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  1. I love these vintage mobile homes. My parents owned one but I have no idea what brand. I need to see if my mom can find the picture of it. I know it was probably an early 1950’s model. I also have been reading in a Facebook group about someone that had a vintage home that had a swinging wall. She didn’t have pictures and all of we that commented have wanted to find pictures. Have you ever heard of an older model that had a wall that swung around on something described as a piano hinge?? Very unique and interesting!

  2. I just found this site. I love vintage mobile homes and grew up living in them. I’ve always appreciated their craftmanship of design and perfect use of space. I enjoyed looking at the Stewart bi-level because I lived in one in a trailer park in Akron, Ohio and actually know where it is currently parked. It’s been unfortunately re-sided. I always drive by to make sure it’s still there. Thanks for allowing me to connect with old, old special memories. Ron Lindsey

    1. Ron, thank you for taking the time to comment. I love vintage mobile homes, too! I would love to get my hands on a bi-level and restore it someday. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (on the bottom of the page), and you’ll receive a mini-magazine from 1937 about how to build trailers (with lots of cool photos).

      Great to hear from you!