camper decorating ideas-5th wheel sink

Campers are cool! New, old, big, or small – it doesn’t matter what kind of camper it is, it’s gonna be awesome and it’s gonna have unlimited potential (I may be biased). Thanks to the recent camper trend, you can find plenty of neat campers for sale online at a good price. We found these cute camper decorating ideas while scrolling through Pinterest and think you’ll love them as much as we do.


Types of Campers

There are a few different kinds of campers, and they can be called different things depending on your location. Some people use the term ‘RV’ to include motor homes only. Here’s a quick list of the most commonly used definitions to describe most campers:

Travel Trailer (Caravan)

According to Wikipedia, a travel trailer, or camper, is a home unit towed behind a vehicle. They vary from basic models to huge homes on wheels that can accommodate large families.

5th Wheel

Go RVing describes a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer as the same concept as a pull behind travel trailer, but it is constructed with a raised forward section that is attached to a vehicle with a fifth wheel hitch.

Motor Home

The dictionary describes a motorhome as a motor vehicle that is equipped like a trailer, with all the amenities of home including kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Basically, it’s a camper that has its own motor.


Wikipedia describes a recreational vehicle, or RV, as a broad term used for pretty much any kind of travel trailer or motorhome that is used for camping or part-time living. They can be a basic setup with living, sleeping, and bathroom area or they can be luxurious with entertainment centers, multiple bedrooms, and a full-size kitchen and bathrooms. Park model homes are considered recreational vehicles which we think is silly as they can easily be beefed up and made perfect for full-time living (but what do we know?).

See how one mom turned an old RV into a cozy retreat.  

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Of course, it doesn’t matter what kind of camper you have because they are all awesome! Whether old or new, big or small, each one has unlimited potential to become a gorgeous living space.

Here3 cute camper remodels and makeovers we’ve seen online. The owners have created unique spaces using cute camper decorating ideas we can all afford. Yay!

Red, White, and Cute! 

Laurie, from Laura Jones Home & Lifestyle, recently featured her camper makeover on her blog. It’s adorably patriotic and sure to turn heads.

Take a look at what can be done with some hard work and imagination! This repurposed vintage camper is full of cute camper decorating ideas.

As you can see, this camper is a typical style from the late 70’s/early 80’s. Browns and greens were the color scheme throughout, and the upholstery is the kind that makes you want to scratch! Here’s a look at the before:


3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -exterior before

Nothing special about this exterior.

Laurie says she had a definite vision of what she wanted to see the repurposed vintage camper turn into. Fun, bright, and reminiscent of her favorite holiday, the 4th of July. Red, white and blue along with some nautical accessories completed the lake ready vacation camper.


3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -exterior after

Look how festive.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -interior after

Bright and cheery is the theme of this interior.

Laurie says that the backsplash was her biggest splurge in the remodel. We love how it turned out.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -backsplash

Love the backsplash.

The oven was removed, and a microwave replaces it in that spot. The refrigerator was also updated for a newer model.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -kitchen after

Love what they did with the space.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -bathroom after

The nautical theme continues in the bathroom.

All images property of Laura Jones Home.

Here are 4 MoreCamper Remodels You’ll Love

Cute Camper Decorating Ideas: Marble Contact Paper Gives Instant Glam 

Minor water damage on one wall was the biggest issue in this 5th wheel camper. Once that was resolved, it was ready for a makeover. Becka, from Life as an Artistpreneur, was up for the challenge.

Incorporating cute camper decorating ideas she found online helped create this glam camper that she and her family travel in. New windows treatments, fresh paint, and updated lighting are all it took to transform this 5th Wheel into a beauty.

They also upgraded the small sleeper sofa to a larger one that would seat the whole family.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -5th wheel living area

Hard to tell its the same space.


By adding privacy film over the glass and a pop of wallpaper on the back of the built-in they were able to conserve the space and make it cute and functional.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -5th wheel entertainment center

Rather than tear out the built-in, they updated it.


Although at first, it looks like the countertops were replaced, they were all just scrubbed down and had marble contact paper added to them!

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -5th wheel sink

Splash of color on the walls easy an easy trick.

Bathrooms in campers are typically very small, the fresh coat of paint made the space look bigger.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -5th wheel bathroom

Functional and pretty!

All images property of Life as an Artistpreneur.

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Cute Camper Decorating Ideas: Crisp and Clean 

Hudson and Emily were able to use some of our favorite camper decor ideas and create an RV that they lived in full time while traveling.

Simple but cute decorating ideas gave this RV the feel the couple was looking for. Painting the interior white gave it an instant makeover. White will always de a great canvas in small spaces.

An inexpensive couch creates sleeping and seating space.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -rv couch

Lots of seating room.

Behind the doors beside the desk, there is a laundry basket and a WASHER!

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -rv desk

The desk was needed more than a dining table.

New hardware was added to the cabinets after painting.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas -rv kitchn

Paint is such an easy update.

Peel and stick backsplashes are an inexpensive way to update a kitchen.

3 Cute Camper Decorating Ideas-rv backsplash

Upgraded faucets and appliances create this kitchen.

All images property of Hudson and Emily.

Learn about 9 Great Vintage Travel Trailer Campgrounds here. 

These 3 cute camper decorating ideas are great! Replacing hardware and lighting and painting are will always be the most affordable camper updates you can make. Updating the backsplash and countertops can also be budget-friendly upgrades.

The goal for any camper or RV remodel is to create a personalized space that you and your family will enjoy using regardless of location. Some of my best childhood memories was getting to play in my grandmother’s camper while it sat in her driveway. You couldn’t ask for a better playhouse!

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