Spectacular Double Wide Fireplace

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  1. I've had such a good time going through your website. We have a manufactured home and i'm constantly changing and redoing rooms.. This article was especially interesting to me, as I see many similarities to our home.. I love her country look and especially LOVE LOVE LOVE her kitchen… Mine is also white and red and I just love the way she put hers together.. She's very talented.. I'm looking forward to future articles and features.. You do a great job with your website :o)
    My recent post Karens Krafty Kottage

  2. Hi Karen!

    Thanks so much! You have a gorgeous home, too! I love the new wall treatment you put up in your living room. Very nice!
    I'm always looking for homes to share (hint, hint). Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  3. wow – this gives me a lot of ideas for my mobile home. THANKS for posting these excellent ideas.
    My recent post Just another wordpress site?

  4. Wow, loved the bath and laundry transformations. I do not have the vision for such things. It looks just like a stick built house inside now.

  5. Hi Johan! I've seen a few mud & straw houses here in WV, they are actually pretty popular here! I think the manufactured home industry is going to figure out how to get the best of both worlds: movable and earth friendlier- built with renewable materials. Thanks so much for commenting!

  6. Since the times of developments in the antiquated times, people have been exploring different avenues regarding an assortment of manufacturing materials. Leaves, straws and mud were right around the ordinarily utilized building materials for building houses numerous centuries back. Before very long, individuals found the utilization of stone and wood in developing preferred living spots.

  7. Hi Lauren!

    I believe it's been a work in progress for a while. She just finished her kitchen and shared it with us a couple weeks ago.

    Thanks so much for commenting and reading MMHL!

  8. Hi Crystal, I love your blog! When are we going to see your remodel? May be doing one of our own soon! Will let you know!

  9. Hi Charlotte! Lamps are a great accessory to a kitchen! Just don't do
    like I did and buy those new bulbs that say \”cool\” on them. They
    produce the ugliest, whitest light. I have since learned to only buy
    the ones that are 'warm' because they look more like the good ole
    fashioned light bulbs…lesson learned..lol Thanks so much for

  10. I love lamps in the kitchen as an alternative to replacing the overhead lighting. You get the light and the warmth in one unit.

  11. Glad you enjoyed it Mandy! That's why I do it..inspiration for all of
    us..I'm in the process of remodeling my home too so I need all the
    inspiration I can get too..lol

  12. oh man am i in love with this lady's house! great style :)
    thanks for sharing this eye candy with us!!

  13. So glad you enjoyed it! I get excited when I find gorgeous mobile
    homes, too..the 1940's and 50's Spartan Trailers are my absolute
    favorites because they remind of the good ole days and I can just see
    hoop skirts and happy children in them. Thanks so much for reading and

  14. this mobile home redo was the best! very warm and very charming and more than just cozy, very french country
    LOVED IT!!! WOW!
    I am enthralled by beautiful mobile homes–maybe remind me of a tree hous, or a doll house–and of course vintage 50's trailor's are so cute and so VINTAGE per se

  15. Hi Geneva,
    Thanks so much! I love looking at anything pretty, especially mobile
    homes that have been updated and decorated so well. I hope my luck
    continues and I am able to find more! : ) I hope that your doing well
    and I can't wait to see what else your talented mind comes up with!