Vintage Mobile Home Ads 4

Vintage Mobile Home Ad

It’s Sunday! A day I get to share some of my favorite vintage mobile home advertising and literature from yesteryear. Here are a few that should make you smile:

Here’s an entire brochure for American Trailer Coaches 1946 Tudor Tandem and Homecrest models. If you bought or subscribed to magazines like Mobile Living or Trailer Life you could send for brochures on any manufacturer that had advertised in that particular issue. I am old enough to remember that if you wanted information from any company “back in the day” you requested it via phone or mail and patiently waited for it to arrive.

Oh, the good ole’ days, before overstimulation and instant information was available. You actually had to make an effort to get things you wanted or needed! Oh, how I wish it was that simple again!

Thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!
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