Classic Mobile Home Models - Fleetwood Festival is a Favorite

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  1. I recently bought a singlewide trailer with could either be a 1999 Fleetwood(no model on paperwork) or a 1990 Capewood. the living room has semi circular windows at top of normal square windows. it’s 14×72 and has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. open floor plan in living room and kitchen/dining area. Have looked online here with no luck so far. I need the information for correct title.

  2. What year model is this shown? I purchased one of these and want to remodel. These images are the closest to my homes floor plan.

  3. Steve:

    Have you ever seen some type of guidebook which outlines the various models of mobile homes from the 1960s and 70s?

    1. Unfortunately, I have never run across any modern books. I do have a 1953 Yearbook but haven’t been able to find any other years. The closest modern book that I’ve found is The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers but it’s mostly about campers and trailers, not mobile homes. You can buy it on Amazon here (affiliate link). I own it, it’s very well done and a perfect book for camper fans.

  4. I wish the newer mobile homes had this charm. It seems after 2000 they lost that charm. Went to cheap material and just thrown together with no heart. Seems if you want a cheaper home you don’t deserve charm. The older model single and double wide’s are my favorite. So much character and unique layouts. They all look the same now and get kinda boring. Yes there are gorgeous ones available now but at the price of the new grounded homes on the market. I will stand by mobile home remodels through and through!

    1. I agree, Cortney! After the big manufactured housing boom in the mid-1990’s the industry seemed to stop trying to innovate and adapt. It’s a shame, really.
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I grew up in a 1971 Fleetwood mobile home. It had a lot of built-in cabinets in the bedrooms, a desk, separate laundry room, etc. The master bedroom had a half bath in it that had the sink/vanity actually in the bedroom, the toilet was in a separate room. I would love to find floor plans/pictures of similar homes!

    1. I just bought a 1999 Clayton Santa Fe 2/2. Just to let you know, it has some similar features. The master has french doors that lead to a master bath w/double sinks and garden tub in one room and a separate room has shower stall and toilet. There is also a separate laundry room to the side of the kitchen. Not a lot of built-ins or anything, but still pretty nice.

  6. I grew up in a 1971 Fleetwood home, 14×70. Lots of storage, and it had a separate laundry room next to the kitchen. The master bedroom had a half bath with the sink/vanity in the actual bedroom, the toilet had it’s separate room. My room had built in dresser, a desk with wall mirror, and a built in cabinet. I would love to find pictures of this model – seems like it was a truly unique one.

  7. My mom lived in a Fleetwood doublewide for18 years and with all the doublewides I’ve seen through the years, hers was so spacious, have never seen one that even came close to the amenities and spaciousness of it. It had an open floor plan and the biggest most amazing master bath I’ve even seen.

  8. We purchased an 1989 terry older type mobile and have a ton of plumbing problems , drainage from the tub ? An solution s?

  9. Hi Crystal,
    Another great article! I love visiting your site.

    I’m wondering if you, or any of your readers, know the best way to search, and find, older mobile homes/house trailers for sale. I’m a little over a month away from retirement, and we’re thinking of buying a piece of land in North Carolina/southern Virginia, either with an older mobile home on it or put one there, but I’m not having much luck finding listings other than trailers that are overpriced on We’ll be driving down there in March or so (we have grown sons living in N.C.) but kind of don’t even know where to begin to find something like this.

    My experience with realtors down there has been that they start talking “houses” that are priced way more than what we want.

    Not finding much of anything on Craigslist or Ebay, either.

    A lot of what I’m finding on line are mobile homes in parks that will have monthly rent, but we don’t want that. We’re looking to buy property with an older, vintage like trailer to live in part of the year. Any ideas how to get started?

    1. Hi Karen!

      This is an exciting time for you! Congratulations on that well-deserved retirement. and Craigslist are my go-to sites for buying and selling mobile homes. I think it may be best for you to buy the property and the home separately although it won’t be easier. NC and southern VA are both areas I’m very familiar with and manufactured homes are a big chunk of real estate so you may want to keep an agent close while still looking around for land and a home. I think it’s more likely that you’ll get in the exact area and find the exact home you want by tackling the land and home separately.

      Hope that helps! Best of luck! Let me know how it turns out!

      1. Crystal
        I am looking for the floor plans to a 1977 Fleetwood “C” series mobile home. If I could see the exterior as well that would be super helpful.
        Do you have any ideas or know where I can search! Thanks in advance- lisa

  10. In the early 70’s my husband worked for Fleetwood, and built Broadmore Barrington mobile homes, in Woodland, Ca

  11. For such a modest exterior, the interior was a total surprise. It looked so bright with the larger windows. I’m wondering if this was an expensive model at the time? Now, as I search country for original mobile homes, I will add “Fleetwood Festival” to my list. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I would love to find out the model of our 1977 fleet wood. I would also like to see the floor plan of the model you featured in the article.

      1. Steve- I am search of the floor plans for the 1977 Fleetwood “C” series mobile home. Dimensions 12×66. You have such a great wealth of knowledge do any help would be appreciated. Looking to see door and window placements plus how many. Thank you very much – lisa