Mobile home builders used vertical and horizontal half walls to separate a space many designs, the pony wall is really just the back of cabinets with a cool countertop.

This Vintage Universal Futuristic Model 55 has

One of those coolest dividers for mobile homes ever:

The horizontal half walls, floor-to-ceiling, and only a couple feet wide (typically) have no structural integrity but they still play an important role.

I mean, after all, if it’s used in a mobile home then you know it’s important – cause they surely wouldn’t just put a section of a wall somewhere for no good reason. Right? Right?

I kid. Those floor-to-ceiling walls usually camouflage the side of cabinets or break up space. It’s amazing what a small 4th wall can do to make a space a room. Here are some ideas for room dividers for mobile homes. 

7 Ideas for Room Dividers in Mobile Homes

In many mobile homes, especially single wides, the front door opens right into the living room. If there’s no closet, all those bulky winter coats and dirty shoes are on full display and that will certainly put a damper on your decor. 


1. Reed shades are our favorite room dividers for mobile homes.

You can use reed shades as a suspended room divider regardless of your decorating style. That’s why it’s our favorite room divider idea for a mobile home. 

Naturally, reed shades would be a perfect addition to an Asian or Oriental styled mobile home but their old-school charm works well in mobile homes decorated in boho or vintage design. The natural material is fitting for farmhouse and country chic decor.  

You can pull these shades down when you need some privacy or separation and then roll them back up just as easily when you need your open floor plan back. The decor possibilities are endless with these kinds of shades; install mixed colors, textures, or sizes to create a functional focal point. 

2. Sheer curtains would separate your space without losing light. 

Sheer or blackout drapery is another great room divider for a mobile home.

Sheer curtains wouldn’t interfere with your home’s lighting but it would still give you a definite division of space. 

Another plus of sheer curtains is the minimal installation. A single curtain rod/bar screwed into the roof trusses above your ceiling panel is all you need. 

With blackout curtains,you’ll have the benefit of privacy and a definite sense of separation between your entryway and living room. Yet, you can push them back if the layout starts to feel too cramped, 

Pro tip: You can even use curtain rings and accessories to make your drapes feel like an even more stylish addition to the mobile home. Wooden rods are a great choice. Trendy finial end caps can provide a nice finishing touch as well especially in tight spaces like are common in mobile homes.

Learn more here. Image from Ikea.

3. Plants are perfect for hiding things and separating space. 

Plants are versatile and can be used in any decor style. With the right kind of plant and design, you could use plants to divide space in your home, vertically or horizontally. 

A narrow plant stand could separate space or hide your unsightly stuff. I’ve used plants to hide all those awesome kitchen gadgets I love (an air fryer has changed my life, seriously).

See more great plant dividers here.


4. Acrylic panels would make a cool divider. 

Here me out….faux industrial glass, clear or frosted acrylic panels with black framing, would give you the separation you want without losing light or taking up much floor space. 

A simple 1”x 2” wood frame would give the panels the stability they need without losing any light or space. These are very popular in home decor nowadays. 

5. Wooden pallets are always in style and can be used for dang near anything. 

Lastly, vertical wood pallets would be a trendy and functional way to separate your entryway from the living room. 

Pallets are farmhouse and country primitive decor staples. Decorate them with plants or photos and you’ve got one stylish way to separate the entryway from the living room. 

Read our article with 80 great pallet ideas here.

6. and 7. Some Other Cool Ideas for Room Dividers in Mobile Homes

The sky really is the limit on this one. Buzzfeed has an article with 27 great ideas for room dividers. The circles chained together would be a great way to add curves to your space.

This next design could be pretty cool for farmhouse decor. It’s super cheap too!

Do you have a cool idea to separate space? We’d love to hear about it! 

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