A 1961 Goldenrod Mobile Home is Called the Pink Flamingo for a Reason

I love a cute beach house! Small mobile homes make a perfect getaway, whether you prefer a beach, a lake, or a river. This cute Flamingo themed weekend river getaway is the cutest thing and it proves you don’t have to put a ton of money into a place to make it awesome. This 1961 Goldenrod single wide mobile home is a charmer and that’s because it’s mostly original.

 Welcome to the Pink Flamingo!

The Pink Flamingo is a 1961 Goldenrod single side mobile home.
The decal on the back side of the trailer lists it as “Gardner” by Stewart Coach Industries Incorporated; Bristol Industries and Grand Saline, Texas. It is 10′ x 46′ – a perfect size for a weekend getaway.

1961 Goldenrod mobile home - exterior


The Perfectly Fantastic Pink Flamingo

The owners, Trent and Jenny Gefaller, and their daughters Savannah and Sydney, use the Pink Flamingo as a weekend retreat in the summer months. It’s parked in a small town along the Mississippi River. The town has 4 boat landings, 3 parks, 2 bars, 2 gas stations, an ice cream man that delivers ice cream to the sand bar in his boat and lots of mobile homes!


mobile home at night with rope lights


Only fun times are to be had here!

Trent, Jenny and their beautiful daughters have come to appreciate the qualities that made trailers so popular years ago. They use every last bit of space in the most efficient way. The aluminum exterior is very easy to maintain. They don’t need huge lots or permanent foundations. And if the river ever rises, they can move it!

The layout in the Pink Flamingo is typical with the kitchen in front and living room in the middle. A curved counter and cabinets separate the areas. The sink is an awesome mint green porcelain. The front wall is angled and the windows are louvered, as are all the windows throughout the home. The front door, sadly, is not original. But the aluminum back door is, complete with a louvered window and a low profile door handle and lock.


interior of the pink flamingo, a 1961 Goldenrod mobile home


Enjoying the curved counter!

living room of vintage mobile home on the Mississippi River


This home is all about relaxation and fun!

The original curved counter and cabinets in the kitchen, along with the built-in book shelf, pocket doors and louvered windows make this home a rare treat for any vintage enthusiast.


curved counter in vintage mobile home


The curved bar is oh so lovely!


1961 Goldenrod mobile home - pink flamingo beach / river house


Love the bright blue and the easygoing retro look!


cool flamingo lights in living room of vintage mobile home


The fun and relaxed decor make this mobile home a real treat for any visitor.

The living room has a built-in book case and shelf with mirror. The ceilings are original as well as are the paneled walls. Because there are windows on both sides, it’s very bright and sunny. The pocket doors along the hallway lead to 2 bedrooms and a bath. Both bedrooms have slat wood closet doors and built-in drawers. The master bedroom also has a built-in vanity area with an original box light fixture. The bathroom boasts the original pink tub, sink, and stool!

The pink medicine cabinet features an acrylic fluorescent light cover and sliding mirror doors. There is also a built in linen cabinet with drawers set at an angle to keep them closed while you are “mobile”.


original pink sink in vintage mobile home called the pink flamingo

Original features are all the rage today!

Smart design.

Most of the renovations done to the Pink Flamingo have been done solely to keep it sound. The carpets throughout are low maintenance office grade and the kitchen and bathroom flooring are low budget linoleum. The decorating they have done is purely for fun. They chose pink flamingos as a nod to the Florida mobile home parks.

The exterior of the 1961 Goldenrod mobile home has had some improvements to make it more liveable and lower maintenance. A sloped tin roof was added to minimize any water damage. And we built a porch, deck, and stone patio to maximize outdoor entertaining. The hitch is also still attached and there are wheels under the Pink Flamingo, if she ever feels like a road trip!

1961 Goldenrod mobile home at night

Just pure awesomeness!

Enjoying the Pink Flamingo!

Jenny has future plans to continue updating the home with as much originality as possible. She states, “When I see images of perfectly restored older trailers, I think about how much more I would like to do. And maybe someday I’ll have the vintage appliances that match my mint green sink. But for now, light the tikis, plug in the palm tree, and play me a little Jimmy because I think the margaritas are blended!”

Trent, Jenny, Savannah and Sydney; thank you so much for sharing your wonderful 1961 Goldenrod mobile home called the Pink Flamingo! I can just hear Buffett playing in the background and taste the margarita’s! What a wonderful lifestyle you live with so many happy memories being made, I’m terribly envious 😉

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19 thoughts on “A 1961 Goldenrod Mobile Home is Called the Pink Flamingo for a Reason”

  1. In 2008 I bought a 1965 mobile home. Never found out for certain what manufacturer was or the model. From research I believe it was a Strahan Flame. Can anyone give me information on the 1965 Strahan Flame? Was it a two bedroom model? I have found a brochure online from Strahan from 1970 and it is identical to our mobile home with the exception of the closets, which were on the opposite side of the bedroom.

    When I lived there I checked for Identification marks or numbers when I lived there and found nothing. I have since moved to another state and no longer have access to the mobile home. So any information you may have would be a great help. Thank you!!

  2. I wrote in awhile back and didn’t get the answer I was in search of. I’ve bought an old stewart couch mobile home. the problem is…no title. am working to get one…wow what a chore. cant find any kind of tag/marking bout model or serial #. must be early 60s. could you give me some idea/example of what a valid serial # would look like for early 60s models please. suppose to be tag on back but nothing there. what a serial # looks like would be helpful please.

    • Hi Jim,

      I’ve owned a couple of older mobile homes and campers but never had any issues with the state in regards to titles or transferring ownership. Both my 1965 Airstream Safari and my 1978 Homette were without a title when I purchased them. All I needed was a bill of sale to have both transferred into my name and pay the taxes (and get the license plate for the Airstream). A new title was mailed to me a couple weeks later in both cases. The description simply lists them as ‘1965 Airstream Safari’ with UNKNOWN in the model no. box. I’m pretty sure the length and weight are listed (estimated). For our home, it states ‘1978 Homette’ and then UNKNOWN in the model no. box and in another box it has 12’x58′ weight UNKNOWN.

      My understanding is that titles are simply used as a license to use the highway, not as proof of ownership. I may have misunderstood my resources though.

      You’ll want to contact your state’s DMV and find out what their protocol is for vintage trailers/campers/mobile homes that have no title. I suspect the worse case scenario would be needing to have it inspected and whatever additional fees go along with that.

      Best of luck! Let me know how it goes!

  3. I am in need of information about the foot print of a 1961 Flamingo trailer. We had bought property in 1989 and were living in the trailer until the Butte Wildfire took everything we owned, including our trailer. We didn’t know that the assessors office had never issued a permit for the trailer and now want to deny us he right to replacement. They want to charge us for new construction and we can;t afford that. I believe it was 10 ft. by 45 ft. but your article says it’s 46 ft long. Could you direct me to any manufacture site that I might demonstrate for the county the size of the home? Thank you, Fara

    • Hi Fara,

      Unfortunately, they built homes of different sizes so it would be almost impossible to guess what you had. Your homeowners insurance would likely have the best description of the property and the home.

      Best of luck!

  4. I just recently bought a 1961 stewart mobile home. it needs some repairs but is still very sound. just out of curiousity do happen to know or can find out what is the serial # of the 61 pink flamingo please.

  5. Hi,
    I love Mobile home living. Here is my question. Do you know where I might find out what my (incredibly cute) vintage single wide looked like when it was new? It is now painted boring dusty blue and off white.
    If I can’t find the original colors I’m going with bright white and red. Including a red V across the front.

    • Hi Ronell!

      Finding any information on vintage mobile homes online is tough. The absolute best resource I’ve ran across is Atlas Mobile Home Museum. The link is http://www.allmanufacturedhomes.com/html/vintage_mobile_homes.htm

      You could also look on Ebay for old mobile home magazines that could have an advertisement of article about your particular model. I read somewhere that there has been more than 500 mobile home builders that have built more than 2000 models over the years so it would be very difficult trying to catalog them all though I wish we could somehow make it happen.

      Thanks so much and good luck!

  6. Hi Carolyn, I have a couple more coming up this week and I'm working
    on finding some more! I do enjoy featuring the great homes and their
    owners…thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  7. Hi Ashley!

    I have a couple more great Featured Homes coming this week..thank you
    so much for reading and commenting!


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