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Charissa’s $600 Manufactured Home Kitchen Update

This charming manufactured home kitchen update only cost $600!

In the charming town of Westport, Indiana sits a 1996 Dutch double wide with a modern new kitchen. Over the years, the 2011 square foot manufactured home has been getting updates and additions to fit the family’s needs. In 2015, the family thought it was time for a modern kitchen.

It’s amazing what new paint, lights, counters, and a back splash can do to an older kitchen!

Before the Manufactured Home Kitchen Update 

before manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget 2

Charissa’s 1996 double wide manufactured home still had a great layout and plenty of storage space, it just needed to be modernized a bit and that’s exactly what she did! See the after images of her $600 manufactured home kitchen update and read her interview below.

before the manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget (8)

before manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget 3

During the $600 Manufactured Home Kitchen Update

during manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget (6)

during manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget (2)

After the $600 Manufactured Home Kitchen Update

after manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget (14)

Manufactured Home Kitchen Update Ideas on a Budget

The owners, Charissa and Todd Kearney, performed a charming manufactured home kitchen update on a budget. To keep the costs down, they did the work themselves and got creative. The homeowners said it was hard visualizing how it would look best, but the hard work clearly paid off.

after manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget 2

Laminate Sheet Counter Tops

Charissa wanted new countertops but those are hard to find under $600 so she did the next best thing – recovered her existing countertops with laminate. For less than $150 you can find 8’x4′ laminate sheets in several styles at your local home improvement store.

The contrast of the dark counter and island to the light cabinets really makes the room stand out. The white cabinets bounce more light around which opens up the space.

Installing laminate sheeting over existing countertops requires special tools but they are not expensive and you may be able to rent them.

Learn how to install laminate sheeting over your existing countertops here (This Old House).

after manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget - laminate

Updating Cabinet Hinges

Charissa and Todd had a great idea for giving a more modern look to their cabinets. After painting the cabinets white Charissa focused on the details by giving the cabinet hardware a new look, too.

Using spray paint, Charissa turned the outdated brass cabinet hardware into a modern bronze color. Taking advantage of the details can really make a space!

after manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget - tile back splash

Beautiful Budget Backsplash

Adding a backsplash is a quick and easy way to update and personalize your cooking space. Problem is, tile backsplashes can be expensive but Charissa and Todd found a way to get the tile look without the tile price.

Related: Hate Your Backsplash? Try Peel & Stick Tiles

The couple added a sticky tile backsplash. Smart Tiles, a peel and stick tile sheeting brand, is very popular in the RV and camper world. The brand, known for being the original sticky tile option, has better reviews than the brands that follow.  Smart Tiles create texture and dimension at a great price and best of all, they are easy to install. They are perfect for a manufactured home kitchen update!

smart tiles as back splash
A great example from Smart Tiles’ website showing the peel and stick tile sheets used as a backsplash.

Learn more about Smart Tiles at Home Depot. You can often find Smart Tiles on sale at Wayfair, Amazon (affiliate link), or on the Smart Tiles website.

 after manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget - new lighting

Low-Cost Lighting 

The right lighting can add style and charm to any home.Charissa and Todd added beautiful track lighting that works perfectly in this modern kitchen.

Charrisa’s Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself, your project, and your home:

My husband and I bought this new. We put it on our land and have raised 2 boys in it. We have added on a basement, family room, porch, deck, a 3 car garage, as well as a storage closet and another bedroom. (It already had 3 at 2011 sq ft).

We have slowly spackled most of the rooms where the strip that separated the wallboard are. Replaced almost all of the floors where there was linoleum. We still have the original carpet which needs to be replaced but for 20 yrs old doesn’t look too bad! Seems like we have been remodeling since the day we bought it! I decided I was tired of looking at my dated kitchen that I had re-done about 12 yrs ago to a more modern kitchen.

Tools and materials used:

We bought new counter tops and paint for the cabinets and walls. New lights and handles for the cabinets.

I sprayed the hinges with bronze spray paint as they were brass looking (dated!). We also purchased sticky back tile backsplash. My husband also took 1 of the old countertops and added it to the island for us to have bar stools. We bought the laminate sheets to match the new countertop and made the new island match!

The total cost of the project:

$600 for supplies and everything we needed to do what we did! We did it all ourselves!

Any tips or tricks you learned during the project:

I learned how to be a better painter for sure!

Proudest DIY moment:

My proudest moment was when it was done and everyone who came couldn’t believe it was the same kitchen and how cheap we did it!!

Biggest challenge:

Our biggest challenge in the kitchen makeover was the island! Him adding the other countertop and figuring out how it would look the best and getting me to visualize it was by far the hardest part!

Favorite room in the home:

My new kitchen is by far my favorite room now! Ask me when my family room is done and I may change my mind!

Any advice you would give someone about buying and living in a manufactured home:

I would advise anyone buying a manufactured home to buy it with finished drywall, not the cheaper wallboard! I hate the mess of spackling!

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