1955 Fleetwood Custom-exterior

Fleetwood has been a well-known builder of entry to mid-level mobile homes since the early 1950’s. Their homes were among the first to offer different floor plans and designs to meet the needs of families. This original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home is amazing – the owners have kept it in its original glory for over half a century and the new owner, Dave, did the same.

This Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home is Amazing!

This 1955 Fleetwood Custom, located in the Sahara Park in Palm Springs, CA is gorgeous. It is one of the few original homes still remaining in the park and it is gorgeous! Everything about it just amazes me!

Dave, one of our long-time readers, was kind enough to share his vintage beauty with us (thank you, Dave!). This is his 5th remodel in the park and he says this one may just end up being his permanent home. I don’t blame him one bit.

This Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home is Amazing -exterior

This Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -view

I could get used to that view.

 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home-patio

The patio would make a good place to entertain.

A Little TLC Made This Home Shine

Dave says that when he moved into this 10′ wide by 55′ long mobile home he knew pretty quickly that it just needed a little TLC to bring it back to its vintage glory. All of the birch interiors was still intact and unpainted with no paint covering it, all the windows and doors were still in good condition and the kitchen was still sporting the original knotty pine and original backsplash.

That’s not to say there wasn’t any work to be done. The countertop had been replaced with white tile that had seen better days. However, with some elbow grease, the grout was replaced and it looked much better. All in all, the home only needed cosmetic updates.

This 1953 Vagabond Trailer is cool, too!


 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -kitchen_1

Look at that knotty pine.

 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -1955 interior_1

These homes had style.


 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -living room 2_1

Good use of space helps to make this home seem bigger.

 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -living room 3

Little touches make this home special.


 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -interior_1


 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home - interior door

This space saving door was picked up at a thrift store.


 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -barber chair

David made room for his barber chair so he can work from home.

See another awesome 1955 model mobile home here. 

Future Projects

Dave says he has one more big project to complete. The previous owners installed a drop ceiling in the California room that will need to be taken down to expose the gorgeous beamed ceiling above it.


 Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home -living room

The ceiling will be the next project.

It’s nice to see a vintage home like this original 1955 Fleetwood Custom mobile home. It is in such great shape and the love and care it has been given over the years are obvious.

Also, I love that mobile home communities like the Sahara Park are allowing these homes to remain in the park rather than replacing them with new models. It’s nice to see homeowners and communities finding the value in vintage mobile homes. They are iconic and such a huge part of our country’s history.

Thank you, Dave, for sharing your gorgeous original 1955 Fleetwood Custom mobile home with us and for seeing the beauty and value in this home while understanding that they all don’t need to be gutted and modernized.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®!

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Kim Alley

Kim Alley has written several articles for Mobile Home Living and has lived in a manufactured home for over 20 years.

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