Cozy Vintage Camper Renovation

Cozy Camper Renovation 

Meseidy Rivera, of the great little blog The Noshery, and her husband decided to downsize and move into a small vintage camper for two years. They bought a vintage camper that had seen better days, but had lots of potential, and started renovating it.

Their camper transformation turned out beautifully and is another great example of mobile home living with style!

Here’s a little look at that transformation. You can get lots more details along with great DIY projects and recipes on Meseidy’s blog here.


Camper Renovation


The interior needed some TLC but between the handyman talents of the mister and the decor talents of Meseidy, the little camper-that-could became a beautiful home worthy of the cover of a magazine.

During the Camper Renovation 

Here’s what the kitchen looked like before the camper renovation. There was some basic repairs needed but the majority of the transformation was aesthetic and boy did they knock it out of the park!

The kitchen before:

Camper Renovation - Before


The bedroom before:

Camper Renovation - Before - Bedroom
Painting the camper’s interior:

Camper Renovation - Painting the interior


Laying new flooring:

Camper Renovation - new flooring


After the Camper Renovation

Repair, paint, and flooring provided a perfect canvas for Meseidy to decorate. The finale is amazing!

Camper Renovation - After - Kitchen




Camper Renovation - After - Sink Area




Camper Renovation - After




Camper renovation - After - Interior View



Camper Renovation - Interior






camper renovation - interior decor


Camper Renovation - After - Bedroom





Camper renovation - After - Interior


The trendy couple even created an perfect outdoor space:

Camper renovation - Fur babies

Camper renovation - outdoor living space


You can see more of this great camper renovation here and here. Be sure to check out the rest of Meseidy’s blog, The Noshery, she’s got a lot of great crafts and recipes!


As always, thanks so much for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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  1. Suzanne says

    This is amazing. As I was scrolling down, I was thinking that it’s better than a hotel/motel room…and you don’t have to pay for a night’s stay!

    The kitchen is almost full-sized.

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