wallboard on the interior.

The toilet is designed to be waterproof and was built into the shower.

camper remodels - camper van conversion

The built-in seating is extendable. You have a sitting space, sleeping space for two, and storage space all in one.

The work desk is designed to fold flat up against the wall when not in use.

A Camper Remodel Ahead of Its Class

A bus is our next great camper restoration example. We’ve featured some great ‘bus to RV conversions’ before and this one is a reader (and writer) favorite.

If you have the know-how and the time, buses are an affordable way to create a mobile home.

school bus to camper - exterior

This bus to camper remodel uses a lot of smart features such as boat furniture and a built-in desk area.

A full plumbing system and a wood stove were installed.

The interior was lined with a soft, lightweight lumber to give it a rustic look and feel.

school bus to camper - interior

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The RV and camper trend is spilling a long-kept secret that we’ve known for a long time – campers are awesome!

Whether you want to get away from it all for a weekend or go all-out and live in a camper full-time, these great examples prove it’s possible.

Where there’s a (steering) wheel, there’s a way!

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  1. Hi Karen!

    It’s always interesting when you remodel a vintage mobile home! It’s a labor of love though and is always worth it in the end. Please take lots of photos! You can create a free blog at Wordpress.com or Blogger.com to keep a log of the work. It’s always fun to see the progress as each project is completed!

    Please keep me informed and let me know when you finish – I would love to see it (and share it!). Best of luck!

  2. Purchased a 1955 Liberty in vintage condition. Planning on documenting the remodel starting in March. Should be interesting….