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The PlusVilla Pre-Fab is Fabulous

I have not written about pre-fabricated homes since they are very expensive and really nothing like a true mobile home. Most are hauled in on flat back trucks with no wheels or chassis whatsoever. However, I am certain that the PlusVilla Pre-Fab is a prime example of how manufactured housing companies will be designing in the near future.

The post I did about Clayton’s I house is proof enough of the designs we can expect. With pre-fab companies closing in on the market and price being their only real issue, the manufacturers are going to have to change their designs just to compete in today’s market.

Plusvilla pre-fab is fabulous
Plusvilla pre-fab is fabulous
PlusArchitects PLUSVILLA
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Plusvilla pre-fab exterior

Since finding the PlusArchitects PlusVilla, I have been thinking of ways I could make my single wide look more like it. By adding a 10 foot addition the entire length of the home and giving the roof a small slant, it would be simple enough, perhaps a bit costly, but very doable. The roof utilizes the living roof concept which appeals to me, albeit the reinforcement to withstand the weight would make it a very expensive endeavor. The long and narrow frame resembles a double wide exactly. The inside has a  look that could easily be mimicked by a simple renovation. Take any double wide and remodel it to look like this and you’re bound to increase the equity and resale price.

PlusVilla Pre-Fab Interior

Plusvilla pre-fab living area The simplicity of the interior is very clean and eye catching, evoking its Scandinavian roots. Like the typical Scandinavian house, this container style home also features impressive use of wood and a balance of white and light. Here’s some more photos to get you inspired:

Plusvilla pre-fab kitchen
Plusvilla pre-fab stove
Plusvilla pre-fab open space floor plan
The plusvilla pre-fab is fabulous

I think this is a wonderfully contemporary home (my favorite style) and a mobile home could very well be remodeled to look like it. You’ve already got the frame, all you have to do is box it in, open the front up with large windows and add a boxed in deck to make the underpinning disappear.

Mobile Home Living tries to bring you inspirations that are relevant to mobile and manufactured homes. I can always use more remodels, renovations and decorating inspirations to share though.

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  • Kathy Sarachinsky
    Posted October 18, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Hi, I am moving to Vero Beach Florida some time in the future. I am looking for a small mobile home under 800 sq. feet that is contemporary. I like the idea of sliding glass doors so I can have a lot of light and fresh air. Are there any company’s that make sleek contemporary mobile homes? I am so tired of the typical wood paneled interior, dated type of mobile homes. Please let me know for any that are modern looking. Thanks.

  • Tracie
    Posted January 24, 2012 at 3:27 am

    I LOVE this blog and think it is amazing. I own a mobile home park and all of the mobile homes in it so sometimes I do some remodeling. This is a very inspirational site and it is very well designed. I'll definitely be a regular:)

    My recent post When bad things happen to good plants

  • CrystalMHL
    Posted January 20, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Thank you Kathy! I got some new software called My Memories and it has
    all kinds of cool digi-art to play around with. I made that out of the
    paper. staples and shapes that they have. You can buy different kits
    and I'm hooked for sure!

    I have been sitting on these photos for a while, uncertain if it was
    really related to mobile homes but I couldn't help but notice the
    similarities and the fact that I couldn't stop daydreaming about
    making my house look like that. If only money grew on trees..been
    watching the news and hope your staying safe and warm where you are
    and don't have to worry about the flooding..thanks again!

  • Kathy
    Posted January 20, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Like your new blog heading….I bet you created it…the artist and graphic designer that you are!!

    Sleek and warm modern is beautiful…the wood and how it's placed makes the place. Makes one want to be there.

    Thanks again for a great uplifting blog.

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