Is Your Mobile Home Making You Sick 2

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  1. Is my mobile home is making me sick lived in it for 3 years now and have been sick ever sence I have lived here so what should I do

    1. Hi Joyce,
      If the home is indeed causing illness it’s almost always going to be off-gassing, mold, or backflow on gas furnaces or water heaters that do it.
      The first thing you need to do is get one of the test mentioned in the article. Next, you need to check every inch of the home and look for a leak where mold could be growing. Most of the time its mold from a leak that causes illness and the homeowner has no idea there is a leak. if you have a gas furnace or water heater make sure the exhaust is not close to your intakes or plumbing vent pipe (or any other way the exhaust could enter the home).

      Best of luck!

  2. I experienced first hand Mobile Home Syndrome. From the day we moved into our brand new 1983 mobile home I had severe uncontrollable asthma, severe headaches, sinus and respiratory infections, etc. for 13 years. The day we moved out and into a concrete block home I amazingly had no more asthma symptoms. It wasn’t until then I realized I was living all that time in a toxic sick house. After living in a concrete block home for 23 years we are ready to downsize and my husband would like to get another mobile home. You can imagine my reluctance. Any idea if anything has changed in today’s mobile home industry regulations so I would not have a repeat of health problems? Would this differ among manufacturers? Recommendations appreciated.

    1. Hi Lee,

      I’m not sure about any new regulations but it seems like everyone just wants to sweep the issue under the rug. Have you had an allergy test done (where they prick your back with various things to see what your body reacts too)? That would probably help you learn what your body can and cannot tolerate and you can special order the home using that information.

  3. I love your website but this article isnt quite accurate. For Evey person that was sick cause of their mobile. There is probably 10 people still living cause of theirs.

  4. Very timely article. I wonder what happened to all those fifty thousand plus trailers? Still out there? Recycled? Buyer beware.

    I wonder if today’s RVs are scrutinized for such chemicals?