10 Smart Manufactured Home Remodeling Projects

Manufactured home remodeling projects and repairs should do two things: improve the home or make it easier or more comfortable to live in and increase its value as much as possible.

Knowing how to calculate the cost versus the ending value of a project can help you chose the best projects. Learn How To Determine The Value Of A House Renovation.

Remodeling Magazine delivered a fine analysis of the country’s average ROI data for 2014 and it hasn’t changed much in the last 5 years. We used their report to determine our own picks for best-manufactured home remodeling projects that can increase your manufactured home’s value.

Return on Investment

Projects rarely provide 100% return on investment, the national ROI for combined remodeling projects is only about 62.5% so it is important to understand which projects will help you get the most bang for your buck.

The ‘less-is-more trend’ may be settling in for the long haul. The current housing trend seems to be turning toward smaller, more practical projects. ROI dropped for two-story additions by 10.7%, both master bedroom suites and high-end kitchen remodels decreased 8.6%.

Remodeling has gotten more expensive since 2014 and that trend looks to continue for years to come. The price of hiring a professional to do your remodel increased by 4.22% in the last 4 years alone.

If you plan on remodeling, do it sooner than later.

10 Smart Manufactured Home Remodeling Projects that Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are practical manufactured home updates that will benefit a home is numerous ways – lower heating and cooling costs, increased function, and aesthetics.

Steel door replacements are in the #1 position for best ROI because you get back every dime you spend, and then some. Its average return on investment is 101.8%.

Clayton Double Wide Gets Farmhouse Makeover Front Doorh
See this beautiful 1997 Clayton double wide here.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding instantly updates the look of a home and can lower heating and cooling costs significantly, especially when replacing older siding. It has an 80.7% ROI, fiber-cement siding clocks in at 84%.

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Screen Shot At A M


Installing a roof-over or replacing the shingles of your manufactured home is a great way to increase return on investment, especially if the home is older.

Remodeling Magazine states that the price of three-tab shingles starts around $23 per bundle and goes up to $60 for the architectural style. A return on investment of 71.6% is projected.

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Stone Veneer

Fuax Rock Panel Used On Mobile Home Sideing

We are crazy about stone veneer!

Adding veneer to your manufactured home’s exterior is a great project that ranks second among all projects with a cost-value return of 92.2%, behind the steel door replacement.

Stone adds depth and dimension, a plus for any home. Use it as an accent to highlight your home’s best features.

Kitchen Remodels

Extravagance is losing favor so kitchen remodels should stay simple and functional. Styles should be neutral so that it appeals to most. Refrain from overly expensive appliances and materials. Minor kitchen remodels returns 79.3%.

Eclectic Farmhouse Double Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel After
See this complete eclectic farmhouse double wide remodel here.

Bathroom Update

Bathrooms are similar to kitchen remodeling projects – you have to stick to neutral, crowd-pleasing updates to get the biggest return on investment. Read these tips for remodeling your mobile home bathroom.

Simple bathroom remodels get a 70% return on investment.

Mobile Home Flippers Create Beautiful Farmhouse Mobile Home Bathroom Vanity After 1


Adding a deck or covered porch to your manufactured home increases living space and that is a valuable commodity for smaller homes.

Interest.com states that a 16×20 foot wooden deck can cost upwards of $9,500 and adds $8,300 in value, 87.4% of the cost, according to the Remodeling Magazine survey.

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New skirting and foundations under your manufactured home can lower heating costs and add appeal. Using brick or stone veneer can reap high rewards in aesthetics and resale value but simple vinyl skirting can be just as effective.

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Corrugated Metal Panels As Skirting On A Mobile Home 1


Additions don’t have to be large to make a large impact, a small mudroom or enclosed entryway can add form and function.

The national ROI hovers between 47-54% for bathroom, bedroom, and family room additions. These projects are better suited for those needing to increase living space more than equity.

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You can spend a little or a lot on flooring. For manufactured homes, it is best to stay in the medium and under range to get the best value. Don’t remodel yourself out of your biggest target market.

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However, Financial Gains Aren’t Everything

While adding monetary value is an important aspect of remodeling, don’t forget the value it adds to you and your family.

Additional living area, added function, and beautiful spaces are what manufactured home remodeling projects are all about! If the project increases your family’s comfort it should be considered a successful, worthwhile endeavor.

Thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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Crystal Adkins
Crystal Adkins

Crystal Adkins created Mobile Home Living in 2011 after buying a 1978 single wide and searching online for mobile home remodeling ideas but finding very little. Today, it's the most popular resource in America for mobile home information and inspiration and has been visited over 40 million times.


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  1. Ha, ha! Don’t go for extravagant appliances, illustrated by a VERY expensive Smeg fridge! LOL.

    What I need, though is information on what to do with undulating novadeck floors in a 1995 doublewide… We want to sell it, and move, but no one will want it as is, I’m afraid…

  2. Hi Victoria,

    I can’t give very good estimates because there are so many variables. Replacing the plumbing with PEX in a single wide mobile home with one bathroom would only cost me about $1000 or so in WV but apparently, it would cost $4000 or more on the west coast. I’ve read that a window replacement cost one owner over $1000 in Texas but in SC we can have it done for just a few hundred.

    Send me an email and I’ll be happy to try to help. My email is crystaladkins at mobilehomeliving.org (remove the spaces and use the right symbol for at – I try to hide my email from the spammers).

    Best of luck!

  3. Hi, I’ve read many of your articles and can’t seem to find info on reasonable cost to expect when redoing a mobile home ie replacing plumbing etc. I’m looking to buy a 1973 dbl wide in a park where you do not own the land. Would love to talk with someone on the ins and outs so to speak.

  4. Congratulations! Buying a new home is super exciting and something to be proud of!

    You probably have a floorplan similar to my father’s double wide. As soon as you enter the front door you are in the living room and the door to the bedroom is about 10 feet down the wall. The shoes and jackets take up the entire corner of the living room. You could move some walls around to create a separate mudroom but I’m thinking the better choice is to add an addition so that you have a large enough space to create a true mudroom. You could also increase the size of the bedrooms while you’re at it.

    To add more space to the entryway you would need to build an addition. It would be a porch if it isn’t heated/cooled or a true addition if it is heated. Both need to be built separately from the home and on its own foundation. Additions of any kind are essentially just butted up to the home and sealed (that allows the addition to move separately from the home).

    For ideas, you may want to search for mudroom ideas or porch ideas. We have an article with 45 porch and deck ideas here.

    Best of luck! (PS We are always looking for remodels to share!)

  5. I’m looking for information about entryway renovations. We just purchased a doublewide, and as we were already planning to gut renovate the master bathroom anyway, I figure it might be a good time to re-do the side (main) entryway as well, as they share a wall. We have 3 young children and live in the NE, so I would love to give that entrance more space and make it into a mudroom of sorts, since the front entrance is even less usable as it opens right into the living room. I’ve searched this site for entryway renovations but haven’t really come across much. I’d really appreciate guidance. Thanks so much!

  6. It is important to know that adding monetary value is an important aspect of remodeling, don’t forget the value it adds to you and your family. An It is true that if the project increases your family’s comfort it should be considered a successful, worthwhile endeavor.

  7. Thank you so much Judith!

    I’d love to visit Australia someday! We have lots of friends from WV that go to Australia to work in your coal mines – they all loved it and didn’t want to come home!

    I would love to see your home someday! Thanks so much for reading MHL – I appreciate you!

  8. Hi Crystal
    I live in a caravan park in Australia
    have been here since 2010 love the trees and some folks
    that reside here, the managers hmm.
    I have had a patio and carport added and a new kitchen which
    my son has done both and with palms and plants now call it home.
    Thanks for your site I enjoy it keep up the excellent site cheers

  9. Hi Penne!

    I hate to hear that your park is closing and hope you can find another park that suits you. I’ve read a bit about the housing shortage in CA and how its impacting the prices of homes. Sorry you have to be a victim to it.

    Good luck to you! If there’s anything I can help you with just let me know and thank you for reading MHL! I appreciate you!

  10. My sister bought the single wide (1992) & is passing it on to me. It was put on the lot after purchased, never moved. Two years ago her refrigerator leaked & caused the floor to warp & needs to be replaced.
    My question is: How much of the actual work can be done by someone who is quite handy instead of hiring to have it repaired? And what are precautions or tips needed to know before starting.

  11. Thanks Crystal for sending me this very interesting information. As the park I’m living in is closing within the year and we are all looking for replacement housing in other parks it is not going to be easy to relocate. While there is a rent controlled area in Oceanside and San Marcos here in San Diego Ca, the homes are getting more expensive due to the need for new places to move to. It is good to learn about the doors and windows as it is something to think about when looking at the sale homes.
    Also in doing fixer up type things, Kitchen and Baths another good thing to know.
    Thanks for adding me to your emails. I truly enjoyed this one and look forward to more. Penne Johnson

  12. Great tips Crystal! The front door is a big issue especially the frame on some where moisture can seep in. So many times, I’ve had to remove the old wood on the door frame due to moisture issues and replace with new wood. Adding a covered deck/porch can definitely avoid this issue all together. Though it may be an added cost, having one built can save time and money in the long run!

    Good information here, thanks for sharing! :)