Lots of people have an outdated opinion of manufactured homes. Whenever they hear the word mobile or manufactured they conjure up images of small, thin-walled campers that can be pulled behind a vehicle.

Does the manufactured home above look like it can be pulled behind anything?

The Palm Harbor manufactured home model you see above (and below) is indicative of a modern manufactured home. This is a premium model that is absolutely comparable to a site-built home in every way. It looks like a traditional home and it acts like a traditional home – its energy efficient, has the same framing, uses the same construction materials, and can be customized (and that’s just four things, there are several more). The only difference is that the manufactured home takes advantage of a technologically advanced factory setting and is built on a chassis.

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What Manufactured Homes and Site-Built Homes have in Common

Budget, Mid-Range, and Premium Homes

Even the mid-range and low-range manufactured homes have lots in common with site-built homes. Regardless of the price per square foot and the amenities offered, every manufactured home uses the same materials that a site-built home uses.

There are three price points for both site-built and manufactured home. Not all homes have marble countertops! The most affordable manufactured homes are the budget homes. Those are the homes you’ll see most often on dealer’s lots. They are great homes at great prices! They simply use more affordable materials and are usually smaller. Oftentimes, they will use thinner framing and lower pitched roofing. This does not mean the home is inferior, it is simply built for those that have a smaller budget.

The mid-range manufactured home is similar to a site-built home in just about every way. They have similar framing, roof pitch, material, and amenities. Yet, they are more affordable than a site-built home because being built in a factory allows the builder to control aspects that cannot be controlled with a site-built home. Builders are able to buy material in bulk, reduce construction time, and control material waste better. Having more control over the building process offers significant savings.

The premium manufactured home is comparable to custom site-built homes with high-end materials. These factory-built homes can still be offered at a lower price-per-square foot over the site-built home. Here’s a chart I found on a very informative inspection site called McGarry and Madsen (they have lots of great information about buying manufactured homes) that explains the three price ranges often offered in the manufactured home industry:

Well constructed Chart 2

6 Things Manufactured Homes and Site-Built Homes have in Common

Here’s a graphic that shares what manufactured homes and site-built homes have in common. It’s a perfect resource for anyone that has an outdated opinion.

Manufactured Homes and Site Built Homes Common Infographic

Don’t let the term manufactured fool you! These are great homes that are affordable. There’s a manufactured home for every budget and every need.

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