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Extreme Single Wide Home Remodel

This extreme single wide home remodel is fabulous and extreme is definitely the best word to describe this complete home transformation. The owners took an older single wide and completely transformed it into a beautiful dream home that is huge!

Here’s the single wide before the total remodel:

single wide before extreme-manufactured-home-kitchen-remodel
single wide before the remodel


I applaud the owner’s ability to see the potential this single wide had. A single wide home remodel of this caliber is not easy or cheap but they did a remarkable job. Some people would see a mobile home like that and think it was ready for the junk yard, others can envision what the home could become and think of the endless possibilities. These homeowners are certainly in the

Some people would see a mobile home like that and think it was ready for the junkyard. But where there is a will there is a way.

This Single Wide Home Remodel is Beautiful!

We start in the kitchen after this extreme single wide home remodel.  The style looks like a mix of Tuscan and traditional and it is gorgeous!

The oak cabinetry, marble countertops, and backsplash adds to the custom design. There are a lot of great ideas in this room.

Recessed lights along with pendant lights are always a popular choice for kitchens and for good reason, a well-lighted room is essential for tasty cooking.

The kitchen is trimmed with wide architectural trim. Trim is a great tool to give any room or home a completed look. It doesn’t have to be traditional or decorative, a simple or plain trim can really make the whole room pop.

light fixtures for kitchen and dingin room

The mid-tone color palette used in the kitchen is very eye-pleasing. Subtle creams and whites let the cabinetry be the prominent feature of the room and not the back splash, flooring or appliances.

extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel after 4

Surrounding the refrigerator with floor to ceiling cabinetry is a great way to increase storage while creating cohesion. It also makes the refrigerator look like a built-in piece of furniture as opposed to just an appliance.

manufactured-home-kitchen-remodel-new cabinets and countertops

Instead of having the dishwasher close to the sink, where everyone can see it as soon as they walk through the back door and glance toward the kitchen, the owner put hers out of sight. She added a small bar sink close by for convenience.

light fixtures for kitchen and dingin room

Varying height levels is another great way to add style to a home or room. Sometimes varying heights are necessary for construction, especially when you are building onto an existing home and need to transition to a new room. Use the differences and angles to your advantage.

mobile home kitchen-remodel-backsplash

That was just the kitchen, we still have the rest of the home to enjoy!

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The Dining Room

The dining room is right beside the kitchen. The arch is a great feature that frames both rooms beautifully.

kitchen and dining area

This room has unique shelving along with the arch. Every inch of space was utilized.

I’m guessing the builders needed a way to transition the new build onto the single wide and this was how they got it to play well together.

dining room after manufactured-home-remodel
Traditional decor and chandelier

Matching the styles of light fixtures and using warm bulb colors are a great idea to join two areas together.

light fixtures for kitchen and dingin room
dining room of new addition

This home is so beautiful! The owners did such a great job with the architectural elements and the decor. It’s a warm and welcoming space that has great lighting and color. I love everything about it!

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The Living Room

extreme manufactured home remodel living room 3

The traditional decor will always be in style. See 25 great manufactured home rooms here. 

interior of addition - living room

If I’m not mistaken, you can see the ceiling of the original single wide in this photo. The lower ceiling is the original mobile home and the cathedral ceiling is the addition. Using the recessed lighting in the lower section makes it all look as if it were designed this way from the beginning and not just an addition built onto a mobile home.

extreme manufactured home remodel living room 2

The Entry-Way

An entryway to store shoes and coats is always a good idea in any home. Seating and storage are essential.  Using flooring that is easy to clean and waterproof is another essential feature of a smart entry-way.

grand entryway on new manufactured home makeove

The homeowners have made a beautiful and functional foyer that is stylish and welcoming.


The Master Bedroom Suite is Sweet


The owner mentions that the lower ceiling, shown here in the master bedroom, is indeed the ceiling from the single wide.

bedroom ceiling in manufactured-home-remodel-master-bedroom

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The Master Bathroom

Marble is always a treat in any bathroom! The traditional cabinetry paired with marble makes a remarkable statement.

luxury bathroom remodel

They carried the arch theme from the kitchen over to the master bathroom. This arch frames the tub and makes it a feature of the room. More recessed lighting, too!

tiled tub in luxury bathroom remodel in manufactured home

Wow, what a great master suite! See our mobile home bathrooms guide here.

luxury bathroom remodel in manufactured home - tiled tub

The Guest Bedroom

Another beautiful room that’s stylish and welcoming.

bedroom after manufactured-home-remodel

The 2nd Bathroom

A built-in shower is one of the most desired features in a bathroom and this one has all the bells and whistles!

luxury bathroom after remodel

The Exterior of the Single Wide Home Remodel

You should be able to get a clear picture of how the home is built with these photos. I want to assume that we are looking at the original single wide shape in the photo below but I’m not 100% certain. Regardless, it is a gorgeous home both inside and out.

edeck on newly remodeled manufactured home
exterior of the remodeled manufactured-home
siding and landscaping on new addition of single wide
addition with deck

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deck on addition of single wide

PrairieDog is the username that uploaded these beautiful photos to HGTV’s Rate My Space blog. She stated in one of the descriptions that they were selling and moving. I am actively trying to contact her to see if she will let us interview her and get a bit more information. No luck so far.

This single wide home remodel is a perfect example of the potential that all factory-built homes have. You can modify and build on to them all you want! Read more about building mobile home additions here. 

I appreciate you touring this beautiful home with me and as always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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